Teri fariyaad (episode 14)

Sanskar cabin
Ragini was sitting on couch keeping both hands on her face for support having a wide smile

While sanlak were continuously scolding her

Sanskar with concern – why did you come alone

Laksh – you must have called me I would have picked you up

Sanskar – what was the need to bunk college we would have talked later

They keep on scolding her when ragini had enough she shouted

Ragini keeping both hands on ears – stop !!!!

Ragini angrily – you both stop your nonsense. And you (she said pointing to Sanskar ) I came here to solve your problems regarding dii but you instead of thanking me you are scolding and on top of that you believed that receptionist rather than me go I’m not talking to you

She turned her face angrily

Sanlak smile looking at her its the first time someone dared to scold them

Sanskar went towards her and sat on table right in front of her

Sanskar holding her ears – sorry

Ragini glared him and went to laksh

Ragini without making eye contact – I am going back home

She was about to move when laksh grabbed her hand and turned her to him – I am sorry for shouting and if you Wang you can scold me double or beat me

Both were lost in each others eyes
When they were bought back to reality by Sanskar

Sanskar – guys you should do these things in private place na ki mere jaise sedhe sadhe insane ke samne

Raglak gave him “like really” look while sanskar made innocent face

Ragini – OK OK fine guys we are not here to talk about it let’s focus on dii

All nodded in agreement
They sat around tabl
Ragini – jiju so tell me what have you planned to propose dii

Sanskar hesitantly – actually …… I …. Have planned nothing

Raglak looked at him in shock

Ragini – why ??? I mean you are going to propose her right

Sanskar avoiding eye contact – its nothing like that

Ragini understood his hesitation but then she need to tell him that he is thinking wrong

Ragini eyed laksh and it took him no time to understand what sgr wants to say so without wasting time he stood up – bhai I have some imp work I will take a leave
With this he moved from there

As soon as he went ragini looked at Sanskar – jiju look at me

Sanskar first hesitated but then looked at her

Ragini – what’s the problem jiju

Sanskar again looked away – nothing

Ragini – jiju there is no point in lying until u will not tell me the prblm how will we sought out

Sanskar sighed – I can not propose her

Ragini – why??

Sanskar – ragini have you seen her age and mine its almost 8 years gap between us how can I … No I can’t she have her full life ahead

Ragini in disbelief – jiju if this is the thing stopping you then I wonder how you become such big business men…….jiju there might be age gap between you but love doesn’t see such things it just happen then what the problem in accepting it

After lit of argument finally Sanskar agreed

Ragini jumped from her place dancing in happiness – finally I put some sense in your pea size brain

Sanskar worried – how will I propose her and where

Ragini looked at him and sighed – she loves nature

Sanskar – but….

Ragini – no but from now think by yourself you are behaving as if I am going to propose dii not you

Ragsan entered MM
They were on door steps when they heard laughing sounds
Sanskar confusingly looked at ragini while she shrugged her shoulders

They both moved inside and what they saw made them shock

Swalak were playing carom while all the servants surrounded them
All female servants were cheering swara and all the male one laksh
They all were shouting like kids

Ragsan looked at each other while conveying through eyes ‘ are they still kids ‘
They moved towards them

Swara was sitting her nails in tension as laksh was about to shoot Queen when at the end moment sanskar called him and he missed the shot swara jumped in happiness and whole hall filled with roar of laughter

Laksh in complaining tone – bhai what this because of you I missed the queen now look she will win
Sanskar looked at him with wide eyes He was complaining as if Sanskar had done some crime

Swara took her turn and within sec queen was with her
She happily started dancing holding ragini hands

Laksh pouted – its just because of you bhai

But sanskar was busy in starring his queen smiling like an idiot

Laksh shakes him not once but twice but still there was no movement in him so finally he pushed him with full force as a result sanskar fell on couch with a jerk all stopped laughing and looked at sanskar in shock

Servants gulped in fear

Sanskar stood from his place and glared at laksh all servants moved from there as soon as possible

It became difficult for swara to control herself so she burst out laughing

Sanskar signed raglak to move so like a obedient child they both moved from there

Sanskar walked close to swara sensing his closeness she looked immediately stopped laughing

Sanskar raising his eyebrow – seems like you are having quite fun

He moved more close to her while swara stepped back little

Swara stammering – no..th…ing..like that

She quickly moved from there to control her heart which is running as if taking part in some marathon

She moved few steps but again turned to look at him whereas he smirked towards her
she hit her head and moved from there actually ran from there leaving behind sanskar smiling wide looking at her antics

Here swara came running to kitchen
She stood there taking support of slab from her one hand while other she kept it on her heart

Swara to herself – it was better to handle that khadoos Sanskar but this one is tho not my cup of tea

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