Teri fariyaad (episode 13)


Ragini reached sanskar office
She looked at the huge building in front of her in astonishment

Ragini – seems like we’re going to have so much fun here

She entered the building while looking around to herself – ragini where will you find jiju now and today your prince is also not here to help you ….. Wait wait one sec what I just called that duffer laksh as Prince oh my god !! What is happening to me I will suerly become mad one day

She hit her head with her hand and started searching for Sanskar
When she found reception there without wasting time she went there

Ragini clearing her throat – hhmmm..excuse me

Receptionist looked at her from top to bottom ragini was wearing simple yellow shirt tucked in her blue color jeans with heals

Ragini looked at receptionist starring her in mind – she is looking at me as if she has seen some Alien

Ragini to gain her attention a bit loud – excuse me

Receptionist jerked towards her but then her face turned angry (cold tone) – what do you want ?

Ragini – I want to meet jiju

Recep looked at her with wide eyes – jiju who is he

Ragini in mind pagal how will she know who is your jiju she mentally slapped herself to recep meekly – I want to meet Sanskar maheshwari

Recep looked at her in shock for a sec and then burst out in anger – what the hell do you think of your self ?

Ragini n mind( obviously a girl wait why is she asking is she thinking …. No no ragini think positive ….. And you know na you are straight so what is the problem) – why are you shouting I just asked you that I want to meet jiju

Recep with attitude – just leave before I call security random girl saying the great Sanskar maheshwari as her jiju

Ragini in mind ( attitude that too towards me I will show you who I’m wait and watch)- look I just want to meet jiju tell me where is his cabin

Recep – oh just shut up I know girls like you just want to trap rich boys in there trap don’t know what upbringing I’d given to you by your parents

That was it for ragini to now she was not saying anything that doesn’t mean she can’t speak or do anything she looked around and instantly pocked up a glass full of water and poured all on her

Ragini pointing finger to recep – mind your language

Sanskar who just now came down for some work looked at the scene

Sanskar in shock – ragini

Ragini turned at looked at him a bright smile appear on her face
She moved towards him but before she reach the recep ran towards him and stood in front of him shedding fake tears – Sir look this girl what she has done to me and she was abusing me badly

Sanskar who has not witnessed the full scene only saw ragini pouring water looked at her and said – ragini how can you do this ??

Ragini mouth open wide listening her she immideately ran to laksh who just now came down talking on phone and hugged him tight

Laksh was first shock but then composed himself and hugged her back

Laksh confused – ragini what are you doing here

Ragini departed from him and glared at both recep and Sanskar

Ragini – this girl did not allowed me to me to enter

Recep – fake crying – that is why she insulted me by throwing water I was just telling her to get out

Sanlak looked at recep angrily

Sanskar – with whose permission you were asking her to get out

Recep fumbling with words – actually she was …… Before she could complete ragini intrupted

Ragini narrated the whole scene to sanlak all the while they both were looking at recep with blood shot eyes

Ragini sobbing – she pointed on my upbringing that’s why I did this with her
Saying so she again hugged laksh

Sanskar shouts – how dare you do you know who she is she is my sister and you dared to shout on Sanskar maheshwari sister

Whole staff shivered listening him while the girl now seriously started crying she looked at ragini who was peeping from laksh embrace while ragini smile at her

Sanskar in cold tone – you are fired now leave

Recep starts to beg him joining her hands not to do so

Ragini intrupted – let it be jiju she was not knowing me that’s why

Sanskar looked at her to oppose but seeing ragini pleading eyes he melted

Sanskar in threatening voice – I’m leaving you now but make sure you don’t cross my way
He left from there

Laksh also holds ragini hand and started taking her when she turned to look at recep who was glaring her she winked at her and proceed to move with laksh
Swara was in kitchen making lunch

Swara – what does this Mr tycoon think of himself I’m angry on him instead of saying sorry he went to his borjnv office
She made faces and resumed her work when she heard laughing sounds she turned back and found servants were standing there laughing holding there stomach

Swara angrily – what’s there to laugh

All kept figure on there lips when on old lady spoke

Lady – beta from past one hour you are cursing Sanskar baba and making halwa

Swara looked at halwa which has turned dark brown she bite her tongue and cursed herself

She looked at all the servants and smile sheepishly when another servant spoke – and instead of sugar you put salt in it

Swara looked at kaka with wide eyes and then at her halwa

Kaka – we didn’t knew you love sanskar baba so much

Swara confused – mtlb??

Other servant – that’s why you made so special halwa for sir

With this all burst out laughing

Swara glared at them her nose turned red due to anger

She holds spoon from near by and started running behind them while they all started running in whole house

Full house echoed with laughter

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