Teri meri kahani -Shivika part 2


HII Gyez i am back with my ff teri meri kahani i am sorry i know i am late

Part 2

Anika think about shivaay words and sge is broken she thought how can he say like this about her she us totally broken she donot know how can he but she is strong she reach her house but someone puch from the door she fell on the floor she run to room and close door of room

Secne oberoi mansion

Shivaay : dadi where is Anika
Dadi : Putter yahi kahi hogi kaha jayegi

Shivaay ; Anika kaha hai om
Om : Everything is alright i donot know where is she
Shivaay : donot know i feel something is wrong with her i think she is in some problem

Secne anika house

Someone stab knife in door and knife something touch Anika neck and her neck injured and then he broke door and she feel down her hand is also injured then someone come its daksh

Daksh : Anika what happen
Anika : Waha koyi hai
Daksh : No i come

Anika : What are you doing here
Daksh : i feel you are in danger so i come to see you
Anika : Thankyou

Daksh : donot say thanks i love you and i can do Anything for you

Next morning oberoi mansion
Shivaay : are you out of your mind if Anything happen to Anika i never leave you and you are fired

Anika come shivaay sense her

Shivaay : anika are you alright
Anika donot reply and go from there but shivaay held her hand but she release her hand go from there

Shivaay go behind her

Shivaay : Anika
Anika to worker : Please do lighting here

Shivaay held anika hand and take his room

Shivaay : What the hell anika are you alright gaurd tell me about last night

Anika donot reply
Shuvaay : i am asking you something

Shivaay : Anikaaa
Anika (in english ): What i say and why i say you think i am gold digger i am doing all drama to grap your attention what the hell you think yourself Mr. Shivaay singh oberoi i am not toy when you want you play and when you want you throw i am human i also feel pain but you never understand Anything and i must say stone singh oberoi

Shivaay realise she hear his and omkara conversation

She go from there
Shivaay : You hear half conversation Anika then he realise she speak in english she cant say all hard word and now she speak so fluntely

Shitia sangeet

Shivaay and omru dance on Aaj ki party like in serial amd ther rudra take Anika priyanka to sance floor then Anika then rudra play deewani mastani
Priyanka : I donot know how to dance on this song

Anika ; But i know

Anika dance so well jus like deepika padukone in bajirao mastani and she remember something she dance practice on some place then she start dance she end her dance

Someone recognise her and say Aahna Malhotra

He is boy and come to Anika
Boy : Aahna malhotra

All oberoi mansion and shivaay swe this they all are shocked

Boy : Mam please give me your Autograph and one photograph with you please mam

Shivaay and all are shocked

Anika give her Autograph and click photo
Anika : I feel good after so many year see a fan
Boy : I am your biggest fan in the world where yu go all media search you your parents also didnt know where are you

All media come to Anika

Media : Mam whera are you all thease years you are Great kathak dancer and you go from this dancing industry so far why mam please tell us your fan want to know even you parents

Anika ; Please calm down

Shivaay and All faimly shocked

Anika parents entry and shitia mehndi

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    Waw….. it’s something different!!!!!! Interesting!!!!!! Sorry for not commenting on last episode but seriously it’s just fabulous!!!!!! Plz one request dear….. third part thoda jaldi post kar dena please!!!!!!! Itna interesting precap hai so I can’t wait please….. request????

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    wow too good epii

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    Nyc twist

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  14. wow!!!! what a twist,eagerly waiting for next one

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