Teri fariyaad (episode 17)

Everyone looked at dp in shock
Laksh stumbled a bit seeing hatred towards him in his eyes

Sanskar seeing laksh immediately held him frim by his shoulders

Dp was again about to slap him when sanskar held his hands
Sanskar – dad what happened?

Dp looked at him with blood shot eyes he jerked his hands and again looked at laksh angrily

Dp angrily – how can you do this laksh (shouts) answer me

Laksh just looked at him with blank face not able to register anything he asked him calmly – what happened dad ?

Dp – raised his voice showing him his hand – don’t dare to call me dad

Laksh still without losing his temper asked – but dad what’s my mistake?

Dp – mistake?? It’s not mistake it’s a crime ……… Saying this he passed a envelope to him while sanskar looked at it in shock he quickly went and snatched it from laksh hand
Sanskar – dad how did you get it ?

Dp mocking – why you were not about to tell me …. How can you hide such a big thing I never expected at least this from you sanskar

Laksh – what’s happening bhai … you show me what’s there in that envelope

He snatched it from sanskar and without giving him time to respond he opened it and next what he saw made him shock to core while sanskar just closed his eyes tightly to stop the flow of tears

Laksh in broken voice – believe me bhai it’s not true
He held sanskar hands – bhai you know us na we can’t do such things

Sanskar hugged him right – I know laksh you can never do it that’s why I never told you
Sanskar broke the big and wiped his tears

Dp – how can you believe him

Sanskar – dad please it’s between me and him so please don’t and secondly I don’t need any proof to believe him

Dp angrily looked at laksh and then he turned his gaze to swara he walked towards her like a hungry lion while swara stood there froze shivering badly from fear. looking at her condition laksh immediately came and stood in between them

Laksh – dad please it’s not her fault

Sanskar in disbelief – laksh

Swara was not understanding anything she looked at the envelope in laksh hand and instantly took it from his hand

Laksh – swara no

But it was too late swara already saw it she looked at laksh with teary eyes while he was also looking at her with blue vision

Ragini came forward and took the envelope from swara hand carefully she looked at it in confusion but then after seeing it she also was shocked
It contains laksh and swara few photos in one they were hugging
Second laksh held swara both hands third laksh was kissing swara forehead fourth laksh was carrying swara in his arms but her face was not visible clearly like this few more
Ragini went towards swara and held her hand – I believe my dii

Dp looked at sanskar for his answer and then he didn’t spoke anything but bow his head down

Dp – fine no one wants to believe it then ok but remember one thing sanskar you’re soon going to regret it for believing them …. Saying this he went from there

Laksh eyes were red anger can be clearly seen on his face he looked at swara who was crying in ragini embrace his hands automatically clenched in a fist not able to control anymore he ran from there angrily sanskar tried to go behind him but till then he was already gone

Swara also ran towards her room crying

Sanskar looked at them helplessly. It is hurting him to see his family breaking again in front of his eyes and he can’t do anything

He was busy in his thought when he felt a tap on his shoulder he looked back and saw ragini standing there tears were continuously flowing from her eyes
He immediately indulged her in a hug (brotherly one)

Sanskar while stroking her back – sshhhh everything will be ok you are my brave sister na
He wiped her tears and parted from her

Ragini – jiju you go to dii she must be needing you

Sanskar remembered swara condition he quickly went towards there room patting ragini cheeks assuring that she is fine

Ragini sat on couch worried for lakah. She was afraid that he might have not done something to himself in anger
Dp came inside room and started throwing things soon the room became full mess

He sat down in bed holding his head
Dp – I thought that after seeing those photos sanskar will get mad on swara and will throw her out of house with that ragini then they will bear the same pain my daughter bear (he took out a photo frame from drawer of side table and started caressing the pic ) but sanskar … how can he trust them so much this much trust that he didn’t listen me also

He kept the photo back to it’s place and stood up angrily

Dp – I have to do something that to very soon before there this trust game start again
Swara came running to her room and closed the door
She fell in bed crying badly
She remembered those photos and cried that’s when sanskar enters the room banging the door he looked at her and swiftly came and held her face

Sanskar – swara why are you crying please you know na I can’t see tears in your eyes please don’t cry

Swara instantly hugged him tightly
Swara – sanskar believe me I don’t know anything about those photos I can never think of doing such things in my dream also please believe me

Sanskar parted from her and cupped her face wiping tears by his dumb – swara l believe you I know you can’t do such thing that’s why I didn’t asked you about it when I got them I know you are innocent and the thing which you have not done then why are you crying

Swara innocently – you trust me

Sanskar nodded his head

Swara – sacchi

Sanskar pulled her cheeks – mucchi

He again took her in a bone crushing hug and pecked her head while swara wiped the lone year which escaped from her eyes

A small smile crept on his face seeing her alright
Ragini was hall worried for laksh she called him several times but he was not receiving them
She was passing in hall biting her nails
Ragini – I don’t know where this laksh went nothing should happen to him let me try his phone on more time

She again called him she waited for him to pick the call but getting only disappointment she was about to cut the call but on last ring he picked it

Ragini – laksh where are you. you know I am so worried for you and are you fine you first tell me where are you ….. She keeps on asking him question when finally she heard his faint voice

Laksh – princess

Ragini worried like hell – laksh please don’t do this you tell me where you are I am coming

Laksh told her his location she instantly after getting the address ran out and took a can till there
Ragini reached the location told by laksh she was shocked to see it cliff

She started searching for him calling his name all slights of bad ideas started to occupy her mind but she jerked them always convincing herself that he will be fine

Finally she found him sitting under a tree she gave a big sigh of relief seeing him fine

She slowly walked to him and found him gazing at one corner lost in his own world

She sat beside him and called him lovingly laksh looked at her for few sec and then lay down keeping his head in her lap surprising her but soon she smile little and started caressing his hairs

Ragini – laksh are you alright please speak something

Laksh looked at her and said – ragini do you trust me

Ragini – is there anything in it to ask obviously I do

Laksh – those photos I don’t know ……… He was not able to speak further his voice chocked

Ragini – laksh you don’t need to explain me anything I believe you and always believe you

Laksh smiled a bit listening her
He closed his eyes to fell her while ragini also laid in same position felling him safe and near her

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