Teri fariyaad (episode 3)

“When one door closes another door opens; but we so often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door, that we do not see the ones which open for us.”

Maheshwari mansion
In Hall

It was decorated beautifully just like a bride with flowers n lights all around. A grand mandap was built in the center of hall
Raglak n dp was only present as family members rest all were bodyguards there

Soon swasan entered the hall with sanskar holding swara from her waist
Swara was trying hard to get away from his grip but he was too strong for her handle

They settled themselves in mandap

Ragini looked at them n silently cried keeping hands on her mouth

“Kise poochu
Hai aisa kyu?
Bejubaan sa yeh jahaan hai”

Laksh looked at ragini condition n closed his eyes in pain. A lone tear escaped from his eyes

“Khushi ke pal
kaha dhoondu?
Benishan sa waqt bhi yahaan hai”

Panditji started chanting mantras for marriage
Swara pressed her lips to avoid her weeping sounds

“Jane kitne laboon pe gile hai
Zindagi se kai faasle hai”

Sanskar looked at the fire n thought how he lost his mom n all his dreams with her

“Paseejte hai sapne kyu aankhon mein
Lakeere jab choote inn haathon
Se yun bewajah”

Swara n sanskar stood up for pheras with there each step ragini stumbled to give her support laksh holds her from her from shoulder

“Jo bheji thi duaa
Vo jake aasman se yun takra gai
Ki aa gayi hai laut ke sadaa”

They completed 7 pheras
Then sanskar adorded swara neck with mangalsutra n filled her hairline with sindoor

Panditji declared there marriage n asked them to take blessings from elder

Swasan moved towards dp n bent down to take blessings. He kept his hand on sanskar head n blessed him while glared at swara

Dp , sanskar u go n take rest u must be tired
Sanskar nodded n left from there holding swara hand
Dp looked towards laksh n said , do you need an invitation

Laksh nooded in no n he also moved towards his room supporting ragini

When everyone was out of dp sight he started laughing

Dp , game is on now I will play my cards

Swasan room

Sanskar locked the door n looked towards swara who was standing near bed all shivering from head to toe

He moved towards her while she started taking steps backwards
Within no time he stood in front of her pulled her towards himself with a force holding her waist

Sanskar said while caressing her cheeks sensually , you know what I can’t resist myself from touching you
Saying this he kissed her collar bone
Swara struggled to free herself
Sanskar moved towards her ear n whispers , it’s of no use darling you can’t get anything by struggling other than hurting yourself more

Swara looked at him with teary eyes whereas sanskar Sensually moved his fingures on her hand n pulled it up to her shoulder. He got hold of her dupata n threw it away
Swara clutched her lehnga tightly she still had a hope of some miracle to happen n save her from him

Sanskar pushed swara as she landed on bed. He came on top of her n burried her hands on bed with this he captured her lips in a hungry yet passionate kiss after what seems eternity he broke the kiss to take in oxygen

His eyes travelled from her lips to her eyes

Sanskar’s POV
I have seen similar eyes. Eyes filled with tears n pain. My heart aches seeing me the reason of that sorrow in those eyes. How can I become so cruel I still remember her my sister uttra how she was crying in front of me n I was helpless n on same time angry on the person for her such condition but today look I m doing the same thing no I can’t do this its wrong I can’t

Sanskar POV ends

He immediately got up from her n covered her with blanket

Sanskar , I m sorry you sleep
Saying this he went towards couch n slept there
All the while swara looked at him in confusion

Raglak side

Ragini was sitting on ground taking support of bed , leaning her head on bed looking at roof aimlessly

Laksh enters the room n saw her sitting like this
He went n sat near her

Laksh lovingly , princess

Ragini looked at him with blank face

Laksh felt a pinch in his heart but he composed himself he knew he can’t fall weak he have to support ragini

Laksh , have you looked yourself in mirror

Ragini simply turned her face to other side

Laksh , you got angry but I said nothing

Ragini sat there silently as if laksh doesn’t exist there

_______________________________________________friends sorry for ending it here but I can’t write more I will post a longer episode next time

Precap : let’s see how laksh changes ragini mood n sanskar jealousy
Ashnoor di I m sorry but actually my di used to write rings of truth n she is out of town for some work so can’t post it now I will ask her the story n try posting it as soon as possible

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