Teri fariyaad (episode 9)


A strong person is not the one who cry……but a strong person is one who is quite and shed tears for a moment and then pick up his sword and…..fight again
Days were passing swasan and raglak bond grew stronger each day
Sanskar starts to come home early to spend some time with swara he reduced his drinking habit with each passing day he fell more n more for her innocence, caring nature, how she solves problems maturely

With swara she was totally unaware of the thing that she started liking Sanskar but some where in her heart sanskar has made his place. She started to notice him his each and every act the way he sit just like a royal persob, how he eat, sleep almost his each and every activity unknown to her she started liking his presence around her

Laksh feeling for ragini kgrew stronger he started doing small things just to see a smile on her face like taking her out for a driving or fulfilling her needs before she ask him.

Here the case with ragini was that she fell completely for laksh specially for his caring nature but the thing was that she was not able to figure out her emotions. She wants to spend her max time with laksh If laksh might be away from her for more than a hour her mood automatically fell to sad
Like this a month passed that were happy in there lives and trying to move forgetting there pain there life was moving towrds happiness but destiny had its own plans

It was time of midnight
Swara was waiting for sanskar in hall
Swara to herself , what happened to him why has he not come till now he used to come by evening but today it’s been all most 1 and he is not here…..no no swara he might have had some work that is why it’s taking time……let him come I will not talk to him

She was busy in her thoughts when sanskar came he was looking fully exhausted blood stains were clearly visible on his white shirt there was blood flowing from left side of his forehead he looked at swara who was busy in herself
He sighed and was about to move towards his room when he heard swara

Swara shocked , Sanskar

She quickly ran towards him and cuped his face
Swara teary eyes , sanskar how this happen it might be paining come I will bandage it
She holds Sanskar hand and was about to drag him when he jerked her hands and pushed her brutly

She was about to fall but composed herself and looked at Sanskar in shock

Sanskar , stay away from me

Swara took a step forward , but Sanskar

Sanskar while shouting , I said stay away

Swara , sanskar why are you doing this let me bandage your wound it might be paining

Sanskar , I don’t need your help
He was about to move but felt a grip on his wrist
He looked at swara and then his hand which was on her hold

Swara with broken voice , Sanskar why are you behaving like this what have i done

Sanskar , removing her hand said , I don’t want interference of a stranger in my life saying this he left there leaving behind a shattered swara

His words pierced her heart several time the word STRANGER was rotating In her mind causing her heart to break in millions of peaces

She moved towards terrace like a lifeless body with continuous flow of tears

Raglak who came down hearing noises witnessed all this
Ragini was about to move towards swara to console her but before that laksh stops her

Laksh , ragini I think you should go and talk to bhai

Ragini gave him a confused look

Laksh , in these days I understood one thing that bhai will listen to you without shouting and I have something to talk with bhabhi

Ragini nodded and left towards swasan room
Dp who was standing upstairs witnessed all this and was smiling evily

Dp , first step to destruction complete
He looked at a photo frame which he was holding in his right hand it was of some lady

Dp , have you looked how she was crying the same way like once you were crying
A lone tears escapes from his eye he quickly wipe it
Laksh reached there and saw swara who was sitting in one corner and sobbing
He moved towards her and extends his hand to keep it on her shoulder but drew it back thinking that she might feel uncomfortable

Laksh slowly , bhabhi

Swara looked up at him with red swollen eyes which were hardly opening due to continuous crying

Laksh , are you OK
He knew after what happen she might have been broken but just to start a conversation he asked her

She slightly nooded her head

Laksh sat beside swara gazing at moon

Laksh , I am sorry from bhai side but he actually didn’t mean to hurt you

Swara sarcastically , ya I saw how much politely he talked with me

Laksh , bhabhi
He took a deep breath and resumed
Laksh , you are taking him wrong there is something which you should be knowing

Swara , there are many things which I should be knowing but I don’t

Laksh , I don’t know about others but there is this phase of his life which you should be knowing
To be continued…..
Promise very soon

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