Teri Meri Kahani (Chapter 7)


Chapter 7 ( Meeting )

Tina was agitated but had no other way other. She had to except the truth. She freshened herself. She was dressed in a 3/4 gown. It was red in colour. As her complexion was fair the dress suited her the best. Her long hair was opened. Her black quartz watch added something more to her look. She was all elegant with nothing more than grey khol applied on her eyes. Just then her glance went on to her new Engagement ring ; the ring was beautiful on her. It was a platinum ring with a single diamond studded in the centre. The diamond was in the shape of heart. She controlled her emotions and grabbed her mobile and hurried downstairs to the breakfast table. She was all hungry now after all crying and grief. Literally she was starving.

She sitted herself while her Mom served the breakfast. She stuffed the aloo partas like she hadn’t had food for the past 3 days. Her Mom was surprised but was happy as her daughter who hurried up to her work without having proper breakfast now is having stomach full. Tina’s tummy was full now. She was about to leave the dinning table just then she a familiar voice call out Auntyji ! She turned around she was none other than the devil – Rahul Malhotra as she addressed.

Tina murmed why was he here. I was gonna leave. Her mom interuppted her and welcomed Rahul in. He was all casual with a black full selves T-shirt which showed his well devolped abbs. He was wearing a blue Jean. Tina immediately said welcome ! Weird combo by the way. Her Mom gave a intense stare at her. Rahul said sorry Auntyji to disturb. Actually Mom had to leave for Mumbai as one of her friend was ill. But she wanted me to take Tina for a outing as she had taken a off as said by Mom. Tina’s Mom gave a smile and made Rahul to sit in sofa. She said first let me treat my son-in-law then the outing. So what could you like to have. He immediately got up from his seat and made Tina’s Mom sit and said first of all Auntyji I am your son not your son-in-law so I am not a guest. Iam among you. So please no guest gesture. Tina was extremely surprised at this act of Rahul. She was pleased but was reminded of Rahul’s action at the park. Mom stared at Tina in a accusing look which said see how good he is. Just then he said ok son ! So I will be sitting with you. Tina will be getting 2 cups of coffee. Fine Tina? Tina hesitantly shokk her head and moved towards kitchen. She broke one of the cup in anger. He wants coffee to hell with his coffee she conculded in angry tone.

Just then a idea peeped her brain. She hurriedly made 2 cups of coffee and added salt to one and sugar to another. She evily smirked. Proud of you Tina she said to herself. She moved towards the hall with the tray. She gave the allotted cups. She smirked as he drank. Mom complimented her coffee good one Tina ! She said. Rahul stared at her but drank it. He proceeded towards me and said I have heard if we drink coffee from the same cup the love doubles up. Is it Auntyji. Tina’s Mom agreed. She was hesitant and didn’t agree. But he poured the coffee into her mouth. She drank it as if a 5 year old could drink a cough syrup. He smirked heavily at her. And murmed tit for tat. Tina was shocked at his act.

Precap: The outing.

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  1. loved it, if you can update longer 1

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  4. Ha ha ha ha oh god thank u so much for ur update yaar rahul is a nice guy or acting infront of tina mom

    1. He is nice guy but he has hatred for Tina. Hayathi I’m glad you liked it.

  5. Nia dear, it’s superb, awesome episode. ..loved it soooooooo muchhhhhh. ..Rahul Tina fights are very cute..last scene was hilarious…keep it up buddyyy. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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