Teri meri kahani part 7 and Author note


Author Note
Hii gyez i am back but i am back but i am really feel bad when i see i didnt receive comment gyez its not only me about all author we work hard and write but pepole donot comment on it we feel really bad i am sorry to say i know many feel bad i am going to end this part if comment donot increase and thanks to all pepole who cment on my ff from start and all silent reader if you dont like anything then tell me i will change but please response and yeah many pepole asking me when Anika mom dad come they will come with a twist so wait for sometime okk so lets move on part 7

Part 7

Rudy left room shivaay close door

Shivaay come closer to Anika but Anika go backward and shivaay come close then Anika felt Wall behind her shivaay come and kiss on her cheeks she also melt but she push shivaay and goes away

Shivaay ; what happen Anika why are you behave like this
Anika ; if you forget i donot agree for this marrige i agree only for dadi and omru not you

Shivaay ; BUT i know you lo. But he stop in middle
Anika ; what

Shivaay ; i mean you have feeling for me

Anika ; konsi feeling you humiliate me everytime you behave rudely with me and yeah you said i am obssesed with you i m gold digger what you think i am human not any doll

Shivaay ; when i
Anika cut him in middle and sleep in couch

Shivaay see her sadly and also go to sleep

Next morning

Shivaay ; Anika i want to talk to you

Anika ; but i donot want to talk to you

And then dadi enter in room
Dadi ; anika wear thease cloths and come down shivaay you also

Shivaay ; okk dadi

Anika go to washroom shivaay also they both see each other

Anika ; i go first
Shivaay : No i go

Anika : dekhiye mai late ho rahi hu mujhe jaana hai
Shivaay :mai roj iss time pa nahata hu to mai jaunga pehle and you know i am shivaay singh obeori i never loss

Anika : ohh so you are shivaay singh oberoi then i am Anika shivaay singh oberoi Aapse bada naam hai

Anika : let be fair dono bhagte hai jo pehle jayega bathroom vo pehla shower lai lega

Shivaay run fastky and enter. In washroom and start bath Anika see this

Anika : Bagad billa hamesha apni tadi mai rehta hai

Shivaay ; what you say
Anika ; Bagad billa come fast

Secne 2

Anika shivaay sit for ring found cermoney

Anika shivaay start find ring

Anika find but shivaay held her hand and try to snatch ring
Anika in low tone : i will not give you this ring you have to loss this game

Shivaay ; i am never loss

Shivaay blink his eye toward Anika in shock and leave ring from her hand shivaay take this and show dadi

Dadi ; Anika putter why you win this billu

Shivaay ; because i never loss
Pinky : aww i know my diamond son win not this Anika and give her look


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