Teri fariyaad (episode 6)

When you love someone……..even though they hurt you……and break your heart………you still love them with each broken pieces
Sanskar composed himself and moved towards Swara

Swara who was standing all lost in her thoughts felt a tap on her shoulder. She immediately wiped her tears and turned towrds sanskar unaware of the fact that he has already heard her

Sanskar , arrange dinner for me(she silently nooded n within seconds she disappeared from his sight)

Sanskar’s monologue
Why she always give me this silent treatment I want her to talk to me since the day we met she never spoke a single word to me (he sighed) impossible girl

After sometime Swara was back with dinner for sanskar
She looked at him who was busy in his laptop sitting on couch
Sanskar who felt her presence turned his head in her direction

Sanskar , have you eaten or not?

Swara moved towards him and kept the plate in front of him and was about to go when sanskar holds her arms tightly and turned her harshly towards himself

Sanskar in threatening tone , don’t you dare to ignore me or else the result will be worst….and I will make that sure………NOW ANSWER ME ( he said the last line shouting on top of his )

Swara shivered from top to bottom she clutched her dupatta tightly in fear no one has till now raised voice on her her eyes were filled with tears she was feeling pain physically and mentally

Sanskar when not getting any response from her shaked her , will you answer now

Swara silently nooded in negative

Sanskar controlling the anger rising inside him , and why didn’t you eat till now

Swara stood there thinking what to tell him that she is not feeling hungry than surely hh will kill her by his rudeness

Sanskar knew that its waste asking her as she is not going to speak and he knew if he will stand here for a min more he will do something for which he will regret in future so he pushed Swara slightly took the plate and moved out of the room banging the door behind him

Swara sat on couch throwing her head on supporter starring roof blankly soon dozed off in that position

Here sanskar after coming out from room went towards kitchen and threw the plate on counter and went furiously towards his study room
In morning
Sanskar was sitting on sofa and as always busy in his laptop
Swara was cleaning the dining table
There was a deep silence spread in Hall
Soon it was broken by voice of something breaking swasan turned towards the source and found ragini running down and laksh following her

Laksh shouting , ragini stop

Ragini , no first you catch me Mr. Joker

Laksh increased his speed listening her

Ragini ran and stood behind swara
Ragini , di save me

Laksh was about to cath ragini when sanskar came in middle and holds laksh

Swasan looks at them in confusion

Sanskar , why are you chasing her

Laksh , you don’t know bhai what she did

Ragini innocently , what I did

Laksh , I will tell you what you did
He started to move towards ragini when again sanskar holds him

Laksh struggling to get out from sanskar hold , bhai leave me today she is gone

Ragini stuck her tongue out teasing him

Laksh , you !!!!

Sanskar , calm down laksh and tell me what happened

Ragini teasingly , tell jiju what happened

Swara eyes fell on laksh cloths and then his hands and legs which were all red
She looked at ragini in shock

Swara , ragini don’t tell me that you…….

Ragini , di I did nothing just pouring a bucket of water on him

Sanskar also noticed laksh all wet

Sanskar confusingly , but why your white shirt changed red

Laksh with a pout she mixed colour in it

Ragini , liar you only told yesterday that waking someone up by throwing water is become old so should try something new so before using on di I just experimented on you

Swasan looked at ragini in shock

Swara holds ragini ear , so you were planing to do this with me

Ragini , it was his idea ( pointed towards laksh)

Laksh , ha it was my idea so you tried it on me

Ragini , yah so I need someone to try na

Laksh , you!

Sanskar , ENOUGH !!!! laksh go and take bath first you have become all red

Laksh was about to move when ragini said , laksh take bath properly because it is permanent colour

Swasanlak looked at her in amusement

Laksh , I will not leave you
Sanskar glared at him
Laksh looked at him and sighed mumbling under his breath , bhai bhai na raha
All controlled there smile
And as laksh disappeared from there sight trio burst out laughing

Sanskar , thank god you spared his face

Ragini , I didn’t spared it actually the color was less and his luck was good

Swara , I didn’t knew that you became so naughty

Ragini , ye to bass trailer tha picture abhi baki hai mere di aur jiju……she said patting her back
All this was seen by dp was standing upstairs

Dp smirking evily , smile as much as you want

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