Teri meri kahani – RAGLAK (OS)


Hii guys so i am new to this thing and i am loving it so lets start

A girl was sitting in bridal costume in the temple with loads of people
lady 1 – pta nhi when this groom is going to come he is half an hour late already
lady 2 – haan ji i am so sure he ran maybe he doesn’t want to marry with people like her

The girl heard that and now she is crying . tears are unnoticeable but she continue to seat . her mother come and whisper in her ear – pretend like you are fainting this like a very awkward moment for everyone please .
the girl look at her straight in eyes she sees the seriousness (its ragini) she whispers back – no maa its my wedding what if he came and saw me fainted his heart will broke na
her mother is sharmishta
shomi – ragu please we have one more daughter also to look at now pls try to act like fainting
she says and went away
ragini POV
Why doesn’t no one understand i know he will return he promised me and he will come back . he never broke his promise before and he will not too .

ragini felt weak cause it was going to be full 1 hour now .

pandit – madam when is groom is going to arrive the auspicious has left and now if they marry then their life will be in darkness
ragini look up straight after hearing that
ragini – no pandit jii if we marry nothing is going to happen he loves me and i love him there won’t be problem in our life ever even if we marry at other time.
pandit – are you insulting me
ragini – no sir i am not i am just expressing my love which is not here till now but i am sure he will return
shekhar – shut up ragini go to your room now this marriage won’t happen the drama is over everyone please go to your home now .

everyone strted bad mouthing ragini and went away pandit too .

after everyone left shekhar came and slapped ragini really hard that she fell on ground l, sharmishta stand beside shekhar stopping him but then swara came (sister) sharmishta came to her and hugged her and shekhar continue to beat ragini .

ragini came to swara after mom and dad left.
ragini- are you happy ?
swara- no di i am not
ragini – why is something else also left like you want dad to molest me too
swara- no di pls don’t say that
ragini – you are your parents are so mean always punishing me of nothing
swara – you are my sister
ragini – ya ur step sister and adopted thats why i am so low in home

she left saying that swara got teary .


swara banged the door of ragini hard it was 12 and she still didn’t came out she called shekhar and shomi and shekhar brust the door and saw a dreadful sight. everyone did

Their eyes were opened as they saw ragini hanging on fan
they searched the room and found out a letter


that was it no words for family and they cried all night maybe .


Everyone there were badmouthing bose family and people were seen crying also swara was crying really bad
Shekhar was about to lite fire on body suddenly LAKSH entered in there and saw everyone . he goes to fireplace which shekhar just lite and start to blow it to take out ragini from it his hands burned but he didn’t care he start to gi to shekhar and took him to his collar and start to beat everyone start to shout and stopped but from the time he came he came he didnt even uttered a single word .


laksh is seem to be powerful buisness man and now ruling delhi with his power he has started to drink and smoke he didn’t use to his family is really fed up of this habit and is really concern for him .

One day

laksh was sitting in his office to interview his new secretory- a girl name mona came and start to seduce him . laksh fired him but she start to black mail him alot and say she will say that you raped her and bought her to his home .
laksh was waiting in living room while mona was wearing seducive dress and makeup . while waiting laksh saw a maid wiping the floor he went near her and the maid look at her – her eyes were black and dark , her lips were pinkish and her skin was bright she was in kurtas and she was ragini

Ragini can’t control herself and hugged laksh – Its been 5 years laksh where were you
Laksh shocked – you are alive ?
Ragini – yes laksh the girl who was burned was not me when they took me to hospital i was alive but i heard shekhar saying he will beat me to death so i just replaced but where were you on marriage day it is all your fault laksh all yours
Laksh – i had an accident ragu but where were you all these 5 years ?
Ragini – laksh i don’t wanna go back to them and you were in contact with him cause you were getting married to swara so i (she looked away) went away .
Laksh smiled – i didn’t married her because she didn’t felt right

They both hugged each other and they had a happily ever after they married secretly and went to america to live peacefully where they have 2 girls which they named rashi and ragya


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