Teri Meri Kahani – (Chapter 2)

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Teri Meri Kahani – Chapter 2
Chapter 2 – Truth Revealed
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The chapter starts with Rhea talking to Diksha on the phone!

Rhea: Diksha bua, I have no interest in saving you from that jail. You three stink in there, for you whole life! At least, dadi won’t shout at me. I will also get Neil, without any drama. You guys are drama bombs. Wherever you go, you guys have to create drama. I can only take revenge, for you all. Avni is the reason behind you going to jail right? Then I would finish her, for myself. She won’t go away from Neil

Diksha: That’s the reason, I’m telling you to send me out of here. Don’t kill Avni straight away, give her so much pain that she suicides. Or kill her in front of Neil, so that he could arrest you!

Rhea: That will never happen, Neil can never arrest me. Stop your nonsense and bye.

She looks behind, and sees Neil.

Rhea Pov:
I hope he didn’t heard me!

Neil: Woh Rhea, Ali is waiting outside the garden

Rhea: Ok, thanks for informing me.

Rhea goes down

Neil turns around and says “Rhea, your game is over!”

He smiles and leaves from there


Neil enters the room and see Avni in red saree. He gets amazed seeing her, he loves her when she wears saree. Avni is seen drying her wet hair with a towel. She sees Neil and decided to seduce him, just for fun. She plays the song “Laila Main Laila.” Neil smiles seeing her, he comes closer to her and grabs her waist by his hands.

Neil: Your ways to seduce me, never fails!

Avni: Well yeah, that’s true

Neil: No matter how upset I am, I always like to romance with you.

They look into each other’s eyes.

Avni: Itna pyaar karte ho mujhse? (do you love me that much?)

Neil: How can I express my love for you, all I can say is that I put you, before anything else, even God.

Avni: I know that Neela maa, has given me everything after Ayesha maa. I know that Amol is my brother. I know that Ali has supported me since childhood. I know that Ayesha maa, has given me many good values. I know that nanno made me laugh, when I was little. I know that tiku has made me laughed, he also helped Ayesha maa, when she is was pregnant, when I was in maa’s stomach. I know that Aladdin has supported me and my mother, also he sacrificed for me. All of these people are special. They have a very special place in my heart. But I didn’t mention the most special person in my life. Which is you Neil, you. I cannot express how much I love & care for you.

Neil: My last 3 words, will be “I love you” for you, Avni.

Avni: Me too. I am so lucky to get a husband like you.

Neil: I am so lucky to get a wifey like you.

Avni: Wifey? You always call me that 🙁

Neil: Fine, sweetheart!

Neil comes closer to kiss Avni, but Avni pushes Neil.

Neil goes away to work at police station.


Evening time – 5pm

Only the ladies are at the Khanna house. Kareena & Amol has gone together for admission in engineering college.

Shweta signs Rhea.

Shweta: Rhea, can you please hand me the newspaper.

Rhea passes the newspaper to Rhea.

Shweta gets shocked, she stands up.

Shweta: Oh Gods! I knew that this girl was a liar. Ananya, I mean Avni, you are an illegitimate child of Ayesha Haider. Ayesha? Ohh yah that actress who was Ashish Mehta’s movie. Disgusting, how can a illegitimate child live in this house?

Aman, Kareena, Prakash and Neil enters the house

Neil; Maa, how dare you! How can you shout at Avni like this!

Shweta: Why don’t you ask your lovely Ananya, I mean Avni? How can she live in this house?

Neil: She is my choice, she will stay, where I will stay.

Shweta: I won’t let this happen. She cannot stay in this house! Please try to understand!

Neil: I think you should try to understand! Maa, you act like a child. Even Kareena and Amol are more mature than you!

Aman: Ok, you want to throw Avni out of this house right? Then throw her, but also throw your son Neil jiju, out of this house. Because wherever Neil goes, Avni will follow him.

Rhea: Shut up Aman!

Neil: You shut up Rhea, Aman speak!

Aman: Rhea Mehta, you only told the newspaper people, to print this news, where’s the rest of the story? Oh you don’t know? Then I will tell.

Aman tells the Khanna/Mehta how Avni has been suffering since she was born. People called her names, teased her that she doesn’t have an dad. She told everything about his family. But Bebe did not know this, since after hearing that Ananya is Avni. She got angry and left the room.

Aman: Rhea! There’s a saying “walls also have ears.” That saying is true, because me and Rhea heard everything you said.

Kareena: We also have a video of you trying to kill bhabhi with poison.

Neil looks at Avni and gets shocked

Flashback Last Night

Neil: Avni are you sure, that you don’t want me to arrest Rhea? She deserves this!

Avni: She is just my sister, I know that she is immature. But Neil trust me, she will one day understand.

Neil: Ok as you wish. But again if she tries to attempt something I will arrest her

Flashback ends

Neil Pov:
How did they get this video?


Precap: Rhea gets arrested

Last precap I wrote Rhea’s plan is successful. The plan that worked was making Bebe angry with her, which happened. I am trying my best to write to each day, but the problem is I have school, and functions, bharatanatyam dance practice. I am seriously getting annoyed that I cannot even post a chapter.

If you truly love Avneil, then be patient for next chapter!

Are you guys excited to see Neil arresting that b*t*h Rhea?

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