Teri fariyaad (episode 7)

Live in such a way……..that if someone tries to say wrong about you……..no one believes it
Outside st. Joseph school
A black Mercedes come in full speed and stops in front of the gate of school

Laksh comes out from the front seat and looks at school building
Laksh , so this is the school

He felt a tap on his shoulder he looked towrds his right grinning widely

Laksh , come on let’s go in bhai

Sanskar irritated , laksh stop I am not coming you go and bring her fast

Laksh , please na bhai come

Sanskar , laksh don’t waste time I have one important meeting in few hours

Laksh innocently , pls bhai

Sanskar sighed and moved inside laksh jumped in happinesses and followed sanskar

Sanskar , where will be find her

Laksh , who????

Sanskar hits slightly on back of his head

Sanskar , idiot ragini who else

Laksh , ohhhh…we will find her …..

Sanskar , yes

Laksh , I don’t know

Sanskar gave him a impossible look

Sanlak were searching ragini in whole campus
When they found a some students crowded in the field
They moved towards them. breaking the walls of people they stood in front of the crowd only to get shock
Ragini was standing there crying while few boys were teasing her

Laksh blood boil in anger
He saw a boy reaching ragini before he can react he saw the boy knocked down on the floor while his nose and mouth was bleeding very badly
He looked up and saw sanskar who’s hand was also bleeding badly

He eyes were full red showing how much anrgry he was he moved towards the boys to get the soul out of there body when laksh stops him

Laksh , bhai this is not the right place

Sanskar looked at laksh angrily and jerked his hands

One of the boy who was teasing ragini said , who are you to beat us and you don’t know this girl and her character

Sanskar angrily , I don’t want any character certificate to know her

Other boy , and we don’t want to by the way who are you to her that taking her side

Other boy , we will do with her what we feel like

Sanskar holds ragini hand and pushed her slightly in front of those boys

Sanskar shouts , do what you want to I will also see what you all can do……….but are you so much daring to harm SANSKAR MAHESHWARI sister

All priest there looked at sanskar in shock including those boys

Sanskar , what happened she is standing in front of you move on

Those boys shivered in fear

Sanskar grabs ragini hand and puuled her away from there

Laksh before leaving glared at those boys

Laksh in cold tone , you will surely pay for it
At night
Sanskar comes late from his work
He was about to move to his room when he saw swara sleeping on dining table

Sanskar went near her and was about to touch her shoulder but withdrew his hand back thinking she might feel uncomfortable

He slowly called her , swara

Swara raised her head slowly and looked towards sanskar she immediately got up mumbling sorry

Sanskar confused , why are you sleeping here

She pointed towards the food

He sighed and sat on chair while swara served him

Sanskar , I know you also didn’t had your dinner will you eat today or make me also leave my dinner

Swara silently sat beside him and served for herself too .

She was playing with food when her eyes fell on sanskar who was struggling to eat due to his hand which was wounded

Swara herself didn’t know why but she slowly ask him
Swara , may I

Sanskar head jerked towards her not getting that she actually spoke to him

Sanskar to confirm ask her , did you said something

Swara , hhmmm…you more ght be having problem eating so ….

Sanskar raising his eyebrow , so

Swara , so …. Can I make you eat

Sanskar was happy to see her care towards him after what all he has done with her he slightly nooded with this swara started to feed him

Soon they finished there dinner
Same night swasan room
Swara came out from washroom and saw sanskar struggling to bandage his wound

Swara moved towards him and without saying anything she took the bandage from his hand
Sanskar looked at her in shock but swara ignored his reaction and sat down in front of him
She started cleaning his wound

Sanskar , swara aram se yaar

Swara looked at him then again resumed her work

Sanskar , ary yaar will you take all your revenge now only

Swara smiled a little unnoticed by sanskar
She starts to apply medicine by blowing air to sooth his pain

Sanskar , its better now you’re learning to obey me

Swara looked at him and sighed impossible

Swara , done saying this she got up, took the
Pillow from bed aand was about to move to couch when sanskar stops her

Sanskar confused , where are you going

Swara , couch

Sanskar , why

Swara irritated , to sleep

Sanskar , you no need

Swara , look your hand is not in good condition and you will not be able to sleep on couch properly
With this she went and slept on couch or you can say pretending to sleep

Here sanskar also went and lay down on bed but sleep was far away from him he was staring swara. he know she must not be comfortable as he has experienced it
After much struggling he finally slept

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