Teri fariyaad (episode 27)

Sanskar was waiting in her cabin for her
Finally after a hour half she entered inside looking all pale and tired

She stumbled a bit but at Nick of time sanskar held her

Sanskar panicking – jaan are you alright …. What happened?

Swara tried to move away from his hold but his grip tightens more on her shoulder

Sanskar strictly – don’t move

Swara looked at him with hurt eyes tears rolled from her eyes

He picked her up in bridal style and made her sit on couch

He forwards glass full of water to her but she being admunt turned her head other side

Sanskar gritted his teeth at her stubbornness

He held her face from one hand and with other forcefully made her to drink water

He kept the glass on table and cupped her face

Sanskar in broken voice – jaan what have you done to yourself ….. Why ? Jaan why?

Swara plainly – why you care sanskar ….. Why ?

Sanskar – what question is this ? You are my life …. Before he could complete set a interrupts in between

Swara – life? ….. If I was your life why you left me you know how I love bed these years ….. If it was not about kids then I would have kil …..

Sanskar kissed her to shut her speaking nonsense it was not a hungry or passionate one but a one filled with love
He was showing all his love the pain he kept inside him
It was only him participating in it on other side Swara was still in shock to respond

He moved back when it became hard for him to breath

Sanskar panting heavily – never dare to say that again

Swara nodded her head side ways tears still flowing from her eyes – don’t do this to me sanskar ……. Don’t show this much care …… I am left with no strength to survive another heart break please …. Just go away …… Go
She slightly pushed him away

Sanskar looked at her with guilt he became so much blind in his mission that he never thought he is hurting his jaan … His life this much …… He failed to see how much broken she is

He immediately took her in his embrace letting her to remove all the pain she held inside her for these years

They sat in same position for almost half hour

When he found her sobbing fading and her full body wait on his he broke the hug and saw her eyes close a dear rose in his heart but got relive finding that she is sleeping

He carefully picked her up in his arms and left from there


Swara was sleeping but peacefully …no this word is been removed from her life long back as usual she got up but today there was something different a unknown happiness in her heart

But soon she shoved away her thoughts not wanting to expect anything from life because it hurts ……. It hurts so damn much when these expectations are broken


Sanskar side
Sunday’s disturbed his sleep
He sat on bed rubbing his eyes when his mind reminded him of yesterday incident

Sanskar in mind – I am going to tell her truth today only …. I can’t see her suffering more …… With determined face he started getting ready


Let’s peek in laksh room
And as expected he is still sleeping unaware of his surroundings

And as always ragini is standing there with mischievous smile again planing to irritate him

She went out and bought something and kept it under his bed

She sat near him and started caressing his hairs

Ragini – laksh get up

But there was no movement in him

She went close to his ear
Ragini – laksh get up otherwise it will not be good for you

Laksh without paying any attention to her rolled on bed showing her his back

Ragini looked at him with wide eyes
Ragini thinks – idiot always show these tantrums huh !

She bent a little and took out the thing which she hid under bed

She moved a little close to him whispering huskily in his ear – this is the last warning my love

Laksh smiled a little in his half sleep listening the word ‘ my love ‘

Waiting for few seconds or was enough for ragini she smirked seeing him

Within no time laksh started jumping like monkey from one corner of bed to other shaking his full body …. Swasan Devansh also come in room listening his shout ….. But there eyes widens seeing him…… Soon dev ansh burst out laughing along with ragini who is already rolling on floor

Ansh – so massi atlas u did..

Laksh – ragini you are dead today.. …..I wont spare you …… saying this he keeps on jumping

Ragdevansh keeps on laughing..

Sanskar still doesn’t know what’s wrong with him he looks at raglak then back at swara who was glaring ragini

Sanskar confused – what happened to you laksh we all know here that you are jokes so no need to prove it

Laksh rolled his eyes listening him still continuing his work

Dev – ary uncle massi have put ice cubes inside chachu shirts

Sankar was shocked at first but after sometime realised n breaks out into laughter

Finally laksh stops his nagin dance and looks at ragini angrily

Laksh said pointing towards ragini – beware of me

Ragini making faces – you are saying as if you are some villan of story (mimicking him) beware of me … Huh I am not afraid of you

Saying this she went from there

Laksh pouts – swara see your sister what she did with me

Sanskar eyes widens hearing him calling her with name not bhabhi

Swara smiled a bit asking laksh to fresh up and come for breakfast

She took kids also with her to make them ready for school

Sanskar look at laksh in serious to be – laksh I am going to tell them truth today

Laksh – are you sure bhai

Sanskar nodded his head in yes

Laksh – what about him then ?

Sanskar – you don’t worry I asked him to come he will teach here about 2 hours from now

Laksh passed him a smile – I hope everything gets fine today …….

He started to move from there when sanskar calls him

Sanskar – one more thing …….. Call her bhabhi not with name

Laksh jerked towards him – what ?

Sanskar strictly – yes

It took him few seconds then to again burst out in laughing

Sanskar – I’m serious laksh

Laksh controlling his laugh – ya ya I’m also serious …… Mr overprotective Maheshwari……

Precap : truth revealed …….. Last part

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  1. Awesome dear

  2. Amazing

  3. Rj12

    Don’t end it so soon

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  6. Simin

    Awesome chappy
    But last part no na plzzzzz

  7. Shocked….??? what do you mean by last part ….. Don’t tell me you are ending this ff …. Please say that I am mistaken

  8. Awesome dear…..Don’t and this ff . . .

  9. Shock shock shock …….i am a silent reader and you finally made me to comment …… You’re ff is really good dear …. Please don’t and it so soon ……. I liked it from starting ….. Dev ansh were like a bomb in the story …… All the characters were portrayed so well …. Even you tried to give imp to all characters … I starts to fall in love with your ff ….. Pls don’t and it so soon ….. If it’s becoz of comment than don’t worry I will comment every time but please write more

  10. Omg……………………………………………………………………..???? what do you mean by last part

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  12. Superbbb.
    …bt itni jaldi end ?

  13. Mica

    uugghhh… Aviii.. long time didn’t read this story.. goosshhh my swasan so emotional huaaaaaa

  14. fed up raglak morning small scene either give them good story or better kill them just pissed of asking again and again for raglak

    1. Ankita. I’m also feb up same like you.. but the difference is “I’m fed up with ur same question”..
      I don’t know why can’t you all understand..!!!
      Anyway it’s been soo long i talked to you..!!
      Well I’m no one to advise you,but still want to say.. There are lot’s of RagLak ffs in TU,if you don’t mind kindly read those n satisfy urself..!! There you don’t need to beg for Ragini..!!

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  16. Awesome….?????poor lucky

  17. Nice dear

  18. All was awesome dear …… If you are ending this ff then ….why don’t you think about starting season 2 …. Think about it

  19. Arshaanya

    Bt y ending so soon??
    Still devansh dun knw hez dere fathr… dey shud b angry wid him na

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    Awesome..plz continue it

  21. Amazing but why ending it so soon..

  22. Loved it Avi..!! It’s sooo nice.. don’t end it soon.. coz whatever the reason was Sanskar hurted Swara .. And that’s the fact, his any kind of clarification can’t change it..!! Swara has passed almost 5 years without him..She has suffered a lot..!! I know Sanskar also suffered but still it’s not easy for a woman to forgive n move on soo easily..!!
    I really want Sanskar to asks hus forgiveness from Swara.!!
    Hope you don’t mind my words.. coz as a girl it’s not easy for me to imagine Swara forgiving Sanskar soo easily.!! It’s not gonna give a good impact..!! Hope you understand..!!
    Thnk u dear.!! Don’t end it soon..!! stay blessed..! ;-*

  23. Vyshu10

    superb…..plz show devansh slowly accepting sanky…so dont end it soon

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