Teri Meri Love Stories….few shots by Zaimal (EPILOGUE)


“sanskar are you color blind?..”swara asked,looking at him angrily.

“you said bring yellow flowers…these are yellow”sanskar said in irritating voice.

“these…these are yellow…these are orange.”swara snapped at him.

“both are same color..its just it is little dark and it is light….you are artist you know it.”sanskar said giving her flowers and tried to walk pass her but swara holds his arm and give flowers back.

“bring yellow flowers…”

“these flowers i got from last corner of city….manage with these please”sansakr said sweetly.swara shakes her head side to side.

“please…”sanskar kissed on her cheek softly.

“how will i manage these orange flowers between all yellow flowers”swara said making a cute pout.he kiss her again lovingly.

“fine go…”swara said blushing.sanskar was going to kiss her on lips when their daughter disturbed them.

“papa!…mom told you to bring yellow flowers.these are orange”3 year old girl said pulling sanskar’s kameez with her tiny tiny hands.

“maa ki chamchi..”sanskar muttered with closed eyes.swara slapped on his face for that.

“papa is color blind sweety…we have to manage with these flowers.”swara said,picked up her little doll,kissed on her cheek and took her inside.

“papa how these girls found so much difference in colors…i thought they are same.”sunny said shaking his head(4 years).

“i also thought they are same…”sanskar said while making face.

“what are you doing champ…”sanskar said and sit on his knees in front of him.

“i was making welcome drawing for my sister…”sunny said showing him his drawing.

“sanskar you are ruining your white clothes….”swara shouted from inside.sanskar quickly gets up and removes mud stains.

“papa you are scared from mom?”sunny said gigglying.

“i am scared from the consequence…when i don’t listen to her then she gets upset from me,stop talking to me and start sleeping with you two.”

sunny laughed loudly.

“sunny…come”two boys of his age called him.

“don’t do any mischief”sanskar said,sunny giggled and run toward them.


“oye…what you all are doing?”kavita shouted,holding her head.trio boys hides their hands behind.kavita looks down and got heart attack.

“anushka!!!!!….”kavita screamed with full volume.

“mama!!!…’two boys screamed getting scared from kavita scream.

“papa!…”sunny shouted and trio run with full speed.

“you trio wait….i will break you hands”kavita said angrily.she looks at her little daughter.who was sitting on floor,fully covered in mud.

“boys!!!…’kavita said through gritted teeth and picks up her daughter.

“who is this little ghost…”sahil asked while laughing.

“da..da!..”little girl forward her small hands toward him.

“anushka!…”sahil got shock,seeing her princess in ghost attire.

“kavita!…you are such a useless mother…can’t you keep my princess neat and clean.”sahil said in scolding tone and takes anushka from her.

“i…”kavita tried to speak but sahil again scolds her.

“you are good for nothing….look at my little princess.”sahil said and tried to remove dirt from anushka’s chubby cheeks.


“shut up…do you know? there are so much germs in mud.what if she get sick.”sahil said worriedly.

“nothing will happen to your princess….i played with this mud my whole life…”kaviat said,shaking her head.

anushaka put mud covered hands on his face and laughed.kavita also laughed.

“her brothers did this…..”kavita said between her laugh.

“give her to me…i will change her clothes”kavita said gigglying.

“i will talk with lucky…”sahil said,looking at his princess worriedly.

“give her shower..’

“i know…” sahil open his mouth to say something.

“sahil go…”kavita said in warning tone.




sahil looks up,he was sitting on stair and putting decorations on corner.

“get down…’


“your sons turned my little princess to ghost”sahil said fuming.

“talk with their mothers..’lucky said in careless tone.

“why are you shouting sahil…”ragini asked coming there.two devils were hiding behind her.

“ragini!…ask from your two devils.’sahil said angrily.ragini looks at him with narrowed eyes then looks at her sins.

“mama!…anushka loves to eat mud,we were just helping her”both said blinking at her innocently.

“oh! my innocent babies..”ragini said and start kissing them on face.sahil’s mouth hanged down.lucky gets down and sign sahil to keep calm.

“ragini!…you are spoiling them.you should scold them.anushka is there sister.”lucky said in annoyed tone.

“they didn’t do anything”ragini said shaking her head.

“shut up…”

“you shut up….these are my children.don’t interfere in our matter”

“they are my children also….”lucky said shwoing her eyes.

“arjun vishal…come here”lucky said in strict tone.they look at ragini and goes in front of lucky.

“lakshah..”ragini tried to speak but lucky points finger at her.

“say sorry to chachu and promise you two will not do this again…’lucky said in strict tone.

“sorry chachu…”both said in union.sahil shuffles their hair and walks to sawasan room to take sunny’s class.

“good…’lucky said with smile and looks at ragini, who was looking at him with angry red face.

lucky opens his mouth to say something but she turns her face.

“arjun vishal…go complete your drawings…karan chachu and kavya chachi will be coming with your new sister”ragini said sweetly.both boys looks at their father,giggles and run from there.

“ragini!…”lucky said but ragini turned and walks out from there.lucky goes after her.

“if i will not scold them on their mistakes then how they will differentiate between right and wrong”lucky said,holds her arm and turns her toward him.

“if you scolded my sons again then i will go to orphanage with my children…got it”ragini said,fuming in anger.

“i will scold them on their mistakes and you are not going anywhere’lucky said in firm tone.ragini stamps her foot and leaves from their angrily.

“ragini!….”lucky said helpessly.



“karan…give her to me na.”

karan behaved as he didn’t listen and keep on playing with his daughter.

“karan…’kavya shouted angrily.karan proved that he is deaf from childhood.Door gets up open,swara and sanskar enters inside.

“sanskar bhai!…tell karan to give my daughter to me.he didn’t let me hold her once’kavya complained quickly.before sanskar could have said anything karan spoke up.

“bhai!..she didn’t take shower from two days.my daughter will get dirty”karan said in calm tone.

“huh!…’kavya said in shocked tone.sanskar and swara laughed.

“when you will go home,take a good shwoer then you will hold my daughter”karan said while kissing on his daughter’s face.

“please someone knock some senses in his brain”kavya said through gritted teeth.

“her eyes went on you karan..’swara said,looking at newly born girl.

“her everything went on me…nose,lips,cheeks everything went on me.”karan said proudly.

“haan haan…sab kuch tum pa gya ha.main to kuch lagti hi nhe hun,jo mujh par kuch jai ga”kavya said in taunting voice.

“you two continue your fight”swara said and takes girl from karan.karan and kavya had started huge fight.

“she is so cute..’swara said kissing on her little hand.

“hmm…”sanskar said staring at her.

“name?…”swara looks at sanskar.both looks at karan and kavya.

“i don’t think they are going to name her before killing each other”sanskar said chuckling.swara giggled.



“i want another child..”swara looks at his face with jerk and saw mischeviuos look on his face.

“one boy and one girl are perfect…”swara said,throwing daggers at him.

“i don’t like this american rule…i believe in huge family”sanskar said straching huge word.

“have some shame sanskar…little girl is listening.”swara said while controlling her blush.

“please…”he whispered in her ear,making her breath hitched.


swara and sanskar came out from their sweet moment and looked at kavya.who had screamed at top of her lungs.

“okay okay…don’t take stress…i will call nurse,she will wash your hand then you can hold her”karan said,calming her down.

“where were we…”sanskar said ignoring them.

“shut up…”swara said with red face and give her little girl.karan called nurse and she wash kavya’s hand.

“i ma not satidfied…wash them again”

Nurse looks at karan with weird eyes.kavya gritted her teeth with so much force that swara thought her teeth will fall down.



all shouted and sunny,arjun and vishal show them welcome sister drawings.kavya gets happy seeing welcome of her daughter with so much love.karan and kavya cuts cake and make each other eat it.

“karan..promise me,you will not let anything happen to her.’kavya said worriedly,looking at her friends who were bend on little girl.

“this is not the time to remember past…look at bright future.’karan said,holding her hand.kavya smiles and hugged him.

“everyone please gather around…photographer came.”sanskar said and everyone stands with each other with their children.

Ragini had made new trend.she was making a family album in which every beautiful was making its place.

Karan and kavya stands in mid with little girl.kavya was not letting karan touch her.sanskar and swara stands beside them,sanskar was holding sunny in arms and swara was holding pari, on other side was sahil and kavita,sahil was holding anushka and ragini and lucky makes place between them.

photographer clicked their complete family picture.


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  1. Tamil

    Amazing dear…….it’s beautiful ending……so cute lovely family moments……loved it

  2. Thanks for epilogue dear awesome epi n pls come with new story soon eagerly waiting I love ur stories specially LIB all season were superb pls start season 4 also

  3. Woooaaaahhh, they are really awesome

  4. Sandhiyaswasanian

    Superb dear?

  5. Superrr duperrr Awesome ????

  6. Awesome..perfect ending..
    loved it❤❤
    waiting for ur new story??

  7. End to a beautiful story ?
    Thanku zaimal????for such a beautiful story… i dont have words
    U r very talented writer
    So much in love with ur stories

  8. Ansa

    Mama !!! It was beautiful ❤ yara I am going to miss this story badly ?? sanskar swara ?do come with new story?

  9. I never thought epilogue will cm dis much fast. Amazing. Specially sahil n karan’s fatherhood. Beautiful.

  10. Thank u 4 epilogue dr it was mindblowing dr amazing

  11. Hadi

    pata hi nhi chala kb parhna shuru kiya or kb khatm hogaya….. 🙁
    aesa koi krta hai bhala ksi k sath jo tmne is story men kiya abhi abhi start ki thi or itne jaldi end krdi pout
    khair as like ur previous stories this 1 is also a classical one everything was back to its place so great that every single person got settled their lives
    sanky is still naughty he want more kids n swara’s blushing face haha i can imagine, sahiil was so possesive abt her daughter bt it waas so obvious how he took lucky’s children class was also so real, bt rgini was over possesive abt her sons haha innocent lucky always say sorry no matter whose mistake was, n kavran OMG karan was toooo much who made wash mothers hands haha was laughing at both fighting n last but not least again swasan uffffff n last scene wasssss that which is a boom blast a complete ff in words with a perfect ending it cant be more beautiful the way u write their scenes with their children was so natural n u expressedin a superb way that cant be described in words u always made me speechless with ur writings i was thinking from 2 days that what to write or what not that can be of ur standard but i am still out of words khair this comment cant match up n cant describe ur talents of writing still i commented so u r best best n best may ALLAH give u more success in every field including writing with long life AMEEN SUMA AMEEN take care love u itnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa sarrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaa :* :* :* :*

  12. Awesome dear…….loved it…..

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