Teri khaamiyan ( An Avneil One shot )

Teri khaamiyan

“ Don’t you dare touch me I know you must be very tired of the relationship ! That is why you left me and came here , In this Sukoon Ghar am I right ! ”
“ You must be very happy here ”
“ Now just remain here and leave me all alone ” He said those words coldy in front of her when he met her after 15 years and got to know that all was a big false , She wasn’t dead but left him dying .

As he turned back , She holds his hand “ Please for once listen to me , I left you because of reason ” “ A reason so as to save you ”

But as traumatized as he was at that moment in the darkness of colorless night , He grasps her hand which lied smoothly over her face and released it with great force and leaves with all his eyes red .

Avni “ Neil ” She says in grief filled voice , He didn’t paid any heed and went away saying “ I hate you , We could have work upon that but you always have to what your mind says ” Loudly in irksome hatred

Next morning K.k brought him to sukoon Ghar saying that the owner has sold the place and it’s perfect for shooting . Neil couldn’t believe the fact and hastily opens the door .

To his surprise he was left speechless to find the whole place empty , With not any of her signs there .

Neil “ Where’s the owner of this house ” He asks a woman

“ She’s found a beautiful and peaceful place now , So she decided to sell this one and now she doesn’t even wants any rents , But one condition she asks for is mentioned in this ” Hands over to him a letter in an envelope

He opens it and reads it , Just three words were written over it ( Showed blurred for now )

He dropped the white page and ran away , Inside hospital

Dr. “ Hello sir , You’re Mr.Neil , Right ! ”

Neil nods

Dr.“ I don’t know if I should be happy or sad delivering this news . Finally your wife found internal peace , It was almost difficultly impossible to save her . Finally it’s …….over ( he said very silently )”

“ She was on high risk cancer …And it’s almost impracticable for a person to fight this ….I’m sorry for you ”

Neil is shattered completely and bounces over the chair .

( other scene ) ( Scene from future )

Neil comes inside the room where she’d spent all her years , A room filled with her fragrance . On Four walls just his and his frames . He opens a old wooden cupboard and finds a box wrapped inside his shirt . A box full of musty letters , So old that those pages were fragile and difficult to handle . He reads those beautiful calligraphed words ..
( In AVNI’S voice )( showing the time when avni wrote them )

“ Forbid me for my sins

I wanted to hold you one last time

Hoped to feel the warmth surrounding inside your arms

Sense your kiss against my lips

Bend your chest open I want to see what you’re made of

Such a beautiful person I’ve got in my life and I’m lucky enough

But who can challenge our destiny which is already planned by lord …No one can

Hope you’d learnt how to live without me in these years ! You’d have rightly adjusted yourself , I know A you without me is a nameless relation .

I love you more than myself . And I’m ending this last letter , The last one , Seriously ,
I just want you to be happier , I’ve been hoping someone will love you in the ways I couldn’t , Someone will take care of all of the mess I’ve made , I’ve been hoping someone will love you let me go .
Keeping you away from myself for me was such a easier task because I knew that I’m not hurting you everyday . You’d have been cursing everyday if I’d have told you I’m going to die . I can’t see you like that . You’d have died everyday hearing that I’m going to die one day.
Don’t you think my plan was much better . Remember the day when we first met , I’d have almost drowned inside water but it was you who protected me . So how can I even think to make someone who saved my life die almost all days .

Keep this hate for me always born inside you so that a new relation can take birth when I’m dead .

Yours someone ,
( returning back to scene inside hospital )
People carried her senseless body out on a stretcher , Her face lost in charm , Her eyes closed , Lost in dreams . Now she can’t wake up from her sleep and tell him what dreams she saw …

Neil’s legs couldn’t move but still he mustered all his strength , runs to hug her before she’s burnt away in fire . He endured the sensation of her cold body when his arms were enveloped around her . Her head which was raised above felt heavy . He kissed on her face once , Twice , Thrice . His chest was over hers , His heart was beating very fast but hers has no sound now .

And they both knew how the story ends ….

P.S : ( A undescribed flashback )
Neil after the letter given by lady at Sukoon ghar asks her in shuddering voice “ Please tell me where’s she ! ”
His mind was thoughtless , Only thoughts of those moments were flashing in his mind when in the past he saw her burning in fire . Their last moments of smile after she told him that she’s no more .
He dropped the letter and ran away .( Flashback over )
He couldn’t believe that earlier it was not real fire but now it’d be a real one .

He was screaming and didn’t wanted her to go , He is not stepping back , Shouting , Kissing her and holding her hands . People came to control him .But she was being pulled away and away .

( Flashback – those 3 words in letter )

“ Bhula dena mujhe ”

Background music ( While she was being taken away and Neil running behind her )

Kuch toh mujhme kami thi
Kuch thi teri khaamiyan
Zinda hoke marey hain
Teri meherbaniyaan….

Ye kya huaa
Ye kyun huaa
Ik doosre ki kar rahe hain
Hum kyun badnamiyan

Kuch toh mujhme kami thi
Kuch thi teri khamiyan ”

Hope you guys would have enjoyed it . Sorry if I bored you . Please please please share your views with me I’m insanely waiting . Criticism heartily invited . And a very happy new year . Please share your views if you liked . Bye stay healthy .

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  1. Renimarenju

    Though I am not a viewer of this show, I read it because it was an OS and secondly it’s written by you…. Your writing skill is really amazing, I liked this one because of the intensity you have poured in the characters and it was very heart touching that tears just came out and I don’t know how much I cried, but it was so deep…..Loved it…..Awesome work and happy new year

    1. Kira

      Thank you thank you thank you …it really means a lot ….I’m really happy and sorry that you cried 😋😉 …good night have a nice day tomorrow 💗💗😊

      1. Renimarenju

        No need of sorry kira , have a nice time dear …

  2. SunilSneha

    Soopperb Kira di…… Nice episode… So heart touching… Really… You have a poet inside you…. The words were really magical…. 😍😍

    1. Kira

      Thanks so much for kind words …love ya loads ….happy new year 💗💖💕

  3. DBRSR1822

    Amazing Kira..as usual you have made me fall for your AvNeil updates again…it really made me teary …..Keep up the good work dear….and I hope that next year too you will give us such amazing AvNeil treat to read…KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK dear….

    1. Kira

      Love you loads and loads too …thanks a lot I’m happy you liked my work …a very happy new year 💖💕💗💟

  4. Its so emotional.. Though I didn’t cry but didn’t blink even for a min… Happy to read it..

    I can feel the warmth, pain, love and intensity..
    Write again quickly

    1. Kira

      Surely will write soon thanks a lot for writing to me I’m happy you liked my work ….thanks a lot …love ya …happy new year 😘💃💖💕

  5. Jasminerahul

    Neil was so angry with avni for going away from him.3 letters in the letter were painful.shocking that avni died due to cancer.shocking that she left him only bcz he didn’t want him to die daily knowing that she is going to die.very sad.cremation scene was very painful. perfect song.perfect pics

    1. Kira

      Thanks dear for writing to me , So happy you liked my work …A very happy new year to you …be happy always …love ya ..thanks bye 💗💗👍👍💟

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