teri bak bak (raglak ff) part 2

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The episode starts with ragini turning and found swara folding her hands .

Swara:- my innocent , sweet and beautiful friend. At least see first to whom you are talking before starting teri bak bak .

Ragini was surprised seeing swara . She turned and found she was holding a boy’s hand from 30 minutes and continuously speaking without even looking at him.

Ragini jerked his hand immediately.
Swara:- ragu you are …….
Boy:- miss bak bak .
Ragini glare him .

Swara:- right laksh bhai .
Ragini:- bhai….
Laksh:- yaaa I am her big bro , laksh maheswari.

Swara smiled .
Ragini:- ohhhh hello, well I can say not nice to meet you . I mean the way we meet was not nice . I am….(cut by laksh)
Laksh:- you are miss bak bak . Am sorry , am sorry, you are ragini gadodiya .

Ragini :- what you said me , miss bak bak . Am I miss bak bak . Ohh my god a new name for me ‘miss bak bak’ . You know what my mom call me ‘chattering box’ my bro call me ‘ miss bolbachan’ and know Mr laksh maheswari is calling me ‘miss bak bak’ . Swara you tell me , does I speak unnecessary . I know you will say noo because you are my best friend ……….

Laksh:- ok ok ok it was my fault. You are innocent, sweet, beautiful

Ragini smiled

Laksh :-you are innocent,sweet, beautiful MISS BAK BAK
Ragini :- whattttttttt

Laksh run from there.

Ragini:- swaraaaaaa your brother is …..ahhhhhhhhh

Swara: leave him we are getting late for class.
And you have to tolerate my bhai (in mind:-I mean my bhai have to tolerate you) everyday as he got admission in our college in our class.

Ragini:- whatttttttt……

Before she say something swara drag her to class.

At class:-

Laksh went near ragini and whispered in her ear:- hi miss Bak Bak

Ragini made an angry face that time she saw sanskar coming in class.

She went near him

Ragini:- bhaiiiiiiiiii see na that boy (pointing towards laksh) is calling me ‘miss bak bak’
Bhai tell him that…….

Sanskar:- tell him that you are not ‘miss bak bak’

Ragini nodes happily

Sanskar went near laksh and said :- Who are you to call my sis miss bak bak.

Ragini was seeing all this happily

Sanskar:-she is miss bolbachan, but I can only say her that . Ok mr whatever you are.

Swara:- sanskar, he is my bro laksh
Sanskar:- ohhh okk , laksh don’t dare to call my sis by that name and meet me after classes in canteen.

Laksh went to his place.

Ragini:- what was that bhai , you told him my name’miss bolbachan’

Swara:- but before sometime you yourself told him that shomi aunty calls you chattering box and sanskar calls you miss bolbachan.

Ragini:- but, that time I said…. But bhai why you told him that

San:- but I also scolded him .

Ragini:- It’s ok… Bhai I have to tell you something. Do you know…

(That time lecturer entered the class)

Sanskar(whispered):-thanks sir you save us

Then they attended the class.

After class..

In canteen laksh was waiting for sanskar.
Just then sanskar came

San:- hello bro
Laksh:- hello
San:- actually laksh…
Lak:- yes speak.
San:- wo laksh…I love your sister swara
Lak:- what…..
San:- yaa laksh, she also loves me but she’s afraid of your father. That he might ….

Laksh hug him .
Lak:- I will talk to my parents but first being a big bro . I want to check you

Sanskar nodes .
Lak:- well your sis is really miss bak bak
San:- she is like this from childhood

Both laughed.

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