Teri Meri Kahani (Chapter 1)


Chapter 1 ( Introduction )

It starts with the introductory scene of female lead Anu , who is known all around her school as a studious and ambitious girl who pursues to become a doctor and fulfill her mothers dreams. She is very determined. She is surrounded by three notorious friends whom her mother blames for her distractions as such. All three are epic and different from each other . One is good in sports , while other in cultures , and another is excellent leader. She likes and loves her friend like hell. She likes love stories but doesn’t believe it happens in real life. As she knows it is like crossing her limits of her restricted life. Her friends know and every body gossips as she isn’t one who will eligible as nobody cares about her looks and everybody tease her as book worm . Her friends Trisha , Sri , Isha aren’t aware of a big mystery which Anu had hidden from them for years.

Precap: The mystery revealed ! Entry of Amal , an ambitious candidate who pursues to become an IITian.

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  1. Nice start

  2. Intro is Nice..All d best for ur Story..keep writing..waiting for next part..take care ?

  3. Hey nia, updt the nxt part soon. . .

  4. Good intro. Keep it up

  5. Sorry guyzz ! Couldn’t continue this. There is a new story under the same title. Check it out. I assumed this wasn’t updated. As I am new in writing fanfic. I wasn’t aware. Sorry yaar hayathi , aaliya ,liya , Roma. Check that story. Hope so you guyzz will like it.. Sorry again .. Tc guyzz

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