Teri Meri Dosti….Yaariyaan…Manmarziyaan!!! Chapter 2


Here is the next chapter…I really hope that you will like it!!!

Radhika wake up before neil….and directly go to washroom….after taking a bath with her favorite soap and washing her hair properly with favorite shampoo she dried her hair as well as her body and wrap a towel around herself…..she is lost in her own world that suddenly neil opened the door…..both radhika and neil shouted a”oh no!!” loudly…how can they forget that they are married and now they share room together…….

From childhood to this present day they share everything almost but now…..they feel embarrassed…obviously neil never imagine her in this way…and radhika also…..but now the problem is radhika didn’t take her clothes to wear with her so finally she ask neil to please go out of room for 5 minutes…neil….good boy understands, but what will he answer to the questions of her mom when she start asking…why are u out of ur room without bath…where is raddhiika…all n all….soo
Neil “kkidddoo. yaar I am not going outside, but u dnt worry I will go to the balcony…you can change…..n call me….”
Radhika… “ohkkk”

After getting ready both of them reached their dining table to have breakfast…….radhika move towards kitchen to help prerna to serve food to all……they enjoy while talking with each other…and its not the first time they are having their breakfast together but this time Nikhil and prerna both have a special spark in their eyes…they get radhika sitting in a red saree…hands full of bangles….as a life partner for their son……and they are deserving for each other………..
Radhika “golu…u want to have anything else?”
Neil: “for God sake will u please stop calling me with this name….ahhh…dnt u see I am not a golu anymore”
Radhika made a puppy face “is this a way to start a day??”
Prerna also support her….
Neil laugh on their acting… “both of u ladies please stop this”
Nikhil “ahhh…my dear son…I am also on radhika’s side”
And this time neil made a puppy face…..
Neil and radhika both are ready to go to their office….
Prerna and Nikhil speak together “what is this…?”
Neil and radhika doesn’t understand what they are saying
Prerna.. “u guys are newly married now….spend some time together…..please”
Neil “mom please…I already spent my 75% hours of life till now with her” and to tease radhika he added “now m fed up of her”
Radhika doesn’t wait for anything and with full force push neil with both her hands on his chest…..now neil on floor and other three are laughing on him “dnt u dare to say this again” radhika said in between

Radhika turn towards prerna “mom, actually so many projects are pending in office, we can’t go anywhere right now. But I promise you we will try our best to get some time for family”
Neil “yes mom…seriously have a very busy schedule”
Nikhil and prerna “ok…but please try to enjoy these days..”

And they left for office….neil and radhika share a same building for their office like on 15th floor radhika’s office…and on 16th floor neil’s office…..
They entered in the lift together…and neil pushed number 15 on the panel placed on his left side….
Neil “have any plan for tonight?? “
Radhika “not decided yet….nd also have a lot of meetings today…so I dnt think I am able to do anything except sleep like a kid”
Neil cares her hair and kiss on her forehead…they hug lightly and radhika come out of lift…and the scenario in front of her….she ask neil to come…neil also come out of lift and smile…coz all employees of their companies are standing there and start clapping with warm wishes, whole office is decorated, lots of flower bouquets, a huge cake….. both radhika and neil feel it little weird but what…its the truth now…..finally they cut the cake together and fed each other. Both of them come in radhika’s cabin and she stare him softly ….neil notice and ask “what?” radhika sign nothing and immediately plaster neil’s face with cake….
Neil “you devil…..wait..” and neil checked here and there but no more cake there, radhika tried to get out of cabin but neil hold her hand and press her to the door…..
Radhika pleaded “no..neil please..”
Neil “not every time kiddo…..and he rub his right cheek which is full of cake on her left cheek….her other side of face turn totally pink……neil doesn’t notice this and rub his left cheek on her blushes face……she lost herself as neil stare him naughlty feeling like “look…I punish you….” But radhika’s eyes are fixed on his lips…there is a small piece of cake their…she unknowingly kissed their…neil frozen….but radhika quickly cover all her action and laugh “its yummy…I dnt want to waste it”

For the first time in their life they feel nervous in front of each other…..
Neil left for his office and radhika also become busy whole day with her meetings and more thn that everyone who met her just wish her with so much excitement that they marry neil instead of her……

An interview session is going on in neil’s office…for the post of his personal assistant…… a male guy only…radhika will chop him in pieces if he thought about having a se*y female PA…….
After meeting so many candidates neil feel frustrated….he need a break from all this..he call on intercom and tell his receptionist not to send anymore candidates now….but before he complete his sentence there is a knock on his door….”come in” he replied
Guy “good evening sir, Arjun Dixit”
Neil asked him to have a seat…. He check all his previous records, academic ranks…..he is impressed 50% rest..after having a talk….”arjun u have so much experience…you can easily get a job on a higher post…why here?” neil asked
Arjun “may be you are right sir, but I want to learn from you, I mean u reach here with your dedication and hard work….please do not think that I am buttering you or anything but yes it is a reality that I want to assist you…to know the reason of your success”
Neil smiled at that… “o seriously……you embarrass me….all your degrees show how much brilliant student you were…..”
Arjun “but to become a successful leader we need so many more things other thn grades in exams”
Neil is so much impressed with him…. After few more questions “mr. Dixit you are selected and just be careful…I like disciplined people” (no matter how in disciplined he himself is)

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  1. Sammy

    Wao maandey di ..now a days iam loving Neil and radhika ..but pls make it long ..next time and update it soon 🙂 🙂

    1. RituM

      ok…i will try….but have very less time…… !!!!

  2. Brin

    Awesome episode, waiting for Nesam and Ardhika to meet. 🙂

    1. RituM

      same here….m also waiting for themm…..

  3. Ritu superb…but one doubt who is the paired up here…m still in confusion ?

    1. RituM

      huhuhu…hahahaha…that s the point….i m also in this confusion

  4. hey maandey urf ritum I like ur other name ritum

    as I said before wow I like not not at all love the way your story flowing

    wow neil and rads looks more cute even and arjun entry as pa is just awesome


    wow u make me smile and smile love u dear for that so sweet


    this is for u loads of choclates for giving us the choclatee scene between neil and rads

    many more to come in ur way just giving us instant updates

    want to read more of it

    and I actually know u before too ,do you.????

    fast update dear love u keep smiling

    once a friend always a friend

    and yeah hey sammy I am almost a silent reader these days

    but if I came here and see ur name then its my duty to inform you

    I read ur updates regulatly and loved it too dear keep smiling

    Once a friend always a friend

    1. RituM

      oh….these are so so yummy chocolates…….thx alot for them…i am happy…that u r happy….. nd do we knw each other….i dnt knw yaar!!!

  5. Shravanrishi

    Ritum really superb episode and please update soon.

    1. RituM

      thx shravanrishi……..i will try….

  6. ohhhh Ritu di it was such sweet update. i like the way they feel embarrassed whn rads fm got in towel..hahs..n golu..wht a cute name..love cake scene..n wht is this..arjun is neil’s PA..sam’s entry??? nxt one soon pls di..love you.. tc

    1. RituM

      thx piku……..am not sure for quick update but will try for sure….

  7. Suga

    My hot sweetie 😀 😀 loved raneil moments 😀 😀 ha ha ha its cute as always 😀 😀 rads ohhh god she s cute 😀 😀 so here s our arjun 😀 😀 loved it 😀 😀

    1. RituM

      thxxx suga!!!!

  8. awesum episode si w8ing for nxt one

    1. RituM

      thx nitu!!!

  9. amazing episode……….

  10. raneil and u rocked as always..loved it a lot..cake moment was superb..but arjun entry surprised me..will the pairs be raneil or aradhika nd nesam..waiting to find that out..plz post nxt one soon..love u..tc

    1. RituM

      ritu….paiiring is already done na….radhika and neil….!!!

  11. Amazing loved it Maandey and love uu

    1. RituM

      thx alot gianna…….!!!

  12. awesome episode diiiiii ………

    1. RituM

      thx priya!!!

  13. Ritu 🙂 I felt Neil deserved Radhika more than Arjun…. hum socthe hi rahegaye …aur appane kar dala amazing 🙂 love u

    1. RituM

      thx alot buddy……… and really…i will be happy if u also pair neil and radhika….but…let it go with ur thoughts…..!!!

  14. Woww… nice epi…raneil a goood combinatn…

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      thx alot devi…!!!

  15. I love raniel pair
    Story is mind blowing
    please update next part soon
    U r an awesome author
    Waiting for next part

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    1. RituM

      thx roma….m waiting for u….

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