Teri Meri Kahani (Chapter 4)


Chapter 4 :

She repeated herself in teary voice again I promised my Mom. And that’s was my biggest mistake if my life as it is going to make the rest of my life hell. She conculded stressing the word hell as tears rolled her eyes. He was completely shocked at her confession. As he realised there was not way out as he too had promised his Dad who sustained a heart attack after rejecting nearly 12 proposals to be exact !

Tina said in a humble tone after wiping the tears my request you can reject the proposal saying u don’t like me. He replied Ms.Tina your second part of the sentence is true I hate you but I’m really sorry to say I cannot reject you. I want revenge. And don’t you think this the right moment for it. Tina’s eyes were all red now. She murmed with agony Mr.Malhotra you are literally a monster ; a terrible one. Ms.Tina he started again I don’t mind you hanging out with boys after marriage by way. So just chill. She was red. Her fists were folded. She was trying to control her anger. But unfortunately she couldn’t. She raised her hand to give a slap. But in the mid way her phone rang. At the same time Rahul’s phone rang. It was her Mom who was saying to reach Malhotra Mansion soon with Rahul. The same was said to Rahul too.

Immediately Rahul grabbed Tina’s hip and made her sit in her Benz. As he know she wasn’t the one who could agree for a ride in his car. He himself had put the seat belt. As he did that there was an intense eyelock. His eyes caputered her eyes. Eyes had brown shades. It could hold any girl’s eyes. Immediately she composed herself and said I had brought my car. Better leave me or I know other ways she retorted back. He immediately gave a devilish laugh so Ms.Egoistic knows other ways. Let me see what are the other ways. Mr.Malhotra you are going to regret your decision of knowing things. And immediately started screaming louding ” kidnapper ! Kidnapper! He is trying to kidnap me. Save me people.” She said in her highest pitch as possible. He was tensed at the sudden gathering of people gathering around the car. He was literally sweating. As people came to her recuse and freed her. She started blaming Rahul of all the nonsense which he hadn’t dared. But it was just taking her to his house.

She said to herself so Mr. To be husband this is your first punishment from your to be wife. Hope so you will enjoy it. People were about to start their process of scolding and hitting. Just then he immediately removed a card from his coat which could be his recuse card at that moment. It was nothing but his ID-CARD stating him as Microsoft CEO. People were stun and apologized to him. They were staring at Tina as if she was the culprit. Rahul came to his rescue. He said it was a bet. People laughed our surprisingly and said don’t trouble him he loves you a lot. She wanted to say to the people he wants revenge he has hatered for me. Not love ! She apologizingly sat in the seat of the car. He sat besides her and started at her as if he was going to eat her up. She said stop staring at me like that. So this were your other way. Sitting back in the same car after a drama. She just avoided and didn’t reply. She had earphones. She said to herself what sin did I do god. She taunted at her own destiny.

After some time they reached Malhotra Mansion it was all big with good architecture. Her mouth drew open at the gate. Naturally words came out of her mouth Wow ! He saw her with a look of all anger. Just then Tina’s Mom and Rahul’s Mom were there. They were waiting for them since a long time. As both of them greeted them they didn’t respond but said surprise ! They were guests in main hall. A banner hanged stating engagement party : Tina Dutta ? Rahul Malhotra.

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  1. Ayyo tina baby rahul na real monster

    1. Yep Hayathi Rahul= Real wala monster

  2. Nia Superb epi yaar..This Rahul is So Rude towards Tina yaar..i know at last he will fall for her..This People will act Rude in front and at back they will care for each other…
    I like the part where Tina shouted Kidnapper to punish Rahul..that was so funny..Waiting for next part buddy as Engagement is gonna happen…I like their fights..pls continue..u r writing Amazing..
    Waiting for next part eagerly..Thank u and take care ? and love ❤ u loads…

    1. I’m so glad u liked it Aaliya !! Yep keep reading and I will be writing. Take care. Loads of love. Tight hug.

  3. Sorry for the typos !?

  4. Ohh..so nice episode…Nia.. Waitng 4 nxt!!!

    1. Vivi , glad you liked it. Keep reading and commenting. It matters a lot to me. Lots of love.

  5. Hi Nia dear, awesome episode, loving their fight, keep it up buddyyy. eagerly waiting for the next episode

    1. Hi dear RomA. Ty. Keep reading and commenting

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