Teri fariyaad (episode 8)


Time heals almost everything, give it time……
Laksh enters ragini room
He looked at ragini who was sleeping her face was pale tear marks were clearly visible on her face
He took a deep breathe to control the growing anger inside him
He moved towards her and sat beside her caressing her hairs

Laksh lovingly, princess

Ragini slowly opened her eyes and looked towards Laksh
Laksh tried to touch her cheeks but she jerked his hand and immediately got up all frightened

Ragini in shivering tone , stay…away

It seems to him that someone pierced his heart

Laksh calmly, princess listen to me once

Ragini holds her head in both hand shout , no no no … You just go from here just leave

Laksh tried to calm her but everything was going in vain she was not ready to listen to him with no option left he tightly hugged her not letting her to move a inch

After staying there for few min when Laksh found her relaxed he slowly released her from his grip

Laksh cupping her face , are you alright

Ragini nodded trying to remove his hands

Laksh had enough of her struggling he holds both her hand and locked them behind her moving her close to him

Laksh , look at me

Ragini bowed her head down

Laksh in cold tone , look at me ragini

She immediately looked straight into his eyes with tears blurring her eyes

Laksh not breaking the eye contact , why are you punishing urself for the mistake you have not done punishmet should be given to those boys and surely they will get

Ragini looked at him confused

Laksh , ok now come otherwise you will get late for your classes

Ragini noode in negative

Laksh sighed and picked ragini in his arms and marched towards wahroom all while ragini loked at him in shock

He kept her down near the gate amd slightly pushed her inside

Laksh , get ready fast
In swasan room
Swara came out from washroom drying her hairs with towel when her eyes fall on sanskar who was standing in front of mirror struggling with his shirt buttons his bare chest was visible
Swara was looking at him and thinking weather to help him or not

Sanskar eyesight caught her starring at him

Sanskar smirked , starring is rude

Swara came back in senses and looked at him confused

Swara , huh?????

Sanskar , I know I am handsome and you can’t stop urself from checking me out right

Swara sighed in impossible and started to move from there
Here sanskar to himself , did I said something wrong?? Anyways he resumed his struggle with buttons

Swara reached door she turned to take glance of sanskar and found him still struggling

Swara to herself , he will not ask for help

She moved towards him and turned him with a jerk he was about to fall due to sudden pull but balanced himself

Sanskar , you planning to break my legs

Swara without giving any heeds to his words started buttoning his shirt

Swara angrily , can’t you ask for help…..oh I forgot how can you ask ur ego is bigger na…idiot you were having problem but still………
Sanskar sealed her lips with his to stop her from blabbering it was a soft one with only Sanskar participating in it
After few min sanskar broke the kiss and looked at swara who was in shock he smile a little patting her cheeks

Sanskar , bye saying this he left from

After sometime reality hit her she touched her lips and blushed a little

Swara , pagal……but I like this pagal……..wait what are you thinking being with him you are becoming mad concentrate on your work
She mentally slapped herself
Raglak were standing outside Collogue
Ragini tightly holds laksh hands

Laksh , let’s go Ragini

Ragini looked at him tensely

Laksh without giving any heeds to her dragged her with himself

They were going towards ragini class when she saw those coming to them she holds Laksh hand even more tightly and hide herself behind him due to fear

Those boys came and touched ragini feet

Boys , sorry bhabhi

She looked at laksh who was glaring those boys
That when she noticed bandage around there body parts she confusingly looked at those boys then laksh

Laksh pulled her towards himself and marched towards her class

Ragini , you did this

Laksh , what

Ragini smiles a little , those boys

Laksh stopped and looked at her , it was needed after all they should be knowing whom they are messing with …… now go your class came

Ragini silensilently nooded and left from there

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