Teri meri kahani -Shivika part 6


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Part 6

Shivika Marrige is complete

Pandit ; From today you are husband and wife

Shivaay get up held Anika hand and go to Dadi for bless he take dadi blessing shebless her and then he go to tej he also bless her then he go to shakti he also bless him her and last he go to pinky ……. she is full on Angry

Pinky also bless her but in Angry mode then media come

Media to Anika : We hear you are star and famous buisnessman Mr. Sameer malhotra daughter Ahana Malhotra you tell your parents that youare going to marry whose marrige broke just a minite ago

Anika : Its my personal matter please stop it

Shivaay : Go from here tommorrow is press conference you all come

Dadi : But why this sudden marrige shivaay with Anika

Shivaay : Today i am goinh to marry with tia but i donot love her and i cant break her heart so i keep quite and pray for miracle like always my miracle come and stop thus marrige and i know ( look at Anika ) i love Anika so i marry her

But Anika is looking Angry dadi notice this

Om : We always. Say this to u but we happy this time you take decision from your heart not from your mind Anyway congratulations shivika

Shivaay : Thabks om

Rudy : Today i am so happy that lady baba not become my bhabhi if she become my bhabhi then my bhayia is paraya dhan but now Anika didi is also our and bhayia so they are not become paraya dhan(show his logic step)

Dadi : Go and rest sometime after some ritual more

Shivaay : Ok and take Anika hand

Rudy : Didi know your room way why are you so much desperate to going to room

Shivaay : shut up rudra
And go from there

Shivika enter in room shivaay close door and then rudra knock on the door

Shivaay open

Shivaay : What happen rudra
Rudy : i donot want that tia sleep peacefully in my and your room so i keep here alarm so she can’t sleep peacefully so i come to take back them because no my Anika di not Anika bhabhi come i donot want to she disturb so

Shivaay ; Ohh god rudra your nothing happen

Rudy take Alarm

Shivaay ; Okk you raje now go

Rudy : Bhayia its only one i have many alaram thats why i come with this bucket

Rudy take something 50 Alaram
Shivaay : Whats this rudra are you mad

Rudy ; No bhayia
Anika is smile and laugh loudly shivaay saw this mesmerized by her beauty

So thats it for today no precap

Guess work : Why Anika see shivaay in Anger

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  1. I want to know when will anika’s parents come

  2. Nansshivika

    Superb rithik

  3. Mukta

    Oh god…. Rudra is just impossible???
    Awesome yar….. loved the update???

  4. Puvi

    awesome rithik thanks posting ur ff fast i was reall missing it

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  7. Puvi

    This rudy is really impossible he can do anything oh god but i love his cuteness

  8. Rudy s always bliss… U nailed it…post next part asap 🙂

  9. Shivika

    Rudy oh sachi kiska hua hai brain…..haha….lovely post nxt one soon

  10. I love Rudy’s work…….. He’s so kiddish….
    Love him………….

  11. Akansha

    its nyc…. waiting to knw wen anika parents ll come n y is she angry on shivaay… post the nxt update fst

  12. Sat_9492

    Superb episode……

  13. SamSun

    This was going soooo good and u left it in suspense. Rithik not fair……..but pls ppst soon this was so good.

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