Teri fariyaad (episode 16)

Everything is going so smooth in our couples life just like a fairy tail but we can’t forget the rules of Destiny ‘ happy time doesn’t last for long ‘ same was being with our couples they were unaware of the storm which is coming in there life
Now to overcome this what they need is trust on each other but will it going to be so easy let’s see then

Early morning
Swasan were still sleeping in each other embrace cuddling more in one other when swara sleep was disturbed by sun rays she slowly slowly opened her eyes only to find herself in her Prince embrace
She smiled looking at him when last night incident started playing in her mind her cheeks turned dark shade of pink

Sanskar still closing his eyes – don’t blush so much that I loose my control and we again land up like last night

Swara was now full red after listening his statement but soon she compose herself before replying him back – I don’t mind actually

Sanskar opened his eyes with a jerk and looked at her in shock seeing her bold reply

Swara pulled his cheeks – awe!! You look so cute

Sanskar smirked and pulled her close – don’t you think handsome might have sound better

Swara made faces – no no beautiful might have sound good …….. She said in one go and pecked his lips lightly before running from there it happens so fast that sanskar didn’t get time to realise ………. when he came to reality within seconds ran behind her shouting her name

Sanskar – swara stop … am I looking a girl to you

She ran around in while tent while sanskar chasing her
Swasan reached mm
Swara was about to step inside when sanskar pulled her towards him holding her right hand and pinned her to nearby wall
He nuzzles his head in her neck caressing the length of her neck with his nose tip

Sanskar huskily – beautiful …. that’s what you used right

Swara struggles in his grip
Swara – sanskar leave me someone will come

Sanskar biting her neck – as if I care

Swara moaned when he bite her – sanssskarrrrr …… leave me

They were busy when they heard giggling sound

Both turned there head in the direction from where voice was coming still standing in same position only to find raglak standing there

Laksh has kept his one hand on ragini eyes while his other hand was holding ragini both hand on her back as she was struggling to free herself and he himself was showing his full 32 teeth

Laksh – you should do this in private place some innocent kid like her (pointed to ragini) are also here

Sanskar threw his head back on swara shoulder cursing them under breath while swara turned crimson red he without any option left freed swara from his grip
Laksh grinned widely seeing this
Sanskar glared him – it was private place only until you both poke your nose in

Laksh was about to reply him when someone hit hard on his foot

He held his foot in pain and looked at ragini in horror who was standing there giving him death glare now it was turn of Swasan to laugh

Laksh – what was that for ????

Ragini angrily – shut up you idiot
Saying this she turned her face angrily

Laksh looked at her with open mouth

Sanskar came towards him and closed his mouth
Sanskar while smirking whispered in his ear – you are gone my dear little brother

Laksh passed him a tight smile and whispers back – I will surely see you next time

Sanskar raised his eyebrow and said first survive this mini tornado (he pointed towards ragini)

Ragini angrily looked at them -while cruising her arms- what you both were talking

Sanlak fake smiled -in union- nothing

Swara – let’s get in and then we will talk
Trio nodded and started to move inside when sanskar pulled swara back holding her waist he whispers in her ear softly – my work is still pending

Swara hits him with her elbow in his stomach eyeing him to stop it pointing to raglak who were moving in front

Sanskar just shrugged his shoulders conveying that he don’t care while swara sighed and whispered ‘impossible’
They four enters in hall when ragini shouted – diiii

Trio looked at her in shock
Swara concerned – what happened ragini

Ragini pouts – dii I am dammm hungry

All sighed in relief
Laksh – for one sec you scared us

Ragini made faces hearing him and turned her face angrily
All smile seeing her cute antics

Swara – what do you want to eat

Ragini happily – pasta

Swara with fake anger – this means you were not hungry it was just that you wanted to eat pasta

Ragini smiled sheepishly looking at her

Swara – ok ok fine I’ll make

Ragini chirped and started jumping like a kid
Everyone smiled looking at her
Swara was about to move in kitchen when they heard a thud sound
All head turned towards laksh in shock who was holding his left cheek
Laksh whispered – dad ( yes guys dp slapped him why??? You’ll get to know wait for sometime )

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  19. Awesome episode and waiting for Raglak scenes

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