Teri Meri Love Stories….few shots by Zaimal (episode 22)


“Get off me…my breath is getting stuck in lungs”ragini said in irritated voice and pushed swara.she rolls on bed and falls down.

“AA!!..”she cried when her back hit the hard floor.

“he was a lot better than you.”swara muttered and rubbed her back.she gets up,throw daggers at sleeping ragini for five minutes then went to get fresh.

After getting fresh,she starts preparing breakfast,till then kavya and ragini also wakes up.

“morning..”kavya wished her.ragini silently sit on their small table and start drinking juice.

“morning..”swara wished her back.

“swara…you have a mail.”kavya said,giving her mail.swara wipes her hands and opens it.

One letter and a invitation card.



Swara reads the letter and looks at invitation card and smiles.

“why are you smiling like idiot?..”ragini said in irritated voice.swara looks at her dryly.she is irritated like this all the time.don’t want to get up in morning,don’t want to sleep in night.

“adi is getting married and he wants me to attened his marriage.”swara said with beaming face.

“you are going?”kavya asked,while slapped on ragini’s face for eating things from her plate.

“off course…he requested me so much.”

“what about your gadoddia family..”

“i can’t break my brothers heart because of them….i guess i can tolerate them for few days.”swara said in uncaring tone.

“when is marriage?…”

“after a week…”

“who is getting married?..’kavita’s sleep voice touched their ears.

“swara’s brother is getting married.’

“oh!…i will also come.i am missing mother so much.she came in my dream also.”kavita said sadly.

“your choice…”swara shrugged.ragini bites her bottom lip.

“i..i want to come also.”ragini said in whisper which was merely audible to them.

“what will i do alone here?..”kavya said in annoyed tone.

“you also come…mother will get happy.”kavita said in casual tone.kavya nodded.ragini sighed in relief.


“kavya how can you say things like this..’kavita said hugging her.

“i didn’t get anyother idea….i just wanted to push him away.”kavya said while crying.

“you sould not have pushed him away….you should have trusted him”ragini said in deep tone and looks at her finished bottle.

“trust!..i want to say sorry to him.”swara said in lost voice.

“i want more..”ragini said while making face.swara gives her full bottle to ragini.

“you didn’t drink?…”ragini asked,putting arm around swara’s shoulder.

“he never liked my drinking..”swara give him sad smile.

“sanskar?…”ragini askd in drunk tone.swara nodded.

“i didn’t trust him and left from there in anger.”

“you know…trust takes time to form.take your time.”ragini said,wiping swara’s tear.

“who told you this..’swara said with small smile.

“lakshah…do you think he will be waiting for me till now….no right,no one waits this much.”

“what if he is waiting?”

“i want to trust him for once…”



“i am telling you two…if swara didn’t come then i will not marry.”adi said in furious tone.

“she is not allowed in this house….she will not come in this house.she spoiled uttra’s life and you want her to come in your marriage”urvashi said in furious tone.

“mom please..sanskar told me everything.its will be better if we will not talk about that matter.”adi said while pointing finger at her.

“shekhar are you seeing…he is giving warning to me….this much respect i have in this house”urvashi said in dismay.

Shekhar kept silent.he was seeing his reflection in his son but still shekhar found a lot difference in him.

“and sanskar is also coming…”adi said and left.

“why didn’t you say anything to him…’urvashi said to shekhar angrily.

“i don’t want any drama….today is first function so please,control yourself”shekar said and left.


“bhai!…are you confirm?”karan said,looking at him in disbelief.

“adharsh told me…they are coming.i don’t know anything else than this.”sanskar said,closing buttons of his kurti.

“why you all are going…don’t you all have self respect?”lucky said in anger filled voice.

“i didn’t see her face from so long time…if i get to see her face then what’s wrong in this”sahil said in practical tone.

“lucky…are you sure you are not coming?..karan asked,looking at him with suspicious eyes.

“i am 100% sure…”lucky said in firm tone.

“ragini is also coming…”sanskar said in chuckling tone.

“bhai!…this will not change my mind…i am going to stay here and watch my football matches.you all are only mad.”

“best of luck….”karan and sahil show him thumbs up,looks at each other in mirror for last time and went out.

“lakshah!…you will regret this later.don’t know when they will come India again.”sanskar said in calm tone while sitting in front of him.

“Now i don’t care…i have moved on.”

“the person who lie to himself is stupidiest person of the world….she hurted me a lot but i can’t avoid my eyes from this fact that i still miss her.think about it again’sanskar said,patted his shoulder and left.

“i will not come…..i hate her”lucky shouted.sanskar chuckled.



“i knew it…..she will not come but you all forcefully dragged me with you”lucky said in fuming tone.

“we dragged you here?…you reached here before us.”karan said in annoyed tone.his mood was totally spoiled.i sighed,stood up and walked out.

you are such a cruel girl swara.why you are giving this punishment? if i knew it your memories will hunt me like this then i would have never let you go.

i was walking out when lights went out.

“what happened to this light?…”shekhar voice echoed in hall.

Right then Someone striked with me with full bash and we fell down.

“i am so sorry….”she said in nervous tone.


she quickly gets up and started scolding someone.

“you pushed me…”she said in angry tone.her anger is still the same,i thought while getting up

“i didn’t push….this stupid lehanga was stuck in my feet”

this is ragini’s voice,clumsy girl.this stupid have to went just now.

i was cursing lights and my curse worked.it came just then.

“surprise!!!!….”she shouted and hugged adi.he twirled her once and put her back on ground.

Our forst meet flashe through my eyes.That surprise changed my whole life.i went to my seat.

“they came…”i told them,still starring at swara.

“she is looking complete red chilly in red dress”lucky said in chuckling tone.

“looking red cherry…’sahil said in lost tone.

“became more beautiful..’karan said in mesmerised tone.


“you told me you will not marry without me and here function is on full swing”swara punshed in adi’s stomach.

“i was going to stop this in five minutes”adi said,pulling her cheek.then looks at others.

“these are my friends…ragini,kavita and kavya”swara introduced them.

“its my pleasure you all came here”adi said,putting hand on chest.girls nodded while gigglying.adi made them sit and makes swara sit beside him.

“she is your bhabhi!..’adi said pointing at parineeta.

“hey!..’swara biting her bottom lips.

“hello!..thank God you came.i was thinking that my marriage will get cancel’pari started complaining about adi.

“she speaks too much…poor adi”swara thought in mind and looks at adi.he laughed as he had read her mind.

“pari!…quite you are troubling my sister”adi said while putting hand on her mouth.

“umm…mm’pari said with narrowed eyes.

“aunty please apply menhandhi on her hands also.”adi said,pointing at swara and starts fighting with pari.

“to us also…’ragini,kavita nad kavya jumped on swara.

‘mine is beautiful..’kavita said showing them her mehandhi.

‘mine is more beautiful…’ragini said and stuck out tonge at her.both started fight.

“quite…both of you.function is going on here”swara scolded them.

“she started..”both said in union.swara forward her hand to grab their neck but think about her wet mendhi and stopped.

“keep quite please…”swara said throwing daggers at them.

“karan!…”kavya whispered,turned their heads toward her.they follow her gaze and forgot to breath.

“what are they doing here?..”kavya asked in nervous tone.

“sanskar is adi’s best friend…”swara said avoiding eyes from his heated gaze.there was so much in his eyes.pain,broken trust,love and happiness.

swara gets up and walks out with fast speed.others follow her one after another.

“i will just come..’lucky said and tried to get up but sanskar holds his shoulder.

“leave her alone….let her gather some courage to face you”he said last sentence to himself


Swara was crying,keeping head on knees.she was sitting in last corner of washroom while water was falling down from shower with full speed.

“swara please come out…i have to get ready also….how much time you will take”kavita said while knocking at door.

“fiv…five minutes’swara quickly wipes her tears and gets.she splashes water on her face,several times and comes out.

kavita quickly went inside.swara stares at her dress.someone knocks at the door.

“grandpa!..’swara said in surprised tone,run and hugged him.

“thank God…i got to see your face.”DP said and kissed on her forehead.

“don’t start complains please….”swara said with pouted face.

“as you wish…can we spend some time together.i have so many questions to ask.”DP said with full of love.swara nodded and goes out with him.

“what are you living now a days?”

“paris…i guess you know this?…you kept spy after me”

“you are last sign of my daughter…if i will not worry about you then who will worry”Dp said laughing.

“Yeah right…because of mom”swara said in teasing tone.

“its not like that…”

“i was joking…’

“when are you going back…’

“i have a flight after marriage function will get end.’

“what’s so hurry….stay for few more days.”

“i can’t stay here….mrs.gadoddia will kill me.don’t know how is she tolerating my stay here”swara said chuckling.she had enjoyed a lot.her face was red most of the time but helpless because of son.

“you know swara….your mother never give up on anything.i never liked shekhar but she was presistened.she didn’t run away.she keep on trying to get me agreed….when i got tired,i told her to do whatever she want but you know what she said?…’


“she is not coward who runs away from situation.she will marry shekhar when i will agree with all my heart…till then she will fight with me.”

“why are you telling me this..’

“i want you to fight for your rights…for everything which belongs to you rightfully.”

“grandpa!…i have no interest in this huge mention and property….i gave this to them as charity.mother sofia says doing charity is good thing.”

“you are giving a company costing billions in charity”DP laughed loudly.swara also laughed.

“but there is one thing…i want to fight for….thank you grandpa”swara hugged him and run inside.

“what is it?…”

“will tell you later…’swara shouted.


“sahil..can we talk about something?”swara asked,standing in front of him with sweet smile.

“off course bhabhi….what’s the need to ask?”sahil said happily.

“was there anything between sanskar and uttra?..’swara said fidgeting her fingers.

“what?…uttra?…who is she?…bhabhi swear on God you are first and last girl in his life”

“i know…i just wanted to confirm…where is he?

“he just got one call and went out…”

“thank you…”swara said happily and was going out when striked with girls.

“where are you going?..’

“why did you leave without us.”

“why are you so happy?..”

Everyone bombarded questions on her rapidly.

“one second…why are you wasting your questions on me.i am not going to answer anyone”swara said rolling her eyes.girls throw daggers at her.

“ragini!…lucky is still waiting for you?”

“how…how can you say that?..’ragini said atmmering continuously.

‘what you think…why they all are here?…only sanskar is adi’s friend not all.”

“what if he don’t love me now.’

“this one year had taught me a lot.i had admitted i love him. i can’t let my love go…without fighting for it once and now he have to love me,by hook or by crook” Swara said and walks out,pushing them apart.

Swara saw sanskar, removes her sandals,takes very deep breath and walks toward sanskar.

“surprise!…’she whispered softly while keeping hands on his eyes.his muscles tensed instinctly.he removes phone from his ear and turns toward back.swara quickly hugs him.

“i am sorry..”

“you are stealing my heart again..”sanskar said,hugging her back.

“i promise i will never doubt you..i swear on my both mothers”swara said,holding her neck while looking at him with her puppy dog eyes.

“if you doubted at me again then i will lock you in a room but will not let you go this much far”sanskar said while kissing on her forehead.swara smiled and buried her face in his chest.


“who’s number is this?…’lucky said confusingly then looks forward and her breath got stuck in lungs.she was looking very beautiful at least to him.

ragini cuts call on her phone and lucky’s mobile ringtone stopped.she press button on her mobile and lucky’s mobile started ringing.then again cuts it and again calls.

“what are you doing?…’lucky asked with narrowed eyes.

“you had said…give me a miss call.”ragini said poutingly.lucky laughed a pull her in tight hug.

“i had never seen a egoistic girl like you.”

“i missed you a lot”ragini whispered in regretting tone.

‘missed you so much…’


“sahil i want to talk..”

“what?..”sahil said while taking deep breath.she is going to blast another bomb.kavita slapped him hard on left cheek.

“ouch!….for what?”

“because you let me go…you idiot.why didn’t you stop me”kavita said and starts beating him.

“one second..have same shame,people are seeing’sahil said thrwoing daggers at him.kavita started looking at him with deadly eyes.

“what should i have done?..”

“you should have stopped me..’kavita started crying.

“don’t cry…i will not let you go next time.’sahil said hugging her.

“i am not going anywhere now..”

“arra i am telling you na…i will stop you.”

“i will not go..’

“i will not let you go.’


“i am sorry….i..i was just mad therefore said that’kavya said while holding her both ears.

“is it a yes now…”karan said with smile.kavya nodded vigorously and tried to hug him but he stops her.

“one minute..”karan said and takes out his gloves.kavya holds his hand.

“no need of this,i trust you…i will not slap”kavya said gigglying and hugged.

“wow!!!..’karan twirls her several times.


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