Teri fariyaad (episode 4)

People may forget what you said or what you did but they will never forget how you make them feel
After many failing attempt laksh sat beside Ragini all defeated

His mind was not at all working His heart was sinking with each passing second

He looked towards her with sad face
His mind asked him to just try one more time

He stood up and made Ragini to sit on bed whereas he himself kneeled down in front of her holding her both hands in his

Laksh , princess look at me

Ragini looked at him blankly

Laksh took a deep breath

Laksh , I know I can never understand your situation because I never went through such but tryst me sitting in a corner crying and hurting yourself us not a solution to any problem

He looked at her seeing her responding positively to him he continued

Laksh , have you ever thought of swara she needs you right now she is already broken and seeing you like this she will curse herself more in this time you should try becoming her strength not her weakness
Do you want to become her weakness

Ragini imideately nooded in no
Laksh , then wipe your tears and sleep otherwise till tomorrow you will look like ghost
Ragini playfully hit him on his shoulder
Ragini , you are so mean
Laksh , I like what I am
Ragini , ya you are a monkey
Laksh twitched his jaw , from which angle do I look like monkey
Saying this he turned around n looked at himself in mirror in diff angles
Ragin was controlling her from laughing loudly
Laksh still looking in mirror , look I don’t have a tail also
That was it for Ragini she burst out laughing
Lakh looked at her and smiled a little

Next day
Swasan room
Sunrays entered their room disturbing sanskar sleep while swara seems unaffected by them

Sanskar woke up and looked at swara who was cuddling with her pillow

Sanskar monologue
Only I know how much I wants to be there in place of that pillow………….(he hits himself in mind) sanskar stop it what are you thinking how can you change so much in one night you have never cared for anyone’s pain than why yesterday you left her seeing her tears……urgh…..this girl will surely make me mad one day but I must admit she looks cute while sleeping

His lips automatically curved in smile thinking about her
He sighed and moved to get fresh up
After some time he came out from washroom in formals ( blue pants white shirt and blue blazar )

He looked at swara who was still sleeping
Sanskar to himself , how much will she sleep

He moved towards her to wake her up when he heard a knock
He moved upto the door and opens it only to find laksh standing there smiling sheepishly running his right hand figures in hairs

Sanskar , what?????

Laksh , vo……bhai……vo…..I…….vo

Sanskar , laksh stop your vo vo and tell me clearly what you want to speak

Laksh clearing his throat said , actually I want to ask you did swara wake up

Sanskar moved aside and pointed towards swara who was still sleeping

Laksh looked towards his right and said , you won she is sleeping…………..whereas sanskar wondered to whom is laksh talking to he loved a little forward only to find ragini standing behind the door hitting her nails

Sanskar said calmly , Ragini you no need to hide

Ragini came and stood with laksh

Sanskar , can you both tell what is happening here

Ragini , jiju vo I came here to wake up di actually she will not get up until someone will wake her up

Sanskar moved aside and let them come in

Laksh went to swara and shakes her
Laksh , get up swara

Swara turned to other side covering herself from blanket

Laksh murmurs , sleeping head

Ragsan from behind , we heard that

Laksh gave them a tight smile

Ragini , you can never wake her up

Laksh , huh?? You only try then

Ragini came near swara and started waking her up

Laksh whispers to sanskar , bhai how will you Handel this swara in future

Sanskar passed him a death glare

Laksh ignored him and continued , but I must admit you are very lucky getting swara she looks like angel

Sanskar looked at him angrily and said , call her bhabhi she is not your friend but your one and only brother’s wife

Laksh , she is smaller than me

Sanskar , I don’t care

Laksh , possessive husband

They both were busy in fighting when thye heard a loud sound


Sanlak looked at ragini in shock who had poured full jar of water on swara

Swara got up with jerk
Swara , what the hell

Ragini , so finally you got up

Swara , is this the way to wake someone up

Ragini , I m unique so I have my own ways now get ready fast today is your first rasoi
Saying this ragini pushed swara in washroom
And went from there

Here sanlak were still in shock

Laksh , bhai what was that

Sanskar , thank god ragini didn’t show her this maa kaali roop yesterday in marriage

Laksh , bhai till now you have not seen swara in maa durga avatar that is why you are saying like this

sanlak looked at eachother and said ” mad sisters “

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