Teri Meri Kahani (Chapter 6)


Chapter : 6

Siddhart announced in the speaker ” so guyzz a big hand of appaulse for the lovable couple for a romantic dance”. Tina cursed under her breath shit the lovable couple. Rahul held her by her waist and they were in spotlight. For sometime both were lost in each other’s eyes as the song geruaa played. Rahul was a good dancer from high school days. Girls died for a dance with him.


As the song ended they without knowledge were lost in each other’s eyes. Just then they heard applause. They stepped back. Everyone started praising for the chemistry they shared during the dance. Tina glared at Rahul and withdrew her hand from his. And hit him hard at his stomach with her elbow. He clenched in pain. And glared at her and cursed. The engagement party was at end.


She was travelling back to her house. She recalled all the happenings and how fast it happened. She was now engaged. She wasn’t a free bird anymore. She was now a devil’s to be wife as she thought him to be one. She was back at home. Fully exhausted and tired. She ran back to her room. She lied on her bed. Tears rolled off her eyes. She was fully grief stricken now. She with full difficulty dragged herself from bed and changed to night suit and again was back to bed which was hidden with grief. She had a peaceful sleep as people say we can sleep more peacefully after crying. Haha! That was crazy according to her but now she had to believe that myth. As she had experienced it now. She was still in bed shifting her posture from one side to another as it was abnormal for her. A girl who used to get up as sun rays came out with full enthusiasm. Now was still in bed with old tears. Her face was dull with no energy left to live life as usual.


Just then her Mom stepped in. Tina immediately wiped her tears. Her Mom usually addressed her as princess. Her Mom said in soft tone still on bed princess. Tired ? Tina replied nah mama just felt like sleeping. OK then actually Rahul’s Mom was inviting you to her house. They all want to spend time with you and Rahul is on off. So you both can understand each other much better. She conculded in a firm tone.


Tina was agitated at the mention of the name Rahul. She immediately protested no way Mom there is lot of work at clinic. Mom said I inquired there they have granted you a holiday. That’s it no excuses.


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  1. Good yaar after long time u r writing pls update daily

    1. Hi Devi. Sorry will update. Had floods as I am in Chennai. So no current no Wi-Fi. Keep writing and commenting dear.

  2. Updt long one’s yaar. . .its 2 short. . . Luvd ur story 🙂 pls updt regularly,k 😀

    1. Hi Liya. Will try buddy. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  3. Yes dr actually after lot of crying we can sleep peacefully…. i believe that….. plzzzz try to update daily dr plzzzz

    1. Hi Hayathi. Sure I will try to update daily. Sorry yaar.

  4. Hey nia, where were you honeyyy, I missed you a lotttttttttt and this story tooo…loved today’s episode very much, keep it up buddyyy, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

    1. Hi Roma. Me 2 missed u a lot. I feel like I know I don’t know but I have some connection with u I feel. Glad u liked it. Miss u too. Love u a tons. Tight hug.

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