Teri Meri Kahani (Chapter 5)

Chapter : 5

[ Engagement ]

Everyone happily asked both of them how was the surprise love birds ? Today is your engagement !! Tina’s and Rahul’s mouth was locked up only they exchanged stares of anger and agony. Tina expected that he could say No. But he wasn’t ready. Tina murmed curses under her breath. Both were dragged to the stage and made to sit next to each other. Immediately Rahul got up from his seat. He proceeded towards her mother. I saw some chances of being free from his clutches.


He said in a strong tone to his Mom : there is a danger of life if we marry each other. Mom immediately started at him as if he had stolen queen Elizabeth’s throne. New trick beta ! I’m not the one who will be accepting your foolish talks this time she conculded in a firm tone.


He sat back besides her. Her eyes questioned him as to what happend. He replied in affirmative nodding his head from side to side. Rahul’s mother announced in the speaker. Welcome to the engagement party. Sorry for the sudden invitation. It was all surprise to to-be couple Mr.&Mrs. Rahul Malhotra she said in fake American accent. She was a pretty lady who thought much about status and blah blah. She was good from heart. She called Tina a daughter of this house which touched her heart most. Suddenly her thoughts came back to present. She was welcoming Rahul and Tina to the stage. But she was still as rock. Immediately Rahul held her by waist and took her to the stage. While going he said don’t tarnish my reputation. Tina’s eyes were filled with anger. But she proceeded. They were lots of applause for the to- be couple.


Tina’s mother was besides her. She viewed her with much affection than before. Because her daughter wasn’t only hers anymore. Tina hugged her Mom and said in her mind Give me blessings go withstand Mr.Akadhu. Tina’s father presented a ring to her and said make him wear dear. She obyed her order. And forwarded her hand. Just then Siddhart pulled his hand back. Siddhart was Rahul’s younger brother who was better than Rahul aaccordingto Tina. He said ” bhabhi, not so easily. ” Rahul also tookadvantage of the situation and withdrew his hand. Tina was angered at him for doing this. She immediately pulled his hand with great force and made him wear. Tina’s Mom was surprised at this act of Tina. She whispered behave yourself. Tina said in loud voice it was a game. Wasn’t it ? Rahul’s Mom said yes beta, now your turn. Tina forwarded her hand as Rahul approached to make her wear the ring. She withdrew her hand. Rahul pulled Tina closer to him and made Tina wear the ring on his knees. Tina was pulled aback at his move. She mumered how romantic. Just then they were huge appaulse. Tina taunted herself don’t come under his trap. He did just for publicity. She gave a forced smile. He kissed her hand. She thought to herself if nobody was there i could have given him a tight slap. She cursed him.


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