Teri fariyaad (episode 5)

Crying…….is how your heart speaks……..when your lips can’t explain……..the pain you feel
Swara was preparing something
Ragini was sitting on the counter near her eating apple while laksh was helping swara

Ragini , di are you sure you can make this kheer

Laksh with question look , why are you saying like this

Ragini , laksh di don’t know how to cook.

Laksh looked at swara who was concentrating on making kheer

Laksh , then is she planing to kill us today

Ragini , don’t worry until di don’t add poison in it you will be safe

Laksh wiping sweat from his forehead , I hope so

Swara who was irritated by there talks turned towards them pointing knife shouted , you both get out NOW !!!!!

Raglak ran from there as soon as possible

Raglak came out from kitchen breathing heavily

Laksh , thank god we are safe

Ragini , not for long

They both sighed n started to move but were rooted to ground seeing the person standing infront of them

Laksh , b….bh…aa…ai

Sanskar who was standing there marched towards them

Sanskar , about what you both were talking

Laksh , bhai…….vo…..actually….vo…..swara
Sanskar glared at him

Laksh , no…no…bhabhi…vo

Sanskar , laksh speak clearly

Ragini holds laksh hand in assurance

Ragini , he wants to say that di is cooking kheer

Sanskar , so what’s there to be tensed

Ragini , actually she don’t know how to cook

Sanskar looked at her in amusement

All while laksh was looking at ragini hand which was entangled with his

Sanskar in mind , does all her experiment will happen on me

Trio were busy in there thought when swara entered holding big bowl full of kheer

Swara said looking towards raglak , kheer is ready

All settled on dining table swara served kheer to all

Laksh whispers , please god save me

Ragini who was sitting near him heard it and angrily stamped his foot

Laksh closed his mouth to prevent shouting

Ragini whispers , beware you are talking about my di

Laksh nodded silently

Swara was standing waiting for all to taste her kheer

Ragsanlak had there first bite and looked towards swara amusingly

While swara looked at there expression and said in one go , I am sorry if its too bad I made it first time so I am really sorry WO

Laksh , hold on bhabhi why don’t you try it
Saying this laksh passed a bowl towards her

Swara tasted it n said , its not that bad

Laksh , bad its awesome bhabhi

Ragini , ya it tastes good

Swara , really

Raglak nodded

Swara looked towards sanskar for his opinion

Laksh understood it so he asked sanskar , bhai how is it

Sanskar said , good and left from there

Swara in mind , khadoos

Ragini , di I am starting with my practicals so I will leave to school

Swara nodded her head and asked her to take care

Laksh , princess you go and get ready I will drop you

Ragini left from there smiling

Laksh looked towards swara who was having naughty smile

Laksh , what ????

Swara raising her eyebrow , princess

Laksh looked down , WO I am sorry

Swara confused , sorry? For what?

Laksh , you are not angry with me

Swara , why should I

Laksh , I mean bhai

Swara understood him what he want to say

Swara , laksh I know there are problems between me and your bhai but that doesn’t mean I will let it effect on ragini and I know ragini can not get anyone better than you

Laksh happily , thank you thank you so much

Swara smiled looking at him
At night
Swasan room.
Swara was standing near window gazing moon tears were flowing from her eyes
Swara to herself
Baba you know tomorrow is the day when you left us , left me alone to face this cruel world this world gave me nothing but pain it hurts baba it hurts very badly here(she said this pointing towards her heart) I am tired baba I don’t have more power to fight your lioness is lost baba please come back (her voice cracked at last )

Sanskar who just now came back from work heard all her talks
Automatically tears started flowing from his eyes he felt pain in his heart as if someone has stabed him

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  1. Simin

    Awww sanskar u can feel her pain
    Then why did u get herself married to u forcefully?

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    Awsm Dr ….

  5. Wow loved it ❤️

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  7. Rosey

    It was so sweet and awesom
    I will love to see Sanskaar care and love for swara

  8. Kaynatk01

    avi it was beyond awesome

  9. Mica

    uuugghhh….this poor Swara, hmm, i don’t read all chappy yet, but uughhh, she made me cry alreadyt

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  12. Amazing

  13. Arshaanya

    Sanskar y u married her forcefully see lucky i liked his way to get his love bt u uuurrggghhh… poor swara still she didn’t cmplnd n trying to accept all…lovely chappy

  14. Nice

  15. Rabia

    awesome dear 🙂

  16. superb

  17. Abdul hafiz (Uma)

    Awww, my poor doll??…she suffered so much… I hope now sanky will care for her.. Chappy is too good dear… Keep it up… Waiting for nxt.
    Take care
    Keep smiling?

  18. awww this sanky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Sanjanaagrawal

    awww ….. swara suffwed so much …. the epi was nice ….

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