Teri fariyaad (episode 1)

Life goes on………. weather you choose to move on road take a chance in unknown…….or stay behind locked in the past…….thinking of what would’ve been

Scne starts with A small yet beautiful room
A girl came inside banging the door yelling
Girl , di wake up

Swara who was sleeping on couch covered herself with blanket
Swara , ragu please let me sleep today is Sunday

Ragini , di pease get up na its 11 please na I have very important work from you

Swara , ragu leave

Ragini started fake crying , di u don’t love me you always care about yourself look mom dad how she is making me cry n sleeping like khumbkaran (I hope u all know who he was )

Swara finally gave up said , ragu stop your drama look I woke up

Ragini , so when u finally woke up then go n get ready fast we will do shopping

Swara said with annoyed face , this is your important work

Ragini made a pout face

Swara , u very clearly know no one can resist you after seeing u like this .

Ragini smiled brightly

At shopping mall

Swara was sitting there with a pout holding bundle of dresses

Swara , ragu please select fast I m tiered

Ragini , di u get tiered so fast

Swara with wide eyes , its been 3 hrs

Ragini said casually , chill di

Swara gave impossible look while all the staff present there was smiling seeing there bonding

Swara phone starts to ring so she excused herself from there

After attending the call when she was returning back she bumped in someone
All the files that person was holding scattered on ground

Swara , I m so sorry I really didn’t see u

Saying this she bent down n picked all the files
Handed it over to that person n left

But our hero was stuck on his heroin

That’s when laksh entered

Laksh , she is beautiful

Sanskar dreamingly , gorgeous

Laksh , her eyes are so attractive

Sanskar smilingly , hypnotizing

Laksh , she is looking so hot in that dress

Sanskar looked towards him in shock

Sanskar , abey saale bhabhi hai teri

Laksh looked at him in horror , b….bh….a…bhi
Kon bhabhi merit girlfriend banegi vo

Sanskar , apne bhai ka pyar chenega

Laksh , aur aap apne chote bhai se uski gf

Sanskar drastically chal rakhle tu bhi kya yaad rakhega
Both burst out laughing

Laksh , vaise bhai whome ur talking about

Sanskar pointed towards swara

Laksh whispered swara

Sanskar in confusion , u know her

Laksh , yes bhai we work in same company

Sanskar looked towards swara

Sanskar , I want her at any cost

Laksh shocked , bhai what are you saying she is not at all like that she will never accept you

Sanskar in determined voice , I don’t care what I care is that tomorrow she will be my wife

Laksh , but bhai

Sanskar , no more discussion on this topic

Laksh nooded half heartily

Sanskar , by the way which girl u were talking about

Laksh , the girl with swara

Sanskar , nice choice do u also want to get married tomorrow

Laksh , no bhai I want her to first accept me n go well along with me then I will think

Sanskar , as u wish

Laksh , bhai this is not the topic to talk about right now Why are you doing this She is innocent bhai She can’t bear all this

Sanskar without giving any heed to his words went from there
Next day
Swara was preparing breakfast n ragini was getting ready for school
When door bell rang

Swara went n opened the door

Many men in black suit holding guns came in surrounding the hall

Swara , who are u all What do u want

A voice came ” I will tell u ”

Swara looked towards the person in shock

Precap : sanskar taking swara n raglak conversation

Friends thank you all for your valuable comments they mean a lot to me

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