Teri Meri Kahani – (Chapter 1)

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Teri Meri Kahani – Chapter 1
Chapter 1 – You’re the best gift I have!
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The chapter starts with a couple in bedroom. The husband of the girl is looking extremely hot, just like a prince. The wife of the boy is looking extremely beautiful, just like Cinderella. Their eyes shine bright as they look into each other's eyes. He holds her hands.

He: You look worried, what happened? You haven’t eaten anything yet, since morning.

She: I’m selfish! I am staying here because I love you, & because I find happiness here. I find happiness staying here because of Bebe, Prakash papa and Aman. But the thing that hurts me is that they do not know my truth. They think I'm Ananya! I want to reveal everyone the truth!

The couple is none other than our Avni and Neil. Aka our Avneil. Definition of Avneil is – perfect jodi.

Neil saw her tension and the pain in her. He didn't know what to say, but he wanted to calm her down. He cups her face and kisses her forehead.

A girl’s teardrop falls, as Neil kisses his Avni’s forehead. She is watching the couple, secretly. She doesn't like them being together. She hates that girl, she just wants to kill her, with her own hands in front of him. She wants him.

This rude girl is revealed to be none other than Rhea Mehta! She is Dayawanti Mehta’s, true granddaughter. She has shown her true colours. She wants to create misunderstandings between Avneil. She loves sandwiches (remember the episode where the morning after Avni left the house, she happily came for breakfast, she also said that she loves sandwiches. Now see what happened, let her eat more sandwiches.

Neil: Avni, shut up! You are not leaving this house! We will tell your truth, after going to honeymoon! Since I don't want the truth to effect on our honeymoon. I can't wait, I think you will tell me good news, after the honeymoon.

Avni blushes!

Avni: Neil, I am sorry about last week. I couldn't stop hurting myself after seeing you and Rhea in the newspaper. I would've died, if Kareena and Aman didn't save me.

Neil: Avni, if something happened to you that day, I would've killed myself from now.

Avni: Why?

Neil: There’s no point of living without you, Avni.

Rhea got more angry, she couldn’t hear them anymore. She ran away to her room. (Thx God, she left Avneil for now)

Avni: You love me that much?

Neil: I can't even express, how much I love you! I don't know, if this is right to say, but I love you more, than I have ever loved Juhi.

Avni: Neil, you are the best gift, God has given me!

Neil smiles <3
(Zain looks so cute, when he smiles)

Avni: Neil, let's go to sleep, it's too late!

Neil: Nope, we’ll sleep, only if your are sleepy!

Avni: What do you mean? I'm not sleepy but I have to sleep because it’s so late!

Neil: It's only nine, who sleeps at this time?

Avni: We always sleep at this time, what are you trying to say?

Neil: Let's sleep late today! I want to romance with you! Let me make poha for you. You stay here.

Neil comes closer to Avni

Neil (whispering in her ear): It takes 40 minutes to make Poha. Won't you miss me darling?

(I legit have no idea, how much time it takes to make Poha)

Avni: Yeah, I will! Hurry, it will get more late!

He kisses her cheeks

Avni pushes him away (in a good way)

Neil leaves from there

He is an kitchen, cooking Poha for Avni.

Rhea comes in the kitchen. She sees Neil.

Rhea: Neil, what are you cooking?

Neil: Poha for Avni

Rhea makes faces hearing that he is making poha for Avni.

Neil noticed her, making faces!

Neil decides to make Rhea jealous!

Neil: Can you please do me a favour?

Rhea: Yes, of course! Tell me!

Neil: Can you please check on Avni darling.

Rhea gets surprised hearing the “darling” part. She gets angry.

Neil tries to hide his laugh, seeing Rhea getting jealous.

Neil acts to blush

Neil: Oh sorry, I have a habit to call her wifey, darling, baby, sweetheart, cinderella and stuff

Rhea: It’s ok

Rhea PoV (thinking):
In a few weeks, you will be calling me, by those names instead of that illegitimate child Avni.

She suddenly thinks of a good plan

Rhea: No, you go check on Avni, you will get a chance to romance with her! I will make this Poha, until you come.

Neil knew that there was a plan behind this.

Neil: Ok, as you wish!

He leaves from the kitchen, but doesn't go to Avni’s room. He is behind the kitchen door to see Rhea.

He gets his phone out, and films her.

Rhea gets dangerous poison and mixes it in Poha. Her aim was that Avni could eat this Poha and die.

Neil gets shocked.

Neil stops recording, he puts his phone, in his denim jacket’s pocket. (He looks hot in it)

Neil comes in

Neil: Sorry that my romance took long, actually what happened was that I was lost in her beauty.

Rhea makes face!

Neil: You can go, I will make this!

As Rhea passes Neil, she grabs his back and pretends to fall. Neil saves her. He quickly separated from Rhea. Rhea thought that she was going to have a eye-lock with him, but unfortunately she didn't

Neil throws away the Poha He makes another one for Avni

He brings the Poha in Avni’s room.

Neil sits down and tells everything that happened.

Avni gets shocked

Neil: Don't worry! Eat this!

Avni: Why am I always unlucky! You should've secretly gave me that Poha, so I could die. If I live, then many people will have problems in their lives.

Neil puts his finger on her lips, and says: shhhshhh

Neil: Don't say a word against my wife Avni! Who gave you rights to speak against Avni. You are the best gift for everyone.

Avni smiles

Avneil feed the poha to each other!

They now finally finish eating.

Neil: Avni, let's go for an ice cream date!

Avni: Fine, as you wish, darling!

They leave.


Neil looks at Avni, while driving. He plays the song “Pehla Nasha.”

From one hand, he holds her hands. Avni blushes hard.

I love this song because this literally reminds me of who I love. Not Aamir Khan & Varun Dhawan, even though I love them, but actually reminds me of someone who I met. Someone special. Also this is my mother's favourite song! Am I the only fan of the movie 3 idiots here? Like hello, where's the old good movies? They should legit make 3 Idiots 2, with the same cast. I loved Rancho’s & Pia’s love chemistry (don't worry, I like Avneil’s more) Chatur’s hindi & attitude was damn funny! Especially the speech. I have watched the movie 5 times, anyone beat me yet?? OK enough talking about that!

Neil parks the car, and gets out of his seat, to open Avni’s car door.

He puts his hand forward. Avni holds his hands and walks.

Neil takes Avni to cafe.

Neil: Let's drink in the same milkshake

After saying this, Neil winked at Avni

Avni stepped at Neil's foot, from under the table

Neil smiles

Waiter: Here you go

Neil: Also, get us 2 ice cream please!

Avni: Also another straw.

The waiter goes away!

Neil: We could've took turns drinking milkshake, I’ve loosed a moment, where I could share a straw with you!

Avni: Neil bas, flirting is not good for health

Neil: Umm, yes it is! Ranbir Kapoor said that flirting is good for health!

Avni laughs

(If you have watched Nach Baliye finale,then you would have seen, how Ranbir said “that flirting is good for health)

Neil: Avni, keep laughing like this! It suits you <3

Neil & Avni drink the milkshake.

The way back to home, they eat ice cream!

The chapter ends with Avni & Neil, sleeping together.

Precap: Rhea plans gets successful, Neil stands up against Shweta & Rhea.


Hello Everyone! If you honestly loved this chapter, then please comment ideas! I hope you guys, keep supporting me with this FanFic. Please tell me, if I should continue or not! Please comment, it will tell me that you support this fanfic, and it will tell me, how many people read my fan fiction.

If you loved the talks I did between, which I shouldn’t, then please be my friend (im not less than an idiot like rancho)

Author: Nikita
Gender: F
Birth Of Date: 5th November 2004 (Me and Virat Kohli, are birthday twins!)
Nationality: Indian
Born In: Delhi, India
My states: Delhi, Jharkhand, Bihar <3
Religion: Christianity
Live In: New Zealand
Favourite Actor: Aamir Khan, Zain Imam, Varun Dhawan <3
Favourite Actress: Kareena Kapoor, Aditi Rathore, Alia Bhatt
Favourite Movie: 3 idiots, Bahubali the beginning, Bahubali the conclusion, Jo jeeta wohi sikandar
Favourite Song: Suit Suit, Cheez Badi Mast, Afghan Jalebi, All song from 3 idiots, Are re pritam pyare, aa ante amalapuram
Favourite Jodi: Avneil, Kareena & Aamir (what’s kareena’s & Aamir ship name? Yes I do know that they already are married, they can’t be together, but still)
Instagram: @avneilholics (DM ME)

Ok that’s enough! Guys, do you want me to make an separate ff for Kareena and Aman/Amol from Naamkaran?

Comment down below, what’s Rhea’s plan?

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