Teri Meri Jodi..Shivika part 7 (last part)


I was quite happy after listening to her confession. My happiness was finding words to explain her but ALAS! The words were far away from my mind. Anika was continuously crying and I was seeing her with a smile on my face. And after few minutes i gained senses and tried to pacify her
“Anika bus karjao!” I said but it’s like her tears machine was out of control.
“Tum iss baat ky liye ro rahi thi?” I asked her and she looked me with her dark brown orbs and again her eyes filled with tears and she started again.
“Bus meri JAN!” I called her out and I felt a pause and she stopped
U can guess my feelings. “YAY!” she is not crying anymore.
“JAN?” she asked me and I was “YES ani!”

“JAN?” quite unfamiliar for me because only love ones call each other JAN. Calling me jan may be he also loves me.
“u love me too Shivaay?” I have the courage to ask him and how shameless he is he replied

“YES!” without any shying. Well boys don’t shy.
We were smiling without any reason and we were feeling so AJEEB. (strange).
“HUMY AJEEB SE KYN FEEL HO RAHA HY?” we asked together and laughed.
“Well Shivaay! I won’t accept ur love” I paused for a second and saw his face.
12 nhi 13 baj rhy thy us ski shakal pr.
“until.. until u propose me” I completed my sentence and his lips were curved into a smile.
Has he gone crazy?

Shivaay stood from his place and also took anika with him and brought her to his car. he took her to the same place from where she had runaway and VIOLA they reached there within minutes. OmRu and IshMo were drinking their refreshments. They didn’t notice them first.
But when they saw a boy sitting on his one knee holding flower in his hand proposing a girl whose back was backing and Shivaay was not clearly seen. This caught their attention and they see towards their future partners mtlab Ishana looks towards Om and Soumya looks Rudra and vice versa. They have an eyelock and again watch that couple.

“MS.ANIKA CHOPRA, a cardiologist, aap ka mamla DILON ka hai magar iss ka mtlab yeh nhi tha ky apny dost ky dil se khel lein. Aap ny mera dil nikal ky khud mae laga liya hy. Ab aap ny mery dil ka bhi kaam tamam kardia hy tou kia zindagi bhar ky liye aap meri honna chahien gi..?” (U r heart doctor. U do play with hearts but was it necessary to play with ur best friend’s heart. Now u have taken out my heart and put it in yours will u be mine for lifetime now?) asked Shivaay
Anika blushed and she became an apple but

“MR.SHIVAAY MALOTHRA, a businessman, aap ka kaam dil lagana tou nahi tha magar aap ny laga hi liya na. wo bhi apny best friend ky sath. Kia yeh zaroori tha? Khair! Agar mae ny aap ky sath aisy kia hy tou aap ny bhi mera Dil kharid liya hy na. mae tou zindagi bhar aapki hony tou tayyar hoon magar aap mery hongy kia?” (ur work was not to do his love but u did na and even with ur best friend. But I have done that to u then u have also bought my heart. I am ready to be yours forever what about u?) asked anika giving her hand in his and accepting that flower.
“I am already yours anika.” Replied Shivaay.

“why I feel like ye anika didi and Shivaay bhaiya hain” said rudra.
“Lagta mujhy nhi yehi hy.” Replied all three.
“OH NO! kahin wo dono hi tou nhi.” Said ishana and they ran towards that couple.
And to their utter shock they were their SHIVIKA.
Shivaay stood up and took anika in his embrace and lift her up and turn round and round. (like what Aryan did with sanchi in ek rishta sajedhari ka in an episode)
All four cupped their mouths and they forget to blink their eyes. There was voice of clapping all around them.

Shivaay’s and Anika’s eyes catch te eyes of OmRu and IshMo who were currently starring them.
“Bhaiya…” said ishana
“Bhabhi” said rudra and
Shivika stand silent.

“Uss ky baad” asked someone.
“phir kuch nhi dadi. Hum sab ny jashan banaya” replied rudra. (nothing else dadi we celebrated then)
“bus dadi! Ab ishana and om ki kahani suniye” said anika as she blushed badly.
YES! It was a flashback and rumya and ishkara was narrating the story to dadi.
And then!!!!

Shivika and Rumya started narrating the story of ISHKARA..

Guys finishing off the story here. I thought of this ending because it was the most suitable. The other ends were little bit abrupt. And It is last part. My story TERI MERI JODI has finished here on the ending of STARTING of the ISHKARA story. Well guys! U all were my support system all the time in this beautiful journey. U made me till here and…

I wasn’t able to reply anyone of u on my last part but I love u all as ur comments encourage me to write more. Thinking of some One Shots which I’ll surely write..
Love u guys!

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