Teri fariyaad (episode 18)

Friends now the real story will start the prologue part. Many of you asked about Dp hating swaragini and why he is doing this ……… don’t worry you will get to know this probably in this episode
It was peaceful and calm but not for two person. There heart and mind were still filled with the destruction caused by the storm they just experienced few hours before

Swasan room,
Sanskar was sleeping peacefully taking swara in his embrace but seems like sleep was far away from her today’s incidence were still fresh in her mind haunting her

She carefully freed herself from sanskar grip and slowly without disturbing his sleep she went and sat on window gazing moon
It is the only one from childhood who listen to her without complaining today also she is seeing him conveying her unsaid pain

Those photos were still registered in her mind she was busy remembering them when something strike her mind
Her whole body shivered remembering that incidence

Swara pov.
Those pictures were not fake but true that day me and laksh ……. But it was just that he was helping me ……. But then who must have taken our pic ….. shit I have to talk to laksh swara pov ends

She quickly ran out of room making sure not to wake up sanskar

(Time before sanskar encounter with swara)
Swalak used to work in same office
(guys remember the intro)

Swara hurriedly came out from her college
Swara mumbling – oh shit! Today I will be surely get late for office and above all that today I didn’t bought my bike also how will I reach home

She started to search for cab or taxi but to her bad luck she was not getting any
Now she is fully frustrated looking at her watch and then road
It’s been half hour she is waiting here that’s when a car came and stops in front of her
She angrily looked at it and then started to move but the car followed her she stood there and was about to shout when a person came out from it

Swara stood there all surprised
Swara whisper – laksh???

Laksh smiling – any help ?

Swara also smiled – sure why not
Saying so she sat in his car

After few min they reached swara home

Swara quickly mumbled thank you and ran from there

She was about to enter inside house when someone pushed her harshly causing her head to strike with the huge flower pot kept at the entrance of door step ……. She winced in pain

She looked up and found one old lady and man standing there behind them were two girls standing

Swara with hurtful voice – masi

Lady picked her up holding her hair
While swara was still in shock not able to register what is happening

Lady – aye chori don’t dare to enter my house

Swara – you’re house

Man smirked evenly – yes our house ragini herself signed it on our name

Swara – no she can’t do that you are lying I don’t believe it

Lady – hhhaaaa….. We know that she will not be a easy nut to crack but we have our own plans you know

Swara – no you can’t take it like this let me call lawyer uncle
She was about to call him when man snatched phone from her hand and the lady slapped her
She was again about to slap her when someone held her hand

Person – no physical touching my dear aunty

Swara shockingly – laksh

Laksh looked at her face keenly blood was ozing out from left side of her head while finger marks were visible on her cheek

Laksh – I think I am late

Lady jerked her hand from laksh hand

Lady – stop you laila majhnu show over here

Laksh looked at her with blood shot eyes she immediately closed her mouth

Man – take your this gf from here and move out from house

They all went inside closing the door on swalak face

Laksh turned back to swara
Laksh raising his eye brow – Hitler family??

Swara nodded her head tears were continuously flowing from her eyes
Swara in choking voice – la..ask…sh …. they …. how can (she was not able to speak and again burst out crying )
Laksh immediately hugged her ( friendly one no wrong thoughts ?)

Laksh – sshhhh… Swara every thing will be alright
He parted her from hug and cupped her face from left hand she wiped her tears from other one
He slightly pecked her fore head

Swara – laksh ragini she is in school what will I tell her laksh
She was continuously speaking and laksh was trying to calm her finally swara voice started to fade away and she fell unconscious in his arms

Laksh holds her from one hand and pats her cheek with other – swara get up swara oh .. god what happened to her

He picked her up in his arms and took her to his car
Flashback ends

Swara came running to terrace
Swara breathing heavily – laksh

Laksh who was standing there facing his back towards her immediately turned
Laksh surprised – bhabhi??

Swara – you’re here and I searched whole mansion not finding you in your room

Laksh – I just came to her fresh air …… by the way what are you doing here

Swara went and sat on the sudden chair kept there

Swara sadly – laksh those pics ….. But laksh interrupts her – I know they are real … how can I forget that day

Swara crying – I am sorry laksh because of me you need to hear so much

Laksh sat in front of her holding her both hands in his
Laksh – no bhabi it was not your fault please stop crying if bhai will get to know that I made you cry than surely he will take me to office with him (he made faces) worst punishment

Swara smiled a little – but who can do this ?

Laksh – dad

Swara shock – what? But why

Laksh smiled sadly – he hate me
He got up and was about to go she swara stops him

Swara – laksh I know you’re hiding something please tell na laksh

Laksh – there is nothing bhabi
He was again about to move but this time swara caught his hand
She continuously pleaded him to tell now laksh can’t control anymore
Laksh shouts – because of you’re brother

Swara grip loosens on his hand she stumbled back a little – no ….. this is not possible ….. How do you know about bhai (she held his collar) how do you know bhai answer laksh

Laksh freed himself from her grip
Laksh in painful smile – you’re brother destroyed my small happy family I lost my doll because of him bhai lost his sister because of him dad lost his daughter because of him this house lost his princess because of him ( shouts ) because of him we lost uttara

Swara was standing there numb shock she don’t know what to say still it was difficult for her to believe that her brother her sahil can do such thing who loves her and ragini more than his life can do such thing with a girl but she knew there might be big reason behind him doing this she was convincing herself continuously

Laksh state was also not bad from her he remembered his memories with uttara no matter she was not his real sister but he loves her more than his life

Both there trance were broken by a huge noise they shift there gaze towards the place from where sound came only to get shocked
Sanskar was standing there with blood shot eyes near him a broke pieces of pot
Guys sorry for not any ragini scenes please forgive me just for this episode

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