Teri Meri Love Stories….few shots by Zaimal (episode 20)


Swara was running like madly in forest.she was feeling like, someone is running after her therefore she didn’t stopped running even after lossing her shoes.

she was running round and round in forest.she stopped a minute and started taking unsteady breaths and falls down on her knees because of too much running.she was not hearing sound of running people behind her.she looks upward at sky.Sun had started spreading his sunlight.she again grts up and run toward one direction.

For two days she was wandering here and there in city.she was too scared to ask way from anyone,not even from woman.

Don’t know when and where she got unconscious but when she opened her eyes she found some women bend on her.she gets up and moves back quickly.

“don’t be afraid…you fainted on road i brought you here.”one woman said softly.

“why…why you had brought me here?..”swara asked in scared tone.

“because you were not gaining consciousness..i bring you here alone.’the girl said,last sentence she had said,looking at another girl.

“great work…look at her,she is so light…like a feather….i bring her alone”2nd girl mimicked her and slapped on her head.A small smile passed seeing the girls fightening like kids.

“mother see!..she slapped me”first girl said making a pout.

‘ragini kavita…stop fightining”mother said in scolding tone.

“sorry mother..”both said in union.

“how are you feeling now?….’mother asked from swara softly.

“where am i?”

“its woman’s orphanage….”

“only women lives here..’kavita said quickly.

“Thank God…’it was ragini’s voice.

“Are you hungry child…’mother ignored two brainless girls.swara nodded vigorously.

“go bring something for her..”

ragini and kavita went from there and bring food for her,quickly.

“is she came from some forest…”kavita muttered in ragini’s ear,seeing swara eating like beast.ragini shrugged.After eating,mother told her to sleep.

Her sleep got disturbed,hearing laughter sound.she gets up with empty mind and walks outside to sound direction.Ragini and kavita were playing football.swara stands at some distance and start seeing them.

Ball came to her and she kicked it and she hit goll.ragini and kavita clapped for her.they sign her to come.swara bites her bottom lip then goes and start playing with them.


“they would have take them their…please please bring them back”Swara said and slapt,keeping head on his chest.Sanskar put arms around her in a protective way.

She was still stuck in that night,running to save herself,don’t want to trust anyone.he wiped her tears and kissed on her head.


Swara opens her eyes slowly and tried to get up but she felt strong grip around her.she looks at hands then at sanskar face and smiles.she looks around and her eyes widened.they slept in study.


Sanskar gets up and looks at her.

“morning…”he kissed on her forehead.

“whatever…get up now.”swara said,ignoring his morning wishes.swara gets up and looks at him.she felt back thinking that he slept on chair whole night.

“am i heavy?…’swara asked gigglying,seeing him rubbing his back tiredly.

“litte bit…”sanskar said with smile.swara laughed lightly.

“i will only make Roti…you will prepre omelets for everyone.”swara said as giving order and walks toward door.

“i am tired…’sanskar said worriedly,walking after.

‘not my problem…you should have take me room when i slept.”swara said shrugging her shoulders.they had entered kitchen till now.

“do you remeber what happened last night?”sanskar asked,getting serious all of sudden.

“you don’t drink therefore you don’t know…when a person drink first time or at initial level,he forgets but who drinks regularly they remember everything”swara said,hitting index finger on his cheek and turns toward fridge to take out things.

“you are not going to drink ever again…’sanskar said in anger filled voice.swara just chuckled.

“i am serious….and i just got remembered,i need to woke someone up….don’t make breakfast.today everyone will stay hungry.”sanskar said in strict voice.

‘where are you going…”swara asked,seeing him leaving in angry mood.she goes after him and got shocked seeing ragini and lucky sleeping together,while hugging each other.swara was going to wake them up but sanskar pulled her back quickly and drags her out.


“what do you mean by what?…why are you spoiling their moments.”sansar said throwing daggers at her.

“you went to wake them up…i was helping you”swara said innocently.

“they will wake up themselves then i will talk…”sanskar said and walks toward girl’s common room.

“why are they sleeping like this…bad is free”swara asked from sanskar.he just smiles,seeing them.karan was sleeping on floor,his back was attached with bed and kavya was sleeping beside her,keeping head on his shoulder.

“kavya..’swara tried to wake her up but sanskar puts hand on her mouth,picks her up and takes her out.

“sanskar you are weird…go to wake them up but don’t wake them up.’swara said making face.

“you will not understand..’

‘i don’t want to understand…..now kavita and sahil.”swara said with raised eyebrows.

“they will be sleeping…let’s prepare breakfast.”

“you said no need to prepare breakfast…”swara said in irritated voice.

“i changed my mind..’

“first one was good…”

“You don’t like to cook….”sanskar said,pulling her close.

“i never did any work..neither in gaddodia mention nor in orphanage but you make us work”swara said,hitting her tiny fist on his chest.sanskar laughed a little.

“in orphanage all girls work why you all didn’t do any work…”

“Mother never let us work…we are four stars of our orphanage and you brothers made us maids”swara slapped on his face in funny way.

“not stars but burning balls of fire…”sanskar laughed loudly.swara twitched her nose.

“you are going to prepare omelets..”swara said and walks toward kitchen.

“swara i need to go to duty…”

‘take leave today…’

“i can’t take leave…’

Swara turns and show him eyes.sanskar chuckled and nodded.both prepared their breakfast only because no one had woke up till now.they were doing breakfast when swara spoke up.

“sanskar…you are ACP,right?”


“Have you ever done sting operation?”

“Few times…why?”

“can you do another?”Swara said,bitting her lips.sanskar just stares at her face.

“On that area…i want that woman out from that place.”swara said,looking at him with teary eyes.

“i can saggest it to commetioner if i get permission then ‘yes’..”sanskar said in normal voice,not wanting to give her false hope or break her heart.Swara nodded.


Maheswari brothers were standing in front of him with bend heads.

“from today i am your elder brother…when you all do whatever you want then its okay.i will never say anything.”

“don’t say like this bhai…’sahil said in guilty voice.

“i had decided, i will never interfere in your matters…i was mad only therefore i wanted you all away from this bad habit but now its become custom to drink then follow it…i will not say anything.”

“sorry bhai..we will not drink again.’trio said in union.

“i don’t want sorry for that think, which you all think, is right…..i am not saying anything.i know you all will be drinking again on my back.i have a request,not need t be afraid from me”sanskar said,picks his files and walks out from house.Brothers looks at each other with guilty eyes.Swara goes after him.

“don’t be so rude…you know,your brothers loves you a lot”swara said coming in front of him.

“i know i need to understand they want to spend their lives in their own way”

“its not like this…you are taking them in wrong way”

“maybe…but in my opinion i did what was right.i guess dad would have also let them live their own lives”sanskar said,sit inside jeep and left.

Swara sighed,turned and saw trio brothers.

“he is just angry…”swara said,trying to lighten their mood.they nodded and went inside.



“what did commetioner say?” swara asked impatiently.

‘he will think..”

‘when will he tell…’

“how can i tell you that.”sanskar smiles at her impatient nature.swara makes faces.

“i am going to arrange food…come after getting fresh.”swara said and left.

sanskar gets fresh and goes out.they got surprised seeing all sitting on dinning table.it was almost 10,they are still awake.

“why you all are awake…”sankar asked in normal tone.

“we were waiting for you?”kavita said innocently.

“why so?…”sanskar smiles at her innocence.

‘bhai don’t behave like this na…please scold us but don’t behave as nothing happened.”lucky burst out.

“what had happened?…’sanskar asked in same tone.

“bhai please…”karan said poutingly.

“i made myself clear in morning then why this disscution now…what you all want from me.’

“beat this monkey…”ragini said and slapped on lucky’s shoulder.he throws daggers at her but nodded.

“i am not angry at all…start eating”

“pakka..’kavya asked with wide eyes.according to kavya.sanskar was only decent in these monkies.sanskar nodded and they started eating.


Sanskar got orders from commetioner and he was planning for operation when swara forwards black coffee in front of his eyes.

“take a small break…’

sanskar takes coffee from her hands and kiss her on cheek,muttering a small thank you.

“when is operation?”swara asked looking at map of that area.

“today after 12..’sanskar said,taking sip from coffee.

“i will also come…’

“its too dangerous…’sanskar said shaking his head.he put half cup on table and again looks at map minutely.

‘please sanskar..”swara said back hugging him.

“swara it is very dangerous…i can’t put your life in danger…their many chances they will fight back”sanskar said kissing on her cheek.

“nothing will happen to me…i will take care of myself.i promise’swara said stubbornly.sanskar holds her hand and pulls her in front of him.

‘no means no…”sanskar saif softly and kiss her deeply.


‘sanskar open this door..”swara shouting,beating the door vigorouly.

‘shut up…you will stay inside until i don’t return from there.’sanskar said in scolding tone.

‘plese please take me also…’

sanskar ignored her pleading,keeping stone on heart and looks at others.

“no one will open this door…especially you three…keep your love for bhabhi in limit.”anskar said pointing at his brothers.

‘bhabhi is saying so much then take her…she know how to use gun.”karan said meekly.lucky and sahil nodded.

‘are you mad,what happen with small knowledge of gun, this is not movie…”kavya said in scolding tone.

‘and he will focus on operation or worry for her protection?”ragini said,slapping on lucky’s head.

“shut up two…”swara shouted from inside.

“give them some senses…’sanskar said and leaves.girls also went for sleep,ignoring swara’s shouting.brothers goes near door but girls returned and slapped on their heads and dragged them from there.

“bhabhi..’they said.

“shut up..’Got scoldings.


“i hate you…i hate you.’swara hits her fists rapidly on sanskar when he opened her door.Sanskar looks at her dryly,her tiny fists were not doing anything on his broad chest.

‘Ah!..’she cried,feeling pain in hands.

“done…’sanskar said with teasing smile.

‘i hate you..’swara snapped at him.

“all women are in police station.i thought to take you there but you are angry from me right?”sanskar said bending his face toward her.

“i am not angry…”swara said quickly.

“really…”swara nodded her hed vigorously.

“first say i love you.’sanskar said with teasing smile.

“shut up..’swara turned him and push him out.


Swara was looking at every women face but she was not there.

“where is she?”swara muttered with mixed emotions.Finally she saw her face and run toward,freeing her hand from sanskar.she hugs her tightly.gulshan gets confused and breaks hug.

Swara stares at her face,she had turned old with time but was still beautiful,at least in swara’s eye.

“who are you?..”gulshan asked,confusingly.

“you don’t remember…am i changed so much.’swara asked gigglying.gulshan stares at her with weird eyes.

“do you remember…a girl of age 13,you made her run that night.”swara said in broken words.she was not able to make her understand.

“you are…’gulshan said with hint of surprise.swara nodded vigorously.

“thank you so much…i had not said thank you that day”swara said,hugging her again,few tears fell from gulshan’s eye.

“how do you know…i am here”gulshan asked.

“he is ACP….he is um…my boyfriend.he brought me here”swara said pointing at sanskar,who was talking on phone.

“he did this operation on my saying..”swara said proudly.

“lucky you..”gulshan said smiling.swara nodded and goes toward sanskar.

“sanskar..’she called.sanskar looks at him and ask for five minutes.swara nodded.he ends call and swara hugs him.

‘i love you…’swara said honestly.

“your welcome..’sanskar said.swara giggled.

“thank you..’sanskar kissed on her head.

“what will happen with all these women…’swara asked looking at them.

“i am ordered to let them go after investigation..’sansakr said in uneasy tone.

“what do you want?’swara asked,feeling his annoyance.

“i wanted to separate those women who were forced to live their and those who were doing that for money.”


“those who are doing these for money are more pitiable…we should do something for them otherwise they will be doing that again.”

“sanskar we can’t help it…those who know whatever they are doing that is wrong but still they are doing that then no one can do anything for their betterment…..”

“poverty makes people do anything….’

“i can do one thing…’swara said,thinking something.

“in orphanage…women do different works if they will go their then i guess they don’t have to do anything wrong.”

‘its not safe swara?….in these women few are those who blackmails innocent girls to do such things for money…’

“don’t underestemate power mother draculla…’swara said and laughed.

“you calling mother sofia dracula..’

‘mother sofia is sweet heart….i am talking about senior mother.she is so strict.once a girl was found smoking in room then don’t know what she said to her in alone room.that girl never did anything wrong…”swara said while making face.

“its a good thing..why you don’t like her”

“its rule their when a girl stands on her feet and starts earning good then she have to leave….their is cold war between us and mother dracula.’swara said twitching her noe.

“okay…i will tell lady inspector to tell them.’sanskar said,giving slap on her head.



“what are you doing here?…”sanskar asked,back hugging swara.she points at white canvas,she had not put a singal dot on it.

“didn’t you see..don’t disturb note on door’swara asked with narrowed eyes.

“today is sunday…”

“work is very important mister….you have to do it either it is sunday or monday…its your duty”swara said in strict voice and pushed him back by hiting her knee in his stomach.

Sanskar laughed loudly.swara turns and throw daggers at him.

“commetioner sir called me…what should i have done?”sanskar said while holding her arm.swara jerks his hands.

“i didn’t say anything..why you came now…go back and give duty on sunday also.”swara said and starts pushing him out from their.

sanskar holds her both wrist and turned her with swift movement.now her back was attached with his chest.

“whole week wait for sunday…and when a person wakes up o sunday morning,prince is vanished…very good..just perfect”swara said while fuming in anger.

“duty….’sanskar tried to speak but swara cuts him angrily.

“i am also doing my work..i am not free now.get lost”swara free herself after struggling like wild cat and again stands in front of white canvas and start thinking from where to start.

“swara…”sanskar pats on her shoulder.

“kia ha?..”swara said angrily,turning toward him.

“freese..you can’t move now.’sanskar said,pointing hand gun at her.

“huh…’swara said confusingly.

“you can’t speak…otherwise i will make you run 10 times in ground’sanskar said in warning.swara narrowed her eyes at him but didn’t said anything.

sanskar takes color’s plate from her hands and apply one color on her face.

“when i was kid..i used to love colors but then dad brought me a gun”sanskar said,applying different colors on her face.

“done…now you can move.’sanskar said with satisfied smile.swara runs toward her bag and takes out a small mirror.

Heart attack passed from her small small heart after seeing her beautiful face.

“sanskar!!!!…what have you done to my face”swara screamed at top of her lungs.

“why are you screaming…i am standing here”his voice came from her side.

“when you are angry then you face turns black like this.”he said pointing at black color which he had applied all over her face.

“and your eyes are seemed to through fire..’he poiting at red color around her eyes.

“you look veey scary but its my strong heart who loves this scary face.”sansakr said pating his shoulder proudly.

“aacha!…”swara said straching this poor word.sanskar nodded vigorously.

“freese…’swara said pointing fingers at him.she takes out some tubes and takes out color on plate.

“when you were scolding your innocent brothers then do you how you were looking?…i will tell you”swara said and start applying color on his face.sanskar closed his eyes.

“kaisi ha…”swara said,biting her lower lips.the way sanskar looked at her,she laughed loudly.

“we should wash our faces…before we get rashes”swara said still laughing.


“what the hell your color removed..why mine are not removing”sanskar said in irritated voice and rubbing his cheek.

“i used wet colors..’swara said laughing.sanskar slapped on her head.swara turns him toward her and giggles seeing is frustrated face.she dipped cloth in warm water and start rubbing it on his face.

“sanskar control you hands..otherwise i will not help”swara said in warning,feeling his hands sliding around her waist.

he ignored her warning and tightens his grip around her.

“i think your forehead is looking good like this…leave me”swara said angrily,put cloth back and started pushing him away.

“why your temperature raises so early in this cold weather.”sanskar said,twisting her arms at her back.

“you have no other work then this romance?”swara snapped angrily.

“for your information madam…from 15 days we are girlfriend boyfriend and we kissed only for 10 times…so injustice’

“you were counting…’swara asked laughing.

“my memory is sharp.”

“very sharp…..”swara moved close to his face and kissed him with closed.


“lucky…”ragini said after entering inside his room.lucky make himself ready for blames.

“you had kissed me first…”lucky said in normal tone.

“i remember that but….”ragini said fidgeting her fingers.

“but what..’lucky said sighing in relief.

“you didn’t do anything else with me…i don’t remember anything after that.”ragini said cryingly.lucky pulled his hair in frustation.he gets up from bed and stands in front.

“ragini…you know nothing happened after that kiss,still you are asking this question”lucky said in hurt voice.

“i wanted to confirm….i don’t trust you”ragini said in curt voice,making his heart bleed.

“you do trust me…therefore you were silent otherwise i would not have been standing in front of you like this.”lucky said in full confident voice.

“i..i have work.”ragini said avoiding eyes from him and tried to leave but lucky holds her wrist and pull her back with jerk.

“what is your problem…why don’t you just accept your feelings.”lucky said,cuping her face.

“i don’t have any feelings for you..’ragini said,moving his hand down.

‘say this while looking at me?…”lucky said,moving her face toward his.Both stared at each other silently.

“i do love you…”ragini spoke after a long pause.lucky smiles brightly and tried to hug her but she stops him.

“first come with me..”she holds his hand and takes him out.


“sahil..i am removing this”kavita said loudly and moves her hand to remove cloth from her eyes but sahil slapped on her hand.

“wait a little.”sahil said in scolding tone.

“okay..’she said gigglying.

“you can remove it now…’he said and kavita removed cover quickly.she was mesmerised to see beautiful decorations.she looks at sahil who was sitting on his knees.

“I LOVE YOU…’he said moving a diamond ring in her fingers.

“love you too..”kavita sit in front of him and hugs him.sahil hugs him back.


“please…’sanskar said pulling chair for him.

“are you always gentleman like this…or something special with me”swara said gigglying.sanskar walks around the table and sit opposite to her.

“i am like this with every girl…but you are special also.”sanskar said,calling waiter.

“every!!!!…how many?”swara said while widing her eyes in naughty way.

“you are first and last…”sanskar said,showing her eyes.swara chuckled and starts looking at menue.

“sanskar you here?…”a familier voice shocked swara.


“kavya!…i want to talk something important.”karan said,sitting on small dining chair in kitchen.

“hmm…say”kavya said in busy tone,she was preparing something for them.because swasan had went out for dinner.

“you still think…all men are jerks’

“no…all are not same.”kavya said laughing a little.

“what do you think about me…’


“just answer the question.”

“you are a nice person…happy?”

“i want to hold you hand for whole life….can you trust me for that?’karan said in deep tone.kavya looks at him with jerk.


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