Teri Meri Love Stories….few shots by Zaimal (Prologue)


Hey guys it’s me zaimal. I am here with new story(short story) I hope u will all like this and before I start I want to tell.in this story there are four couples. I will try to give importance to each but our main couple is SWASAN.
so let’s start


A woman orphanage is shown in which four girls are playing football in ground
“kavita look….mother is calling you” ragini said,pointing fingers toward her back.kavita turned her head to see.ragini takes ball from her and through it in the basket. swara and ragini give Hi_fi and laughed. kavya slaps on kavita’s head.she makes face
“we again lost because of you”kavya said,in scolding tone
“she is a cheater… don’t know how she became national player”kavita said irritated like hell.
“ohh….better lucky next time”ragini said teasing her.
“dinner is ready…come fast” a woman called loudly
All four turned their heads to look at her and run toward her
“coming mother” they shouted
“first.. like always”ragini said reaching there
“me second…” kavita said
“third..” swara said,making face.
second and third position keep on changing between her and kavita
“last….like always” kavya said reaching there, breathing heavily.
trio look at her red face and laughed lightly. they stand in row, picking plates in their hands and after getting food, settled down on mate,talking about random things
“mother….we are leaving” four shouted, standing near the exit door.
“Jesus…..how many times told you, don’t shout like this…because of you four orphanage’s environment gets disturb” mother said scolding them
And instead of getting​ embarrassed they giggled. mother shook their head, read some prayers in her mouth and blew at them. they smile and left.
“hey guys….glad u all came” girl said welcoming swara,ragini,kavita and kavya.
” come on…we are friends” kavita said
they were enjoying party standing near small bone fire.
“swara when is your next exhibition?” kavya asked,taking sip of her drink
“may be this month…date is not confirm….a lot of painting are remaining”swara said
“kavi….what type of dress is this….u are worse designer ” ragini said irritated as she freed her foot from long gown sixth times.kavya and swara giggled
“shut up…I am best designer of India” kavita said proudly.
ragini mimics her. kavita​ slap her on shoulder. both start their cute fight.
” I am going Kolkata tomorrow” swara said suddenly. trio looked at her.
“to meet adharsh” she added in same.
” I can’t believe you are still in contact with those people” ragini said annoyed like hell.
“I just care about my brother…..no one else” swara said firmly. kavya keeps hand on swara’s shoulder. ragini open her mouth to say something but kavita put hand on her mouth.
“keep your mouth shut for a second” kavita said.
Meanwhile a girl came there happily.
“guys guess what?..”girl said in excited tone,hiding something behind her
“what???” kavita said, more excited
“my boyfriend give this love story book as birthday gift”girl said happily
All their excitement vanished in no seconds. ragini takes book from her hand and start tearing it. girl covers her mouth.
“He is making you fool from all these things…..” ragini said angrily and throw teared up book on the ground.
“Men use this word ‘LOVE’ to make us fool” swara said, pick up matchbox and throw burning matchstick on the book.
“They just want to fulfil their desire”kavya said with tear filled eyes and start pouring her drink on book,igniting the fire.
“World biggest crap” kavita said,kick the book, throwing it inside the bone fire,not caring her foot will get burn. After that they left from there,taking steps together.
Kolkata Airport

Swara stepped out from airport, wearing black simple lenhaga and dark blue shirt.she sit inside the cab.
“where ma’am…”driver asked
“gadodia mention” swara said in general tone.
she laid back and closed her eyes. Mention is little far from city.it took an hour to reach their. driver stopped the cab in front of giant iron door. watchman came toward cab, swara moved her mirror down. watchman was little shocked to see her but greets her and open the gate. it was long stony road with cherry trees on both side. it took 10 minutes to reach in front of house door. swara stepped down, paid to the driver and entered inside, hanging her long stripped bag on shoulder. she stopped a maid. she was looking surprised.
“where is adharsh?” swara asked
“in his study”maid replied
swara nodded and went toward specific direction.
“need to tell madam….”maid murmured and run upstairs.
swara opened study door. Room was dark a little. sun rays were illuminating the room tip toe inside, put her bag on sofa and forwarded toward her brother who was facing opposite direction. she keeps hands on his eyes from back.
“surprise….” swara whispered softly near his ear.
His body stiffened immediately.
“As expected…” swara thought in her brain.
He holds her soft hands,removed them from his eyes and turned toward her.
Swara’s eyes widened seeing the person and stepped back a little.
but her hands were still in his hands who was looking at her with his dark black eyes.


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  1. Mars

    Amazing toooo gooood. Just loved it.
    Eagerly waiting for further story plzzz post soon.
    Zaimal dear I m big fan of your writing I had read all your stories.All are beyond awesome.
    But I never commented bcoz I recently joined telly updates.

    1. Sumayyah

      marsuu you also !!!!
      I am a big big big fan of her writings as sometime before in your ff someone comment suggested me to read her stories after that I just read all in a go
      it’s just fabulous I loved it to the core
      amazing naa

    2. Mars

      Yuppp suma her work is best I loved her each story and u know before I started writing whenever i used to be free I used to read zaimal dear’s stories. Even I don’t know how many times I read them.
      She is such a fabulous writer. I m sooo happy as dear u r back with new one.

      1. Zaimal

        And one more thing you yourself are amazing writer.

      2. Sumayyah

        Is me koi shak nhi

    3. Zaimal

      Thank you so much dear….glad u commented.

  2. It’s Rocking shocking

  3. It’s Rocking shocking part

  4. Tamil

    Amazing dear…..interesting…..

    1. Zaimal

      Thank you

  5. amazing…i am a fan of urs..never stop writing esp on swasan.

    1. Zaimal

      Thanks a lot

  6. Sumayyah

    zaimal i m your crazy fan from now
    I just read your work several days before but I’m totally at loss of words to say something you just bowled me out hehee come soon
    will surely be waiting

    1. Zaimal

      Thank you so much dear…glad you like my work

  7. Independent

    as always, beyond expectations

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      Thank you so much

  8. interesting starting,,waiting for the next part

    1. Zaimal

      Thank you

  9. Just excellent my dear

  10. parisha hamdani

    Wow awesome yaar

  11. Neptune

    oh god the start is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo intersting eagerly waiting for their story to proceed further

    1. Zaimal

      Thanks a lot

  12. Simi

    Amazing dear..
    Four of them hate the word love?? looking foeward to the story

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    2. Zaimal

      Thank u so much dear

  13. Simin

    Awesome zaimal
    M happy u r posting ur stories
    Ok so here all the ladies are heartbroken coz of men in their lives
    Lets see how their love stories unfold
    Keep writing……..

    1. Zaimal

      Thank you so much dear…..I hope I will come over readers expectations

      1. Simin

        U definitely will zaimal
        I trust u a lott….
        Plz if possible love is beautiful emotion season 3

    2. Zaimal

      Thank you for trusting me so much.
      Season 3 is special I will write itit when I will have a lot of free time

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      Thank you

  15. Ira

    Update asap

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  16. dear just love ur work always.seeing an update of yours is like a glimpse of fresh air and great mood lifter.keep writing n do update soon.

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      Thank U so much dear for such lovely comment

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    No matter how eager I’m to read next parts.. I have to wait wait and wait till u post…
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    1. Zaimal

      Thank you so much Sammy…….I will TRY to be regular but can’t promise
      So Wait! Wait wait

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    Let me read chappy and i wll again cmmnt..hehe

    1. Zaimal

      Thank you so much smiley. Glad you like my work. I hope I will not let my readers down thank you so much such beautiful comments. Everyone should get reader like you

  22. Just read it now it was awsm…four of dem are in pain..but what happend to them dat dey hate love?? waiting to knw abyt der stories..i thnk dat man was sanky..
    And i loved kaviz character here too…in LOVE IS A BEAUTIFULL EMOTION u shwd swakav bond soo perfect..here too i loved all girls bond..waoting for ur furthur updates..be regular haa…
    Love u dear i m a biggest fan of u..love u

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    1. Zaimal

      Thank you

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    awesome dear
    love finally all are amazing heroines
    i really like swaragini kavita and kavya

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      Thanks a lot dear

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    U are again back with a big BASH!! !!!
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    1. Zaimal

      Thank you sooooo much dear for this warming welcome
      Khair Mubarak

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    1. Zaimal

      Thank u so much dear for liking my stories

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      Thank you solo much for lovely comment

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    As usual it was awesome. Continue soon.

    Dear,if possible plz inform natasha to post her ff ‘prince or my lover’. As far as i remember, you were the one who requested her to post it again in last time. Sorry if i’m wrong.

    1. Zaimal

      Thank you so much dear for warming comment.you are right I requested her to post her ff.i will request her agian I hope she will post her amazing ff this time also on my request

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    i know it will be too good?will read it soon

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