Teri meri khamushia (promo 2) ADITHY ROY


Epi 1:
adithy roy:
proffesonal killer. No big killer in mumbai as like adithy roy. None can save from him. A big resson is for choshing this profesion. All the big murderer is trained from him.
He is more important than leads.

sence 1
a man is hand overing a photo a boy n specks wit attiute “kill her soon what money u want i will trow on ur face”
the boy barks at him ” how dare u to talk like this with me. U only begged to me come. Dont forget who m i ADITHY ROY”
the man glupes in fear.

Sence 2
a boy is holding gun n trying to shot at a mark but the bullet didnt reach to point.
Boy shout ” how can it possible in my life my bullet naver tuched wrong place (shout more) no no m making my waekness noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. ADITHY ROY have no weaknesss.

Sence 3
a girl is stantding at window n shout ” adithy roy”
a boy come n pushed her from window
……………… ………………..
Adithy rou is a big mistry of my ff. So who is adithy roy. Who is that girl. What happend to her. Why adithy is doing this all

wants to know tnen stay turned….

Always i put condision for writting. Thats why i didnt give presure for coments. But i really i got less coments. But what to do i will bear for my swasan coz will not able to see them. But i am verry impaitent. I stop writting without any warning…..

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