Teri fariyaad (episode 25)

Early morning
Guest room

Sanskar was sleeping peacefully without any tension having a satisfactory smile so read on his lips
But seems like god is not so in favour with him today
His sleep was disturbed by a pound sound
He got up with a jerk closing his ears in frustration

Sanskar angrily – what the hell !!!
He looked around and saw the alarm clock kept on side table buzzing loudly
He switched it off in irritation and again lied on bed welcoming his sweet dreams

After few mins
He was again sitting on bed shooting death glared to the alarm clock kept on study table which was shaking like a wild storm just hit it
He was feeling too lazy to get up and switch it off so he picked his slipper and threw it and to his luck it hit right in the alarm clock making it to fall on ground shouting his loud screams

Seeing his shot perfect he fell on bed closing his eyes
After few min same thing repeats again when he was nearing to sleep a stupid clock again started doing disco on his head
He angrily switched it off and laid on bed
His eyes wanted to close but he forced them open
After few min when he realised that no more disturbance he slept again
It’s nearly been half hour he was sleeping dreaming about his future with cute smile on his face when THUDD!!!

It was like a huge bucket of water was thrown on him
He immediately sat on bed rubbing his eyes which were not at all allowing him to open them
He cried loud on helplessness
Sanskar – ary yaar what the f**k is this no one is letting me sleep today
He looked around but found no one present there
Sanskar – don’t know who the hell it was disturbing my sleep from early morning
He finally got up frustrated

He was about to move to fresh up when he heard laughing sounds from hall
Unknowingly his legs started to move towards the sound
He entered inside hall and the scene there flushed all his frustration while a wide smile speed on his lips

Swara was running behind ansh holding his shirt
Dev was sitting on dining table with a pout beside him was ragini who was laughing rolling on floor looking at the scene
Ansh jumping from pine couch to other – mom I will not go school today
Swara who was trying to catch him glared him
Ansh jumped from couch and ran towards his room – mom do what ever you want but I will not go

Swara stamps her foot angrily on ground
Ragini – di you can never win over him
Swara angrily snapped at her

Swara gritting her teeth – you go and wake that lucky up
Ragini went from there controlling her laugh
Dev innocently – mom can I go and change my uniform
Swara sighed and blinked at him dev squealed happily and ran from there
She was about to move from there when her eyes caught on sanskar who was already gazing at her
Both stood freezed to there place with there eyes locked to one another
Both had mixtures of feeling portraying through there eyes but one thing was common that is LOVE

How much ever she rejected the fact but truth is that she still love him
Soon There eyelock was broken by swara
Her face immediately turned blank deprived of any emotion this is the best thing she has learned in this five years, to hide her emotions
On other hand sanskar was shocked to see the sudden change in her face and more was he that how once her this face used to be a open book to her heart for him but now it merely showed any emotion

Swara to avoid any further tension excused herself and went in her room
He also left to his room after seeing her disappearing from his sight
Laksh room
He was sleeping covering himself fully from head to toe
Ragini came inside and smiled seeing him but soon it was replaced by a smirk
She tip toed towards him and took the jug full of water from side table and poured it all on him in one go

But to her surprise there was no reaction from his side
She felt something fishy so pulled the blanket with a force
And then
Ragini shouts in fear – aaaahhhhhh
Bhoot ….. bhoot ….. Bachao
She held her hands near her chest and moved back slightly

When she heard laughing sounds
She looked towards the person lying on bed
He sat on bed and removed his ghost mask still laughing hard
Ragini looked at him with blank face
Indeed it was our lucky

Laksh in between his laughs – oh god ragini your face was worth watching
Ragini blinked her eyes several times to register what happened just now
And when reality hit her she looked at him angrily and started beating him with her tiny hands
Ragini – you idiot ….. You just gave me a mini heart attack
She was continuously beating him when he held her hands and pulled her on him with a jerk rolling over pining her below him
She looked at him shock
Laksh smirking – what happened princess
She came in senses and angrily turned her face
He smiled and forcefully make her look at him
Laksh – sorry princess but every day you try new ideas to wake me up so I just tried to gave you return gift
While in return he only got a death glare
But he was also laksh so how can he back off
Laksh – am I forgiven

Ragini nods in a big no
He smirked naughtily
Without wasting time he his his face in her neck giving her wet kisses
While her breath turned heavy
Ragini stammering – la…aa..kk..sh
Laksh still busy doing his work ? – hmm..
Ragini – leave me di might be waiting for me
Laksh huskily whispered in her ears – answer to my question
Ragini smiled sweetly and trailed her hands from his shoulder locking them behind his neck
Ragini – hum so you want answer
He nodded like a innocent child

She smiled and said – hum toh
He looked at her curiously
She pulled him near her and whispered in his ears – you are….
Laksh who was fully engrossed in feeling her didn’t paid attention to her smirk
Before he can understand he was pushed by force to other side of bed
Ragini taking it as a chance ran from there and stood near door
While he looked at her shockingly
Ragini laughing – it’s not easy to win from me Mr.lucky

Saying this she went from there
Laksh smiled sheepishly tubing his fingers in his hairs
Scene shifts to dining table
All were seated there having there
Silence spread all over
It was awkward situation for all elders
While dev ansh looked at them in amusement raglak who used to fight were all silent now

Swara who used to scold them for skipping there school is all sitting there silently just feeding them food both looked at sanskar
Even if they were children still they can understand
Both looked at each other sadly
When ansh grinned widely and winked at dev unnoticed by others
Dev shook his head side ways pointing from eyes to swara
Ansh angrily looked at him while dev pouts
Swara – both eat properly where are your minds ha
All heads turned towards them
Devansh shook there head side ways
Again all get engrossed in eating there food
When secretly ansh scrolled his hands in his pockets and took out something
He stood up suddenly and throws the thing in sanskar plate shouting – cockroach
All stood up with a jerk and looked at sanskar plate in horror
His plate was fully covered with number of cockroaches (artificial don’t worry ?)
Swara closed her eyes while sanskar looked away
Ragini ran from there controlling her vomiting followed by laksh
Devansh giggles
Ansh runs from there shouting – run dev run save your life
Dev also ran behind him

Swara angrily shouts – you both get here right now
Trio ran in while house
When finally swara caught both of them
Till then raglak were also back
Swara scolding – what was that ……. I told you not to do this prank on anyone
Dev innocently – idea was of chachu
All looked at laksh angrily who was trying to hide himself behind ragini
Laksh – I was just telling them about my school experience I didn’t knew they will take it seriously

Devansh giggles seeing him while he please them through his eyes to save him
Ansh – relax elders the atmosphere was getting quite boring so thought to change it
Swara held his ear while he shouts in pain
Ansh dramatically – kya zamana aa gaya hai ek balak pe atyachaar …. Hey bhagwan kuch kar
All present there smiled seeing his nautanki (drama)
Swaragini moved to clean the mess
Laksh also excused himself getting a call
Sanskar was about to move when ansh stood on front of him crossing his hands across his shoulder while dev was standing behind him
Sanskar raised his eyebrows seeing him

Ansh – how was the trailer
Sanskar looked at him in confusion
Ansh – waise I hope you had a great morning

He winked at him and moved from there with dev shouting – alarm clock
That’s when sanskar understood what he meant
He looks at his retreating figure in shock
Sanskar monologue – dangerous kids …. Now I understood why raglak gave me that look yesterday at there challenge…..laksh was right indeed they are devils … I wonder what will happen with me in these seven days

He shook his head on his own thoughts with a slight smile on his face

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