Teri fariyaad (episode 26)

A loud sound is heard
All stood in front of sanskar room
Laksh knocking the door – bhai open the door what happened
After continuous knocking when he didn’t get any response
He started banging it still shouting his name
All were panicking
Our Devansh were standing a bit away from them and were giggling
Laksh – swara you have spare key get it
She was about to move when door opens slowly
Sanskar appeared

All gasped seeing him
Raglak burst out laughing
Swara looked at him with a frown
Actually sanskar is covered with full red colour (imagine him all red ?)
Laksh laughing – bhai did you bath with red color
Sanskar irritated – stop it laksh . .. I don’t know how this happened
Ragini rolling her eyes – you mean to say some ghost came
Sanskar – huh ….. This is all done by shower I didn’t notice in starting that red colour water is coming and till I notice it was too late
Laksh – you know bhai you are looking like a joker only one thing is missing wait I’ll bring it
He went from there

And came holding something in his hand
He came near sanskar and put a ping pong nose on his face
Again the hall was filled with roar of laughter
Sanskar angrily removed it glaring laksh
Swara avoiding eye contact – go take bath in laksh room
Sanskar smiled looking at her when suddenly a voice came from behind
Voice – ary it’s fevicol mixed color
All head turned back to see dev butting his tongue while ansh was shooting daggers at him for spitting out truth
Dev looked at him with puppy eyes mumbling innocently sorry

Elders looked at them and in shock
Swara – you both did this ???
Laksh – how ??
Sanskar – and why ??
Ragini with a pout – and that too without telling me I would have helped you
All looked at her with ‘ O ‘ ?
Ansh – surely next time
Sanlak in unison – next time ( both looked at each other in horror )
Swara – ansh you are crossing your limits
Ansh arguing – what did I do I just mixed red color and fevicol in his bath room tank
All look at him with wide eyes
Dev but his head slightly – now who door out truth
Swara shouts -dev ansh go to your room I don’t want to see you out before evening
Ansh – but …
Swara – I said GO

Both got scared and left from there before giving glance of sanskar
Sanskar – you wouldn’t have shouted on them
Swara – sorry Mr. Maheshwari from my children side
Saying this she left from there
Leaving sanskar all broken he felt like thousands of needles pierced his heart
Laksh kept his hand on his shoulder to pacify him
Laksh – don’t worry bhai every thing will be fine
Sanskar just nodded and he also left from there
Laksh turned his face to ragini who is already staring at him
Laksh – what ???
Ragini suspiciously – what was that ?
He looked at her confused
Ragini sighed – let me get straight are you hiding something and from when you started taking sanskar side … Wait have you forgiven him
Laksh stammering – vo … Nothing like that

Ragini keenly looked at him – then why are you stammering
He knew he is stuck now and her detective mind will not stop without getting answers … He need to do something to divert her mind
Ragini snapped her fingers in front of him
Ragini – where are you lost
Laksh smiled and pulled her holding her waist
Laksh – in you princess …. He winked at her
Ragini can feel her heart racing that it can come out shut time
He smirked seeing his effect on her
He moved close to her caressing her lower lip with his thumb whispers – you were asking something
She was not able to say anything she felt her throat becoming dry at this time both were so close to each other
Both get startled……. immediately separate ….. And Looked at sanskar who is standing on the entrance of his room closing his eyes

That’s when they realised that they are still standing near his room
Sanskar with a mischievous smile – take a free advice ….. you should do this in your room
Both are highly embarrassed and quickly left from there making an excuse
Sanskar smiled seeing them at least there love story is going well
He spot swara going to her room
He followed her shouting her name while she ignored him completely and was about to close his room door when sanskar came there and forcefully entered inside locking the door behind him
Swara angrily – what the hell
Sanskar calmly – swara one listen to me
Swara – look I am not at all interested in listening your nonsense
She was about to open the lock when he held her from shoulders and pinned her to door
Sanskar – swara please don’t do this with me if you want punish me beat me but please forgive me
Swara plainly – who am I to forgive you you must have forgotten but I remember it was only you to break our relation
Two heavy tears escapes from her eyes

He immediately cupped her face and wiped them
Sanskar – please Swara don’t cry please
He relaxed his forehead on her shoulder whispering sorry
She was trying hard to control herself but how can she after all the truth is that she still love him how ever she show that she hate him
They stood there for what seems to be eternity but there beautiful moment was disturbed by a phone call
Soon both composed themselves
Swara attended the call after a while she starts panicking
Swara on call – you arrange everything I am coming
She hanged the call and without wasting time stated to move from there when sanskar held her wrist
Sanskar – every thing OK
Swara just nodded her head whispering – emergency ….. Hospital and left from there

It almost been midnight and there is no trace of swara
Sanskar was sitting in hall waiting for her impatiently
Finally it’s been limit he took his car keys and went from there
Now he is standing in front of her hospital
He got to know from receptionist that Swara is busy in operation so he it’s waiting for her in her cabin

As soon as hee enters her cabin a wide smile appears in his face as soon as he inhales in air feeling her aroma
Unknowingly his legs started to move towards her desk
He was busy in admiring her cabin when his eyes fall on a photo frame kept on the desk
Automatically his hands starts caressing the pic
It was of swara sitting in middle with each side of her dev and ansh were standing kissing her cheeks
Trio was looking so happy smiling ear to ear but then his mind mocked ‘where is he in it ‘
Does he deserve to be with them
Deserve to seek there forgiveness
So many questions but no answer
He was admiring his cute family when by mistake his hand hit the file kept near the frame
Sanskar bent to pick it up but what he saw amused him
He picked up the file and kept it back on it’s place and again bent to pick up another photo frame
To his shock it was his
Tears of happiness started forming in his eyes he’s mine swara still loves him but a bit angry on him
Now he got a hope that he will make her his again no matter what ever happens
He can’t lose her not again not this time

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