Teri fariyaad (episode 15)


Swara was standing near window gazing at moon

Swara POV.
Papa today I got to know the meaning of your words that whatever happens its for your good when sanskar entered in my life I cursed my fate but look now I am thankful that I got him. I never thought that I will love him one day but now I can’t imagine my life life without him

She was busy in her thoughts smiling wide when dome one put cloth on her eyes
She was about to shout but when her hand came in contact with the person hand a shiver ran down her spine
She slowly whispered – Sanskar

Sanskar after tying the knot slowly came close to her ear and whispered huskily – I thought to surprise you but seem like you’re very familiar from my touch

Her whole body became numb sensing him so close words betrayed her to come out from her mouth

Sanskar smiled seeing his effect on her he slowly yet sensually kissed her earlobe

He carefully picked her up in his arms and carried her towards his car while she left herself fully on him

He made her sit in car and himself settled beside wheels before zooming off from there
Ragini came running to laksh room when she saw him sleeping peacefully

She kept her both hands on her waist sidewise – huh?? Here I an still awake and thus monkey is sleeping peacefully

She went near him and started shaking him – laksh get up

Laksh lazily turned in his sleep – ragini yaar let me sleep

Ragini again shakes him – laksh you promised me you will take me for long drive today

Laksh keeping pillow on his ears – I will take you some other time but let me sleep now you go from here
He pointed to door still closing his eyes

Ragini mouth hung open listening him -in mind – how dare he I need to show him who is ragini beta if in another five min you didn’t get up na then I will change my name
She smirked looking at him

Ragini loudly – OK you sleep I will go with abhi
She said moving to doors
She was about to step out when she was spun by laksh towards himself who held her shoulder firmly and pinned her to door

Laksh looking straight into her eyes – who is this abhi?

Ragini shrugging her shoulders – why should I tell you

Laksh angrily – you are not going with anyone otherwise

Ragini crossed her hands in front of her chest – otherwise what ?

Laksh – otherwise I will kill that idiot

Ragini pulled his cheeks – little gorilla come we are getting late

She moved from his grip and opened the door but before leaving she turned towards him and said while smirking – come down within 5 min otherwise I have many options you know one of them
Saying this she ran from there

Laksh panicking – beta go fast otherwise that little girl will surely go with someone…….. but wait what just now she called me little gorilla am I looking like that
He twirl around looking himself in mirror
It been a hour since swasan were traveling in car they have reached almost the outskirts of city

Sanskar – won’t you ask where am I taking you

Swara smiled a little – I believe you

Sanskar smile grew more wide hearing her where as swara was resting her head on mirror she knew she said him that she has trust on him but in some corner if her heart she still hesitate to accept it after all his behavior towards her from start was one to create that little doubt in her

Finally Sanskar stopped the car it was all dark around only dim light of moon was there it was some sought of jungle only tall trees can be seen
He again picked swara in his hands and moved in the narrow path between the trees

After a walk of around ten min he reached his destination

He carefully made swara to stand and removed the cloth from her eyes

At start it became a bit difficult to open her eyes due to the sharp ray of light piercing her eyes but then she slowly opened her eyes fully and that when she noticed the place around
It was a simple yet beautiful place covered with tall trees from all the side making a huge round tree wall there was a small fire lit in the centre and a small tent in front of it the whole place was lit by all sought of light rose petals were spread all over providing a sweet fragrance to the environment

Swara was busy seeing the place when Sanskar tap her shoulder she looked at him instantly
He pointed his figure in upward direction while signalising her through eyes to look up
She looked up and was mesmerised seeing the sky full of stars she moved forward still looking at sky a wide smile played on her lips
She was busy admiring the nature when she heard Sanskar voice
Sanskar lovingly – swara
Swara looked at him and found him sitting on his knees forwarding a bunch of red roses in front of her

Raglak were sitting on bench in one corner of dim lit park
Laksh – you wait here I have a surprise for you
He came back after few min
Ragini look at him and the guitar he was holding being surprised – how do you…
Laksh – I have my own ways saying so he winked at her
Ragini sadly but I don’t know how to play
Laksh smiled – then what I am here for
He sat on bench and jesters her to also sit
Ragini – but….before she could complete laksh holds her wrist and pulled her such that she fell on him
He back hugged her as she was sitting on his lap
He held her both hands in his and started playing guitar
Ragini was not at all able to concentrate due to close proximity she was loosing her sense seeing him so close and his hot breath on her back was driving her crazy
While the case with Laksh was also similar to her it was the first time he was being so close to her
Her fragrance was making him loose his senses
Sanskar was sitting on his knees forwarding a bunch of red roses in front of her
Sanskar – swara you came in my life as an angle you became the light to my dark life after uttra death I was just living to fulfill my duties working day and night just like machine but you taught me how to live you again bought colours in my colourless life you fulfilled all your duties but now its my turn to fulfill all your wishes I want to take all your pain I want to live with you in every shade of your life will you give me a chance please ……. I love you swara ……. And I mean it

Swara was looking at him lovingly having tears in her eyes she forward her hand and took the flowers from him while nodding her head in yes
Swara – I love you too Sanskar
His smile grew wide listening her he instantly stood up and took her in his embrace
Sanskar – than you so much swara than you for giving me a chance … Saying so he tightens his grip More on her when something clicked his mind he quickly departs from her while swara looked at him confusingly
He took out a ring from his pant pocket and forward his hand towards her
Swara happily kept her left hand on his while he slid the ring in her finger
A tear escape swara eyes sanskar looked at it and cupped her face in his both hands wiping her tear from his thumb he slightly nodded his Head – now they have no place in our life
Swara was overwhelmed by his care she instantly hugged him tight hiding her face in his chest while Sanskar hugged her back even more tight
Raglak were still in same position when laksh came back to reality

He took the guitar from her hand and kept it aside and made ragini sit comfortably on bench
He looked everywhere but not at her somewhere in his heart he was cursing himself to loose his senses and do something without her will he was not getting words to ask sorry from her

Ragini looked at his hesitation and smiled she kept her head on his chest and wrapped her hands around his waist laksh was surprised by her sudden action

When ragini found him not responding she moved her head up to look at him

Ragini while pouting – you can respond back

Laksh was shocked by her statement he looked at her for few sec and then smiled
He wrapped his right hand on her shoulder protectively and with other hand he caressed her head

There was deep silence between them but it is said that sometimes silence speaks more than words
Swasan were sitting near fire such that Sanskar was back hugging her he has placed his hands on her belly while swara hands was on his hands he was resting his chin on her shoulder
Sanskar – swara I am soory
Swara confusingly – for what ??
Sanskar in choked voice – for hurting you every time and that day I crossed my limits please forgive me I can’t bear your silence
Tears were continuously flowing from his eyes
Swara immoderately freed herself from his clutches and cupped his face – no sanskar I was never angry on you I was just a little upset you know I can never be angry on you
Sanskar – no Swara it was my fault you want you can punish me swara give me the pain which you got from me in these days
He kept on blabbering without any option left Swara kissed him he was first shock but then he initially gave in and pulled her more close to him by holding her waist
After few min they broke the kiss due to lack of oxygen and rested there forehead on each other there breathing was mixing with one other he can feel her hot breath on his lips
This was it to wake the hungry devil he again pulled her in kiss but this time it was not soft and sweet but a hungry and passionate one
Laksh was caressing ragini hair when a question popped in his mind he looked at her not to know how to ask her
Laksh hesitantly – ragini … vo … actually
Ragini – ask it directly I won’t eat you for sure I am pure vegetarian you can relax
Laksh took a deep breath – who is this abhi ??
Ragini quickly departed from him and looked at him amazed
Laksh making faces – its OK if you don’t want to tell
Ragini smiled little seeing his expression but a naughty idea strikes her mind she purposely blush
Ragini blushing – actually he is my boyfriend
Laksh looked at her shockingly his eyes grew wider and mouth hung down almost touching the ground
Ragini laughed loudly in her mind

Ragini innocently blinking her eyes – laksh what happened???

Laksh avoiding eye contact – nothing …. What will happen to me

Ragini was enjoying his condition he made her to pleads him for taking her out so tit for tat
She stood up from her place and moved few steps backward

Ragini – actually he is a boy and my friend so in short boy-friend

Laksh nodded his head sadly it took him few sec to understand her statement
Ragini senses the change in his face expression and started running as laksh followed her shouting her name
Finally laksh caught hold of waist from back and started twirling her round while ragini started laughing
Sanskar carried her in his arms inside the tent
He gently placed her on bed and came on top of her
Both were looking at each other with desire filled eyes
Sanskar moved his face up and kissed her forehead eyes cheeks he was about yo kiss on her lips when she turned her face other side blushing crimson red sanskar smiled and kissed at corner of her lips he continued teasing her until swara lost all her patience and graves him from his hair pulling him in hungry kiss
He trailed down his hands caressing her waist he pulled her more on him
He moved his lips from her jawline to her neck giving lingering kisses
Swara also moved her face sideways giving him full authority to explore her
He bites her on neck while she clutched his collar tightly and moans his name in pleasure driving him more crazy and making him need her more
(Then what temp in tent became hot so let’s move out )
Friends I am very bad in romance scenes so forgive me for not writing more or it was not up to your expectations
Secondly I tried my level best to give equal importance to both pairs but if you feel I neglected one then you are welcome to tell me I will try my best showing them in next part

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