Teri Meri Kahani (Chapter 1 continued)

Chapter 1

Tina ! Come here beta ! I request you don’t ever reject this proposal. I know you are independent doctor and you aren’t reliant on anyone. But there are some rules of life and you cannot reject that.Tina replies in a lazy tone I will do as you say . Tina’s mom was happy by the unexpected reply given by Tina as she was frustrated after rejecting so many proposals on Tina’s insistence. But this time she was very eager as it wasn’t an ordinary proposal but of Microsoft CEO , Rahul. She had grown Tina up as a boy with Independence and freedom. Tina with utmost sincerity fulfilled her parent’s dream of seeing her as a successful doctor. But after her completion she was very much adamant of not marrying. She was a feminist as such who couldn’t miss participating in debates of women rights. She argued a lot with people who considered women as a game without any fear. She was a girl who was ambitious and clear of her thoughts. She wasn’t ready fir marriage but she agreed as she Mom’s heath was deteriorating due to her marriage stress as said by her Dad. Her dad was unique who gave her very rights as he could give to his son. She was inspired by her Dad a lot .

Scene : Tina’s house

Tina, Rahul will be meeting you in jaynagar park said her mom in firm tone. Anyways it is yes on both sides but just need a consent from you too. Dress properly and behave like a girl as you are one. Tina immediately responded if I said a yes it doesn’t mean you like ask me to do anything. And please I’m not going to any park. If he wants to meet me he can come right here. Dress properly mom what do you mean I don’t dress properly. And you know I was and I am the “sanskari girl ” amongst all girls. Mom responded in a quirk that’s why Rahul’s mim has selected you , my baby. Now just doesn’t overreact. Your going to the park. That’s it. No excuses , I say. Tina immediately left to her room in a hush.

Precap: The clash – Rahul Malhotra : Tina Dutta ( Flashback )

Guys, first type trying out a fanfic. Hope so you guyzz will like it. Please share you thoughts and opinions about this story . If you guyzz like it I may continue it further otherwise gonna stop it as I feel without your reading my writing is a waste. Do comment guyzz.
Lots of love

Credit to: Nia


  1. Nia

    Sorry hayathi , aaliyah , Roma ! Try this one. Hope so you will like it. Avoid the typos yaar ! First experience literally I was nervous !

  2. Amazing epi..i am waiting for next part eagerly..y Sorry and y r u Nervous..we aren’t a Monsters to eat u up..Stay cool and we r ur friends..
    U r not wasting u r writing superbly..so pls continue..update ur next part soon..thank u and take care ?..

  3. Brity

    Hi Nia…. it’s quite different… I like it…. You are on first writing so Wish you all the best…. Keep writing…

  4. Roma

    Hi Nia dear, it is awesome, lovely start, precap is interesting, don’t say sorry dear…we’re here to love you and I always encourage my deariiiiiiieeess …you have a very good talent of imagine the story and write it in the way so we can feel it…love you loads sweetie. Keep it up…typos, we all do it, so don’t worry about it…a very tight warm hug to you, eagerly waiting for the next episode, take care sweetie

  5. Nia

    Janani , that is different one. U can start reading this story considering this as first part. Sorry for the inconvenience janani

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