Teri fariyaad (episode 12)


Trust is the base of each relationship if there is no trust there is no relation
Guys sorry for being late but I got busy in my exam and practicals

So here is the link of previous part in case you might have forgotten after all I am a month late mistake is all mine so I take full responsibility and seeking sorry

Episode 11

So let’s start

Next day
Swara sleep got disturbed by sun rays she woke up running her eyes which were still paining due to excess crying

She was about yo move from bed when she felt weight on her body
She looked at her right where sanskar was sleeping half lying on her holding her tight from her waist

She looked at him teary eyes past day incident occupied her mind

She doesn’t want to cry doesn’t Want to feel weak in front of him but what can she do she don’t have control on her emotions and finally giving up letting her pain out she started crying

Feeling his shirt wet sanskar opened his eyes and looked at swara who was crying badly

he immideately stood up

Sanskar panicking cupped her face – swara please don’t cry I am sorry. I am so sorry for yesterday it is just that I was not in my senses

Swara loked at him teary eyes

She can’t control anymore so she ran from there outside room

Before sanskar could stop her she was already gone

He banged his fist on wall In frustration

Sanskar – shit man you seriously hurted her very badly
Sanskar quickly got fresh up and came down in hall running only to get shock hearing laughing sounds

He moved towards dinning hall where found swalak laughing and ragini sitting there with a pout

Seeing swara laughing a relief occupied his heart
He went towards them seeing his coming swara smile instantly fades away which was obviously noticed by sanskar
Only he knew how much he hated the thing that the reason behind her sadness is him

He slowly went and sat near laksh just opp to swaragini

Sanskar clearing his throat to laksh – will you do the initiative to tell what is making you to laugh so much

Laksh hardly controlling himself – bhai if you will know then I am damm sure you will also join me

Sanskar raised his eyebrow asking him what

Laksh took swara phone and was about to show it to him when ragini shouted

Ragini – jiju you don’t listen to him he is a crack piece and laksh you give dii phone back

Laksh smirking – I am a crack piece is that so?

Ragini pleaded him through eyes but laksh just ignored her and passed the phone to sanskar

Sanskar looked at the screen for few sec and then a wide smile appeared on his face

Laksh laughing – how is it??

Sanskar – who is she ?

Laksh – non other than ragini

Sanskar looked at the pic again and then at ragini and again at phone in amusement and within sec he burst out laughing while ragini pouted

Sanskar – I can’t believe its ragini only

(The pic is of ragini childhood when she was around 5 years she was looking a bit chubby with two ponytails and was holding chocolate in her hands she her full mouth was covered with chocolate )

Ragini – jiju you also making fun of me like this idiot and dii

Hearing swara name he came back to reality and looked at swara who was playing with her food bowing her head down

Laksh – you called me idiot then what you are amul baby still behaving like kids

Ragini looked at him angrily and went from there glaring at him

Laksh hit his head on mind you again made her angry

He also ran behind her shouting her name to stop

Here swasan were left alone
Silence prevailed there

Sanskar wants to apologize to her but he was not getting how and then this silence was making him restless

Sanskar – slowly – swara

Swara looked at him

Sanskar became happy that finally she responded to him

Sanskar – hmmm..I m getting late for office so can you serve me breakfast

Swara looked at for once and then turn her head – I will ask kaka to serve you

Saying this she went from there
Sanskar looked at her retreating figure and sighed and starting following her

Swara entered the kitchen to look around for kaka but when she could not find him there she was about to move when sanskar came there blocking her way

Here ragini came out angrily and started going to main gate when laksh came there shouting

Laksh – princess wait yaar

When seeing ragini stopping he ran towards her and swiftly turned her to himself holding her arms while ragini banged with his hard chest

They were standing so close that there was not even a inch gap between them

Laksh – soory princess

That’s when ragini came back to sense and started struggling to free herself

Ragini – leave me you idiot you were making fun of me then now why are you saying sorry

Laksh instantly left her and holds his ears – sorry I promise I will not do such things here after please forgive me

Ragini – OK but I have a condition

Laksh happily – all conditions accepted

Ragini – OK tomorrow full day you have to follow my orders because I am a bit busy today

Laksh making faces – fine

Ragini throwing her bag towards him – now what are you waiting for come I am getting late for school

Laksh like a obidrnt child followed her
In kitchen
Sanskar blocked swara way

Swara irritated – now what do you want

Sanskar pleading – swara please don’t ignore me it hurts

Swara taunting – why is it hurting after all I m just a stranger

Sanskar a bit louder – swara!!

He closed his eyes now he got to know how it must have hurted her before he clenched his fist in anger
He took one glance of her before leaving from there anger

While swara looked at him in pain as a lone tear escape from her eye

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