teri bak bak (raglak ff) last part

Hello friends, this is the last part of teri bak bak.
You all can give me suggestions for new raglak ff or else I will write the story which is in my mind.

So the story starts with laksh coming in ragini’s room by pipe . He came there hiding from Dp.

He entered the room from window and found ragini sobbing sitting in a corner of room.

Laksh went near her and hugged her.
Ragini was trying to say something but poor ragini,she lost her voice.

Laksh gave her a notepad and pen and said:- ragu write on it what are you trying to say.

Ragini wrote something and forward the notepad to laksh.

Laksh read it :- laksh I LOVE YOU

Please take me with you. Please marry me . I don’t care what will the result but I love you.

Laksh drop the notepad and hugged ragini tightly.
Laksh:- ragu I love you…I love you and I also don’t mind what will the result. Come with me

Laksh and ragini came down from the pipe and fled away .

They both got married and both started to live on rent.

Both start there happy life thinking their past never come back .

On day they both went to the Ganga River for astivisarjan of swasan asti

They flow the asti in river but laksh felt something behind his head.
He turned and got shock to see DP was holding gun and pointed it to laksh’s head.

Ragini got shocked.

Dp:- I know that you will surely come here , you love your sister naa.

Laksh:- Papa what are you doing.

Dp:- the same thing which I did with your sister and his lover.I told you not to go against our rules.

Ragini was trying to speak but she was helpless.

Then all heard a gun shoot voice and ragini’s scream lakshhhhhhhhhhh…….

Then we saw Dp lying on floor and ragini holding a gun .

Laksh:- raginiiii….he goes and cupped her face.
Ragini:- laksh…laksh…I killed him…I killed your father.

Laksh:- ragini don’t say him my father. The person who can kill his own daughter and was about to kill his son for this society have no right to be called a father.

And See you can speak

Ragini got teary eyes.

4years leap

Raglak were sitting on bed hugging each other and remembering their meeting the ups and downs of their lives.

Rag:- that day police arrest me and you was smiling. Thank God that court leave me as it was in self defense and your father I mean Dp ji was guilty as he (being emotional) as he killed swasan and was about to kill you . But you were smiling.

Lak:- that’s why I am smiling.

Rag:- ohb ho laksh say clearly . You always confuse me with your talks. Now tell na why were you smiling.

Lak:- (laksh kissed ragini’s cheek) I was smiling because that day I got my miss bak bak back

They heard some giggling sounds and found two small kids of nearly 3 years standing there one was boy and another was a girl . They seemed to be twins.

Rag:- why are you laughing..

Lak:- swaranshi – sanskrit come here

They both sat in laksh’s lap.

Swaranshi:- hahahaha mummy you are miss bak bak.

Sanskrit:-noooo swaranshi she is mrs bak bak she is married

Ragini glare them and laksh winks at ragini.

Lak:- ohhhhh ho ragini TERI BAK BAK

ragini and laksh kissed both kids cheeks and then cliked a family selfie

In which ragini’s mouth was open as she was about to say something.

Laksh wrote on the pic Teri bak bak.


So this was the last part hope you liked it.?????

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    of the track where laksh came to know Ragu
    truth first time or when laksh marry

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    cute…….maybe you can write an ss on how Ragini achieves her dream without the surname of father….and then maybe she gets interview call in Laksh’s company…..he interviews her…finds her apt….and then maybe he starts liking her seeing her personality….if u want u cn show Laksh once visiting the orphanage with his family to give donation and see he and his mom see Ragini playing with the kids and maybe feeding them….he tells his wish of marrying her to his mom….they agree….Laksh asks Ragini…..then maybe ucn show them falling in love and marriage…….hope u found it worth writing…….

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