Teri Meri Love Stories….few shots by Zaimal (episode 17)

“where is your brother?” swara asked through gritted teeth. sahil and lucky look at her face and give her smile.
“we don’t know bhabhi?….”lucky said with smile.
“why are you asking?….’sahil said, expecting something good.
“i want to do his murder..”swara shouted angrily,stamps her foot and walks toward kitchen.
“bhai is vanished from the day we returned therefore she is so angry” lucky said in thoughtful tone.
“i think bhai did something and he is so dead…’sahil said, both laughed giving hi-five to each other.both goes after swara.
“bhabhi do you know how to do murder.”both asked in union.

“don’t know then how will do bhai’s murder..but don’t worry we are here then no fear”
sahil takes out a big knife and puts it in swara’s hand.
“when bhai come then put this in his stomach…’sahil said in serious tone.
‘like this..’lucky said and acted to stab sahil.sahil holds his hand when knife was half inch away from his stomach.sahil got mini heart attack
“what are you doing?”sahil said,takes knife from his hand and slapped him on face.
“i was telling bhabhi how to stab bhai.”lucky said innocently.sahil gives him another slap.swara was laughing,keeping both hands on mouth.

“today i will wait till he don’t come.”swara said in firm voice,steps down from bed and walked outside.she was pacing in hall with crossed arms when sanskar stepped inside,saw her pacing in hall,turns on his heels and was about to go back.
‘sanskar!!!!..”swara shouted in anger.sanskar closed his eyes. swara comes in front of him.sanskar opens his eyes and gives her smile.

“you are still awake….”sanskar said, scrtaching his head.
“i was waiting for you…i wanted to tell you something important.”swara snapped.
“you were waiting for me..”sanskar said. keeping hand on chest, behaving as he can’t believe.swara gritted her teeth,seeing his drama.
“you can’t kiss me…do you get that”swara shouted at the top of her lungs.sanskar quickly keeps hand on her mouth.
“don’t shout…..everyone is sleeping”
swara bites at his hand. sanskar removes his hand and shakes it.
“don’t you dare to kiss me again….if you kissed me then i will do that whioch we did with kavya’s husband”swara said poibting finger at him.sanskar looks at her hand and shakes his head.he grabbed her hand and twist it at her back.
“AA!…”swara hissed a little.

“for your kind information…..when i kissed you kissed me back.remember or not?”sanskar whispered in ear.swara breath hitched again because of his closeness.
“that was mistake…”swara said angrily. sanskar laughed a little.
“yeah…absolutely”sanskar said laughing.swara looks at him with jerk.anyone can tell she was hurt.
“leave me…’swara said and struggled hard to come out from his grip but sanskar put another arm around her waist.
“you know i love you and you don’t leave a chance to hurt my feelings but want me to love you same as before.”
Swara stopped struggling and bites her bottom lip.

“do you know what are you doing?…”sanskar leaves her arm and turns her toward him.
“you are creating wall between us and had kep window in it….you want me to stand behind it always so that whenever you want,you can open window and see me then close it again…..have you thought that one day you open window and i am not there”
“think about it” sanskar kissed on her forehead and leaves.
“tomorrow is my exhibition….”swara shouted,runs and matches his pace.

‘i remember…”
“you are coming?…”swara asked in slow voicd,hardly audible.
“am i invited?…”sanskar stoped and asked with raised eyebrow.swara stares at him silently.
“warm food for me..i am very hungry”sanskar said chuckling at her silence.swara nodded and walks toward kitchen.sanskar saw her till she vanished and sighed heavily.

“ma’am guest and media has arrived…”
“wish me luck…”swara said giggling.her PA smiled.
‘all the best ma’am…”
“thank you…”swara said and walked out from there.

“swara!!…all the best”kavita said and hugged her,shaking her side to side.kavya also wished her and ragini gives her thumbs up.
“bhabhi all the best…”trio brothers said,giving her side hug.swara looks around and gets sad,not finding sanskar.
“swara..go.”kavya said.swara nodded and go in front of media and starts giving them interview. their interview was in mid when shekhar gadodia came with his wife.Media attention was diverted a little. shekhar and his wife came toward swara directly.
Swara looks at them with ticked jaws.
“well done..’shekhar said with fake affection and hugged her.swara clentched her fist but controlled her anger and smiled.

“swara ma’am….how much your father had contribution in your success?”
“he has very big contribution….he made me understand that if you want to be successful then do anything for it..either it is right or it is wrong”swara said with professional smile.
shekhar’s face color changed into dark one.he excused himself from there.
“but there is someone who contributed much more than my father.”swara said with bright smile and brought mother sofia with her.
“she is my mother…she was the one who had gifted me color book first time.”
“just because you were destroying walls with your paintings’ all laughed including swara.
Her interview went very well more than her thought.she was standing in front of one painting.
“nice painting…’sanskar said after standing at her side.swara didn’t bother to look at him
“listen mr.artist…i have goverment job.i can’t leave whenever i want therefore i came late”sanskar said,explianing his position.
“thank you so much m.maheswari you came….thank you so much.”swara joined hands in front of him.
‘someone is angry..’sanskar muttered to himself.

“every guest had left almost,i was also leaving and you are coming now.”swara wanted to remove painting from wall and hit on his head.
“actually commesioner called emmergency meating….duty first”
“for my sake…go to hell.”she turned and tried to leave but sanskar holds her hand and turned her toward him.swara looks at him angrily.
“sorry….”sanskar said and pulls her close,keeping arms around her waist.swara keeps arms around her neck and gives cute pout.
“how it went…’
“good…someone tried to spoil it but it went very well.”
“who tried to spoil it.”sanskar asked in comfused voice.
“will you arrest him?…”swara asked giggling.
“him?…’sanskar didn’t hear anything else.swara laughed loudly.
“i was talking about mr.gadidia….what are you thinking” swara said in between her laugh.
“you call you father by surname?…”
“he is not my father…”swara said in firm tone.her laugh stopped in second.she steps back,turns and walks out.
“swara….”sanskar called her from back and came beside her.
“leave me alone please”swara said in pleading voice.sanskar stopped and swara walks away from there,without turning back.

“lakshah..have you seen swara?”
“that day bhabhi was asking about you,today you are asking about her…what is matter?”lucky asked,keeping arm on sanskar’s shoulder.
“have you seen her or not…’
“ohho!…not in good mood.i just saw her going out.”lucky said.

“hold your hoarses..’sanskar said and walked out.he saw her leaving in car.
“following a girl is bad thing..’sanskar make him remember that and goes toward his car.
“God swara….what are you making me do.’
Swara stopped car in front of an hospital and went inside it.
“i hope she is fine.”sanskar thought worriedly and goes after her.
“doctor may i meet patient..room number 201…how is she feeling?”swara asked fidgeting her fingers.
“she is much better now..you can meet her but please keep distance.she gets agressive and may harm you”doctor said in professional way.swara nodded.
She opens room’s door and entered inside.she puts flowers in vase and sits on stool.
“Namasta aunty…”swara said,making a old woman in her late 50’s woke up.
“Ragini!…”woman muttered and quickly gets up.

“aunty i am her friend…remeber i came with her last week”swara said asdly.
“i am sorry i don’t remember…how are you?”jhaanvi apologised with smile.
“i am good..”
“ragini didn’t come with you?”
“wo actually she had work therefore i came”swara said nervously.jhaanvi smiled.
“i know she is angry from me….i am not good mother na…..she got aggressive nature from me only”she said chuckling.
“aunty don’t say this…”swara said and put hand on her shoulder.jhaanvi holds her wrist quickly in very tight grip.
“tell her i am sorry…..please forgive me….you…you are her friend…she…she will listen o you”she said like a psycho and pierced her nails in swara’s wrist.
“aunty…”swara hissed in pain.

“you will bring her na..i really miss her..TELL ME WILL YOU BRING HER” she screamed loudly.blood started coming out from swara’s wrist.
Doctor and nurse came there running after hearing her scream and frees swara from her grip.lady started screaming.nurse gives her injection and she calms down and fell on bed in unconsious state.
swara comes out from room,keeping hand on her wrist.
“ma’am..please come with me i will do your dressing.”nurse said.swara sits on bench and nurse starts doing her dressing.
“thank you…”swara said to nurse and leaves.

karan and lucky jumped at swara’s shout.sahil who was getting ready for office,came out quickly.lucky walks toward sanskar.
“bhai…what did you do?’lucky whispered in sanskar’s ear.
“lucky do you where is ragini’s mother?”
“no…why?”lucky said in confused voice.sanskar throw daggers at him.

“why are you shouting?” ragini came out from her room.swara slapped her hard.
‘why did you go to hospital.”swara asked through clentched teeth.ragini avoids eyes from.
“proving that your fathers bad blood runs in your veins..”swara said angrily.kavita covered her mouth.kavya bites her lower bottom.
“she shouldn’t have said that…”kavita muttered in kavya’s ear.ragini slapped swara hard.kavya and kavita closed their eyes.
“how dare you said that….”ragini shouted at top of her lungs.
“go handle ragini go.”kavya pushed kavita toward ragini.kavita keeps hand on ragini’s shoulder and give her tight smile.
“you should have to go hospital…she is your mother”kavita said softly.
“wow!…everyone just knows to blame ragini…don’t see themselves.”ragini said in furious tone.she turns toward kacvita.

“why don’t go and meet your parents and tell them.you are still alive and where have you reached’ragini said,holding her from shoulder.tears started falling from kavita’s eyes.
“and you were asking why didn’t go hospital.you tell me why you don’t go kolkata and take over the companey and throw all of them out from house…tell me”
swara clentched her fist and turns her face.ragini looks at kavya.
“not a word against me…i did run from anything unlike you”kavya said,pointing fingers at her.
“really, that jerk deserved to be behind bars.File the right case on him and his partners and send them prison then say that”
“first look at yourself then point fingers at others”she said that looking at swara.
“if my mothers would have alive then i would have done anything for her…..would have not turn my face from her.”swara said clentching ragini’s arm
“you are selfish like your father…”ragini frees her arm and runs outside pushing lucky and sanskar to side.

kavita also went to sahil’s room and swara to sanskar.kavya goes to girl’s common room.
Brotherslooked at each other.
“what was all this?”sahil said,confusingly.
“i am feeling stranger myself in my own house”karan said honestly.
“what should we do now…”lucky asked like idiot.

“idiot!..”sahil and karan muttered and went to their respective partners.
‘what?..’lucky asked from sanskar.
“go after ragini…and don’t make fun about her mother and don’t take his father name in front of her”sanskar said while pushing him out.
“bhai!…i am very scared”lucky said like a kitten.sanskar pushed him with full force.lucky staggered and fell on muddy floor.it was raining outside.
sanskar sighed deeply and walks to his room.

Sorry for late updates.my net package was finished and ignore spelling and grammar mistakes.i didn’t double checked it

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