Teri Meri Kahani (Chapter 3)


Chapter 3

Tina was agitated at herself for doing such a big mistake. She recalled the high school days when Rahul used to tease her and find moments to insult her. And taunt her at her every move. She murmed with great grief I am I gonna marry this man. Tears rolled down her eyes. She sat back in her bench with shock still sustaining within her. A tissue was crumbled into her hands. Rahul said in taunting tone you can cancel this marriage. As I can’t even imagine getting married to you. Tina’s eyes were now full of anger she immediately got up and grabbed Rahul by this collar and said Mr.Malhotra why don’t you do this. I want to marry you even after knowing who you are and what you are. She conculded recalling her promise made to her Mom. He was astonished at her response and said so Ms.Dutta has fallen for me and wants to marry me as he said he removed her hands softly from his collars and pinned her against a tree. She raise her voice and said hey just don’t cross ur limits. Stay away from me. Baby he started in a seducing tone and said your my fiancĂ© afterall and you are much eager to marry me. She immediately replied I had promised my mom. As she said tears rolled her eyes.

Precap : Promises made which brings two swords close. Engagement.


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  1. Ayyo why rahul behave so arrogant with her

    1. Haha ! He is arrogant.

  2. Hai Nia..how r u buddy.. Y short epi..post a long one yaar..I was waiting for ur story..
    Y boys r always rude yaar Mainly the Heroes..This Rahul is Rude towards Tina yaar….is Rahul promised someone to marry Tina.?.. Finally engagement is gonna happen..Lets c..what they do..
    Thank u and take care ?..update ur next part soon..waiting for that..

    1. Hi Aaliyah. I’m fyn, how r u ? Sorry was stuck up with my studies. So a short one. Next time a long one, I promise. Take care buddy. Love u ..

  3. Such a smal updt dr, pls make it long nxt tym. . . Pls, bcuz ur stry is 2 intrstng 🙂

    1. Hi Liya. Sure, next time I will see to that it is a long one. Sorry yaar. Take care. Keep reading !

  4. interesting nia

    1. Ty yaar Ruby ! Keep reading ?

  5. Hi Nia dear, very nice episode, good narration, but very short, plzzzz continue dear and post the next episode soon long one…love you loads and take care

    1. Hi Roma. Glad u liked it. Sorry yaar I was stuck with my studies so couldn’t update a long one. Will update soon. Take care. Luv u too.

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