Teri fariyaad (episode 20)

Leap of 5 years
A small yet elegant mansion is shown with small garden in front
Suddenly there is a loud sound heard
Let’s move inside to see what’s happening
In hall
A small boy of around four years is seen running out of a room followed by a man in his mid 20s

Man – stop you little devil otherwise I will kill you

Boy laughing – first catch me you unlucky fellow

Boy saw a girl coming out from kitchen he ran and stood behind her

Boy – masi save me

Man – you devil come out

Girl – oye …. lucky why are you troubling my ansh

Ansh shows him his tongue teasing him

Laksh irritated – ragini you move you don’t know what he did

Ansh innocently – yes tell masi what I did

Ragini angrily – now speak

Laksh making faces – he poured full jug of cold water on me

Ragini – so he just did to wake you up you sleepy head

Ansh smiling brightly – yes masi is correct

Laksh fake anger – you first come out I will tell you who is correct

They both were busy arguing when they heard another voice
All heads turned in his direction and found another small boy around four years who was standing there rubbing his eyes

Boy – you both started early morning
Ansh – you keep quite dev boring fellow you don’t have any entertainment in your life

Dev pouts while raglak giggles

Ansh looks at laksh and said proudly – go I left you I don’t want to waste my precious time on useless fellow

Laksh moved to chase him but till then he flew from there laughing followed by dev while ragini smiled seeing them

Laksh turned his head towards her and smirked looking her smiling
Ragini who noticed his smirk moved a little back saying no
He moved a bit ahead and within sec held her by waist pulling her on him while she crashed with his broad chest

Laksh huskily – don’t you think you are smiling so much

Ragini breath got heavier she just looked down not meeting his intense gaze on her

Laksh while caressing her right cheek with his nose tip – speak na

Voice – I will speak

Both get startled and quickly parted and saw ansh and dev giggling

Ragini blushes crimson red while laksh was shooting them daggers

Ansh – hhhaaaaaa……look at your faces

Laksh fake anger – don’t you have manners not to disturb someone’s private moment

Ansh with devilish grin – don’t you have manners to do this in private place
Saying this he ran from there
Laksh sighed – he will not change

Dev sweetly – you both continue I will make sure bhai don’t disturb you
He laughed and also ran from there

Laksh grinned widely – cute little devils

Ragini – laksh go and change I will set breakfast

Laksh – hmmm.. Wait where is bhabi

Ragini – wo she might be sleeping she came late almost midnight

Laksh – oh ok
He went from there

A middle size room is shown with dim light
A girl is lying in bed
Tears were continuously slipping from corner of her eyes finally not able to take anymore she sat on bed
Her face is shown she is non other than swara
She is looking pale her eyes were puffy and her nose turned light red

Her heart is feeling unexpressible pain

Today also she had same question her mind “what was her fault?” And after five years of that incidence this one question is still left unanswered.

She smiled sadly it’s her daily routine to involve herself in work or with kids because when she is alone like now she always think about one person whom she loved the most and who gave her pain the most ‘sanskar’ HER SANSKAR
Sometimes she think is she still have the right to call him my sanskar or still he think about her the same way she think about him

A dark room is shown only the light go from a side table lamp in flowing the room

A person is sitting on couch nearby with his head down and a glass of wine in his hand

He lift his head and drank all the wine in glass in one go and threw the glass somewhere in corner of room

He shouts – where are you swara

(You guys guessed it right it’s sanskar )

His eyes were showing pain , hurt as if his heart his broken into several pieces but then there is not a single tear stop in his eyes now he has enough of crying tears also dried up but his wait is still not over his search still has know answers

Sanskar – I am searching you from past five years but where are you ? Where?
Small intro
Dev and ansh are Swasan child after swara left mm she got to know that she is pregnant after that they three shifted to Bangalore where laksh started his small business and swara completed her college and now she is a doctor and working on one of most reputed hospital in Bangalore
Laksh business also going smooth and ragini just complete her college

About sanskar wait for few episode
I think in 1-2 episode I will make them meet

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  1. Sanskar character is so confusing

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  6. nice epi dr make meet swasan soon

  7. Stupendously awesome

  8. Awwww……cute devil angels……its lyk ek swara jaisa…or ek san jaisa……..

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  10. actually I thought raglak children but yaa if now u don’t give importance to raglak than I don’t read this and give proper raglak track

    1. Mica

      well nikky, i dunno about proper track, but about children, hmmm.. don’t you think that Ragini to small to have 4 years old children ? i think it’s better for Ragini to complete the college than marry to Laksh, and nowadays raglak become cute pair.

      1. All i can giggle now..

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  13. awesome..ur story is going good..waiting for swasan meet..tc..

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    Loved it….
    Exctd for swasa meet

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    ohh poor my swasan, well…. Sanskar didn’t completely wrong, he trusted Swalak once, but when he heard that it’s real picture, the jealousy slapped him..
    sometime picture give wrong presentation…

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  22. I have so many Q’s in my mind.swara was working with laksh in office.then when did she did her MBBS .when did she became Dr.
    Wt abt dp?
    Y is sanky searching swara ?
    Whether anush and dev know abt their father??

    1. Avi009

      Dear actually swara use to go college in morning and then office at night ship before meeting sanskar then she drops it for the time she was with him and when he left her she completed her course
      About dp and your rest two ques will get solved by next two chapters

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