Teri fariyaad (prologue)

Life is very complicated don’t try to find answer because when u find answer life changes the question

Swara said in broken voice – sanskar please believe me

Sanskar with blood shot eyes , believe that too you how can you think of that after doing so much

Saying this sanskar hold swara hand harshly n started draging her towatds main door all the while swara was pleading him to once listen to her but sanskar ignored all her requests n brutally threw her out

Before swara could touch the ground someone holds her from shoulder

Swara whispered laksh

Sanskar started clapping , look your boyfriend came to save u

Laksh made swara to stand properly

Laksh , what are u saying bhai

Sanskar , bhai who bhai I don’t have any brother

Laksh , bhai what happened why are u saying this please don’t joke u know I don’t like such pranks
He was about to hold sanskar hand when sanskar jerked him

Sanskar , don’t u dare to touch me today you proved me that ur not my real brother

Laksh , bhai

Sanskar holds laksh collar , stop calling me bhai mujhe ise bhai shabd se nafrat hone lagi hai

Durga prasad (sanskar Father) , sanskar leave him u don’t have to spoil ur hands by touching him

Laksh , papa ( tears started flowing from his eyes )

Dp , u don’t have any father infact u don’t have any family u r just a blo*dy orphan who was living on our pitty

Sanskar clenched his fist in anger no one means no one dared to raise his voice on his little brother other than him he has all rights on him

Sanskar looked towards laksh his heart said to go n console him but his mind denied him reminding him about his deeds

Sanskar shouted , security

Two well built men in black suit came there

Sanskar , throw both of them out now
Pointed towards swalak

The two men bowed there head down not believing there ears

Sanskar bursted out , can’t u listen what I said

Laksh said calmly , u don’t need to shout on them we will leave but remember u will regret for this

Sanskar , we will see

Saying this he went from there

Laksh turned towards swara who was standing there lifelessly

Laksh , bhabhi

Dp , take all ur things with u I don’t want anything here which reminds about u

Laksh nodded n went from there
After few min he came down with two bags

Laksh , come bhabhi

Swalak left from there

Sanskar was seeing all this from upstairs having tears in his eyes

Sanskar , I am sorry
Was all he could say

Friends tell me if you like the plot n want me to continue or not

Next I will give you intro of characters

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