Teri fariyaad (episode 2)

Life is unpredictable……..you never know…….when what happenshappens
Swara looked at the person in shock

Swara whispered , laksh

Laksh , I am sorry swara but you have to come with me

Swara confusingly , but where

Hearing so many sounds ragini came in hall
She was scared to see the scenario she quickly ran towards swara n holds her hand tightly

Swara , ragu u go inside

Laksh , no need she will also come with us

Swara , n what if I say no


all heads turned towards the main door

Sanskar was standing there
He came towards swara stood at a comfortable distance

Sanskar in cold tone , get ready today is your marriage with me

Swara stood there numb

Sanskar continued , let me introduced myself to you ………… Sanskar maheshwari you must have heard about me after all u I am a famous businessman ………… I got atracted to you when I first saw u yesterday in mall ………… THE THING WHICH I WANT I GET IT AT ANY COST

Swara was not able to digest the fact a unknown man comes from nowhere n order herher to marry him today

There was a smile on her face smile full of pain again life played its worst game n again she has become its prey

Sanskar was shocked to see her smiling in such a situation also but only if he had known her he would have understood the pain behind her smile

He jerked away all his thoughts n pulled swara towards himself holding her hand when he found her not moving he looked at her only to find ragini holding swara other hand

Sanskar signed laksh to take ragini

Laksh holds ragini from her shoulders

Sanskar dragged swara from there , threw her in car n drove off

Here as soon as swara hand slipped from her hand she shouted , di n fell unconscious in laksh arms

Laksh looked at her pale face thought , I m sorry princess (ragini) but I m also helpless like you

Maheshwari mansion
Laksh room,

Laksh was sitting on couch n staring ragini who was sleeping on bed

Soon ragini started gaining consciousness
She looked around when reality hit her that she is in an unknown place she got up being scared her eyes were searching swara that’s when she noticed laksh staring her tears started flowing from her eyes

Laksh came into senses after hearing her shouting

He came near her n kept his one hand on her mouth

Laksh , sshh …….. Why are you shouting n (he wiped her tears) tears doesn’t suits your these beautiful eyes

Ragini , we…..eh…..er…….I……..m

Laksh , in my home my room

Ragini , I want to go to di

Laksh , u will meet her soon don’t worry

Ragini innocently , sachi

Laksh smiled looking at her innocent face

Laksh passed her a packet , get ready fast

Ragini looked at the packet n then at laksh

He understood her question

Laksh , swara is getting married to bhai at night n u should be present there

Ragini’s eyes started getting blur

Laksh can’t see her such condition so he left from there

At night
In sanskar’s room

Swara was standing near window gazing at moon dressed in a cream n red colour lehenga wearing heavy jewellery her face was glowing in moon light but her eyes were showing some different shades of emotions she was trying to figure out what is happening in her life
She still remember her father’s wish to see her dressed like bride but she did not knew that his wish will be fulfilled like this

She went into flashback
Little swara was sitting n seeing her parents marriage album

When shekhar entered

Shekhar , beta what are u doing

Swara , papa apke aur mama ki shadi ki album dekh rahi hu (papa seeing your n mama marriage album)

Shekhar came n sat near her

Swara , papa mamaa is looking so beautiful na

Shekhar put his hand on swara head , beta one day you will also be dressed like this that day will be most happiest day in my life n that day u will leave me n go to some other house

Swara , no that day will never come I will never leave you

Shekahr smiled n said even if u tried to leave me I will not let you do I will always be there with you

Little swara smiled n kissed shekahar check


Swara papa u said you will always be there with me but where are u look ur shona is getting married where are you I need u I need your shoulder to wash away all my pain

Her chain of thoughts was broken by a bang sound she shifted her gaze towards the door only to find sanskar standing there dressed in cream colour sherwani (friends you can imagine him as he was in serial when ragini forced swasan to marry )

Sanskar in harsh tone , if ur ready then come I don’t have time to waste

Swara silently stood there looking down
Sanskar when found her not moving came furiously towards her n holds her arms tightly

Sanskar , get this thing clear in ur mind that I don’t repeat my words

Swara looked at him with tears flowing from her eyes

Sanskar wiped her tears n moved closer to her ears , whispered , save these tears for today night
Precap : swasan marriage, there first night n laksh attempt to make ragini smile

Thank you all for such lovely comments

One of u asked that in which class ragini studies

Ragini is in final year


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