Teri Meri Love Stories….few shots by Zaimal (episode 19)

“what you all are doing upstairs..”swara asked with crossed arms.trio brothers jumped from their place like some exploaded bomb on their heads.

“bhabhi you…we thought bhai came”sahil said and trio again sit down.

‘very bad…whole day bhabhi bhabhi and now drinking alone.”swara said,sit with them and fill one glass for herself.

‘cheers…’swara said raising her glass.

“cheers…”they said, starring at her with wide eyes.swara gulped drink down in one breath.their mout’s get open at her speed.

“bhai got perfect partner..”lucky muttered in sahil’s ear while karan was making another drink for swara.

“swara what are you doing?”ragini asked,putting hands on waist.swara show her glass and sign her to come.ragini came there,pushed lucky to side and sit beside swara.

“when did you two patched up?”lucky asked confusingly.swara and ragini looks at him as “what are you talking about?”

“one second i will message kavya and kavita”swara said and takes out her mobile.In blink of second they were there.

“you don’t drink…”sahil whispered in kavita’s ear.

“mother says..its sin to drink.don’t drink it.”kavita tried to snatch it but sahil gulps it down quickly.kavita slapped on his chest.sahil kiss her on cheek.




karan and lucky were staring at ragini,swara and kavya while their mouth was covered with hands.kavya picks up bottle to fill their glasses but it was finished.she makes big pout.

“thank God…’karan muttered.

‘i want more..’kavya said with big big pout.

“No…it was extra large.”karan said, showing her eyes.

“i want more…’she hit bottle on table.ragini and swara also start hitting glasses on table.

“we want more…we want more.”karan and lucky beats their heads and tried to stop them but GIRLS!!!!.

“kavita let’s go…bhai will come hearing this noise and he will shot everyone.’sahil muttered in kavita’s ear and both escaped from their silently.

karan and lucky hardly made them silent.

“we have one bottle in fridge…i will bring that but you have to come with me.”karan said and kavya nodded obediently.karan sign lucky and leaves after kavya.

“where is kitchen….i forgt”kavya said and starts crying like baby.

“kitchen is there…”karan said, pulling his hair.he brings in girls common room.

“kavya is good girl…right? ow sleep on this bed like good girl” kavya nodded vigorously.

“i was good girl from childhood….first in class always, good in household works.i am very good girl but now i want to be a bad girl”kavya said, with wide eyes.karan gulps down.seeing her expression.

“you want to be a bad girl” kavya again nodded.

“bag girl ki bachi…’karan said through gritted teeth and show her his punch.kavya gets scared and jumps on bed quickly and pulls cover on herself.karan sighed in relief and turn to go but kavya stops him.

‘i am not sleepy….’kavya said poutingly.

‘if i will leave her like this…she will dance in whole house”karan thought and sit at corner of bed.

“will not try then how will you get sleep.”

kavya crwals toward him and sit just in front of him.

“not getting sleep means not getting sleep….duffer”kavya slapped on his forehead


“where are they?..didn’t come till now”ragini said while making face.

“i think we should check them..’lucky said and both nodded.

“you two go…i am sitting here”swara said with smile.ragini and lucky left.

“where are they?…’ragini asked,looking around in kitchen.lucky picks her up from back.ragini screamed a little but stopped seeing lucky.

“where are you taking me…’ragini asked poutingly.

“to my room…”

“why!!!..”ragini asked with wide eyes.

lucky throw her on bed with bang and bends on her and keeps finger on her lips.

“not a word…keep your dirty mind in limit…..move to side and sleep.’lucky said in angry tone.


“ragini!!!…”lucky said angrily.

“rude!!!!..”ragini shouted on his face and moves to side and sleeps.

“i am feeling like i am baby sitting..’lucky muttered to himself while laying down on bed.

‘you said something…”ragini said keeping head on his shoulder.lucky looks at her without a blink.

‘move back…i don’t want to get killed tomorrow morning.’lucky said in serious tone.ragini laughed and pulled his cheek.

‘you are such a joker..’ragini said gigglying.

“but handsome also..little bit’ragini said,keeping crossed arms over his chest.

“little bit?…madam i am very handsome, girls die to have my one look”lucky said proudly.

“come back on ground..’ragini said gigglying.

“aacha!…i have heard that your fight with some girl because they were starring at me”lucky said with raised eyebrow,putting hands around her.

“starring??…they were ogling and when i stopped them.they started fight with me.in wanted to do their murder”ragini said angrily

“but not murder..i wanted to take out their eyes with knife…”

“you can’t do this..they have all rights to do that”lucky said in yeasing voice.

“no…they can’t.”ragini said shwoing him her big big eyes.


“because i am saying….”she throw daggers at him.

“what are you my wife? my girlfriend? my fiancee?…”lucy asked with one raised eyebrow.ragini keeps silent.

“tomorrow i will go and ask one of them for date”lucky in firm voice,hiding his smile

‘you will not do that…’ragini said, shoting fire balls on him through her eyes.

“i will…you can’t stop me.”

“you will not…i will do your murder.”ragini shouted at his face.

“i wi..”before he could have completed it.ragini kissed him and pulled back next instant.

“you will not…okay?”ragini said with sweet smile while patting his cheek and tried to move back but lucky holds her and kiss her.


“sanskar have you seen ragini,kavya,lucky and sahil”swara said,peeping inside study room.

“no…i didn’t.”sanskar said, without raising his head from case file.swara comes inside and started looking under table and different couches.

“move you legs…i can’t see anything’swara slapped on his legs.sanskar looks down quickly,she was half inside table.

‘what are you doing…come out’sanskar said,keeping file on table.

“move your legs..’she again slapped on his legs.sanskar raise his legs

“there are not here also….i think someone kidnapped them”swara said in thoughtful tone.tapping index finger on right cheek.

“are you drunk…’sanskar asked,looking at her from top to bottom.

“no..they went to bring bottle but didn’t return….”

“swara you know..i don’t like drinking.”sanskar said in annoyed tone.

“your brothers and my friends are kidnapped sanskar…you are ACP na,write my complain”swara said,opens file on table and gives him pen.

sanskar looks at pen then at her and smiles a little.he holds her hand and pulls her in his lap.

“first tell me what had happened…how and when they got kidnapped”sanskar said hugging her from back.

“we were upstairs doing party….”


“me,ragini,kavya,kavita,lakshah,sahil and karan..”

“Aacha…’sanskar said,thinking to take good class of them.

“then bottle got finished…first karan and kavya went to bring another then ragini and lucky.but didn’t return.they got kidnapped.find them,its night sanskar,they would have took them there…”swara starts crying.

“swara…sssh! they are not kidnapped….don’t cry”sanskar tried to pacify her.

“that place is very bad,i they had took me also…please please, save them”swara holds his hand.

“which place?….look at me.where were you gone?”sanskar said,turning her face toward him.

“wo…’swara bites her bottom lip.

“you can trust me…”

“hmm..i know”swara said with small smile.



Swara was standing behind door,hearing shekhar and urvashi talks.

“shekhar! how long this girl will stay here.i can’t bare her presence in my house.she makes remember that you had married someone else before me.’urvashi shouted.

“Have you lost your kind,whole world knows i married you so that you can take care of swara after shermishta death.if i will send her somewhere.DP will get doubt that i did everything for money….and he will throw us out from here.you had wait for so many years then wait a little more.”shekhar said in frustrated voice.

“i don’t know anything….i just want that girl out from my house otherwise i will tell DP everything”urvahsi said like a sutbborn wife.

“okay fine…i will think something.”shekhar said,rubbing his forehead. while throw daggers at her.she was his partner in crime.if he will not keep her happy she will open her mouth.swara runs to her room and locks the door.Picks up sharmishta’s photo and starts crying.


Shekhar knocks at swara’s room door and entered inside.swara looks at him,gets up and sit on bed.

‘your pribciple has send your result card…why you got such low marks,below average”shekhar asked in strcit voice.

“i don’t like studies…’swara replied in calmly.

“studies are very important…without studies you are nothing.you have to study so that you can earn your necessities.

“what’s need to study for that…i will marry a rich guy,tranfer his whole property on my name and spend my whole life peafully.”swara said,looking in his eyes directly.shekhar was not able to stare back in her eyes therefore gets up quickly.

“you have forgot the manners to talk with your father….therefore i decided to send you boarding house…pack your bags.”shekhar said trying to be angry,not meeting with her eyes.he turned and left from their.

Swara looks at her mothers picture.


“swara why are you going?…with whom i will play”abhi said sadly.swara’s eyes got filled with tears.he gives “will miss you” drawing.swara hugs him and starts crying.

“say goob bye to your sister..”urvashi said sweetly,pulling abhi back.

“bye…when you will come on vacations then we will play together”abhi said like a innocent child.swara gives him sad smile and sit inside car.


“so your are in 7th standard…and i can see you are not good in studies because of your father we are giving you admission but you have to work hard.”principal said in strict voice.Another teacher takes swara with her.

“don’t worry mr.gaddodia we will take care of her.”

Shekhar nodded and give her check.

“its her whole year fee…she should not face any difficulty here.”shekhar said,somewhere in small he had some care but money’s magic was dominating.

“off course sir.”

Shekhar nodded and left.


“swara…its been two months you had not paid your any dues.we can’t give you more time.pay your dues right now or leave.”prnciple said,correcting her glasses.

“he didn’t send money this month also?” swara said in hurt voice.principle shakes her head.

“can i do one call.”

principal nodded.swara picks up reciever and dials number.bell kept on ringing but no one picked.she again dialed again but same happened again.she puts receiver back.

“no one is picking calls but ma’am you know he will pay all dues.”swara aid showing little trust on her father.

“i know he can but thing we can’t let you stay here…its already two months.i am afraid child you have to leave”

swara bites her lower lip and nodded and leaves.


Swara was finding bus stand from two hours.it was getting dark also but there was no sign of bus stand.she stopped two men and asked for bus stand.they looked at her from top to bottom.

“are you lost…”one asked smioing wickedly.swara nodded innocently.

“don’t worry…we will take you there…come with us.”

‘thank you..”she started walking with them and told everything in small journey.

“what is this place?…it doesn’t look like bus stand”swara said looking around worriedly.

“you will be hungry…first eat something then we will take you there”one said sweetly and takes her inside one house.

“no uncle its fine..i am not hungry i will go myself”swara said in scared voice.her heart don’t know why was signalling something very wrong.but man holds her arm firmly nd takes her inside.

“madam see what we brought today….sou taka maal ha”

A woman in her 50’s looked at her from top to bottom very minutely.swara tried to free her arms.woman takes out a bundle of money and throw it toward man.

“gulshan take this girl inside”she ordered a woman.

“no..i don’t want to go.i want to go to my house”swara started crying loudly.man slapped her hard and throw her toward gulshan.she takes her inside forcefully.

‘please let me go..i don’t want to stay here”swara cried.

‘quite…not a word.no one can escapes from here.”gulshan said and push her inside one room.many women turned their heads and looks at her.

‘new girl…’gulshan said laughing wickedly.

“she looks young..”one commented.

“hmm…not even 18″another said,came near her.swara stepped back but woman holds her arm.all went back to their works.

“what is your name…’she asked in sweet soft voice.


“don’t be scared…now you are going to stay here for life long….what is your age?”


all women again turned their heads toward her and few came toward her.

“she is too young….’

“please let me go…i don’t want to stay here.”swara jouned hands in front of them.they looks at her with pityful look.

“if we would have know how to escape we had done it long back.”one said chuckling in humorless tone.Just then that woman entered inside and looks at them angerfilled eyes.

“what you all doing here?…its time of work.Go.”she said and everyone looks at themselves in mirror and left hurriedly,leaving swara,gulshan and that woman alone.

“gulshan..stay with this girl.she is new,will definitely try to escape…and make her ready for tomorrow also.’

Gulshan nodded obediently.woman left after giving a curt look to swara.gulshan makes her sit on chair and sit in front of her.

“listen swara….trying to escape from here is useless.you will never succeed but if you will do whatever tai say then you will stay here very happily…..got it.”gulshan made her understand.

“what i have to do?…”swara asked innocently.gulshan smiles,she makes her ready and send her in one room.gulshan stands at door with teary eyed and was going back to her work when she heard scream of man.she quickly opens the door and saw man laying on floor and blood was spread on floor.

“what have you done?..”gulshan said in shocked tone.

“i don’t want to do this work….please..please help me.”swara said dropping broken vase.

“i didn’t told you to leave safe house of your parents and run away with some boy.”gulshan said in curt voice.

“No…i was going home.my father didn’t pay my dues.principal told me to leave.i didn’t knew way to bus stand.i asked from them.they brought me here..please help me.”

“didn’t your mother told you…never talk with strangers”

“she died long back…”

swara hugged her and started pleading.gulshan was shocked with her act.she slowly keeps hand on her back,one drop fell from gulshan’s eye.she breaks hug quickly and wipes corner of her left eye.

“stop crying okay…i am leaving here from very long time.i can tell you how to escape, rest is your luck….”

“how did you come here…you are nice.”swara asked,wipin her tears from back of her hands.

“i ran away with biy and he sold me here…but it was not his mistake.it was my kistake.those girls who leave their parents sae hourse mostly lands in such places”gulshaan said in chuckling voice.

Swara just stare at her face.there was no emotion on her face but eyes were filled with too much pain.

“what happens here?..”swara asked in curious tone.gulshaan smiles and pats her cheek.

“one thing lways keep on your mind…never ever trust anyone.people breaks trust and the moment you will step out from here…run as much you can otherwise they will caught you again…hmm?”gulshan said in serious tone.she takes swara to dark area of that huge house,opens door and push swara out.

“RUN…’she said and closed the door.swara blinks at her then run with full speed.

Some men saw her escaping and run after her.gulshan just saw her escaping from main door and men were running after her.Gulshan shakes her head.

“she is going to come here again…’she just thought.


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