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Hi friends, yes i am here with the update. I know i haven’t updated for almost a week, but i was busy in diwali celebrations and then college work. Finally i got time to write. I am feeling nervous posting this part, Here it is….


Pain of losing

Omkara was driving the car and Ishanya sat beside him in the passenger’s seat they are on the way to Aadhi’s aunt’s place. After talking with Omkara, Ishanya felt lighter that she is not alone, Omkara is with her. But she is still confused about her feelings.

‘I loved aadhi. Yes, it was past. I don’t love him now, I know it. But, what are these feelings which are making me react this way knowing that aadhi is going to cancel his wedding?!’

‘I should not feel happy, but I shouldn’t feel sad too because he is no one to me now. Why amn’t I able to stay indifferent to him? That day too when I met him I couldn’t handle myself and when he said that he is going to get married I did felt bad.’

‘I felt all the same when he first broke our engagement before the court proceedings starts as he doesn’t want his family name to get tarnished. But I loved him at that time so I felt heart-broken. Now I don’t love him even then I felt bad hearing about his marriage, why?’

‘What is happening to me? Why am I nervous?’ she thought and cursed herself and took out her medicine from the purse and was about to take them, Omkara stopped her by holding her hand and she looked questioningly at him.

“What’s the need to take these now, Ishanya?” Omkara asked.

“To control my anxiety Omkara.” she replied looking straight into his eyes.

“But Ishanya, I thought I calmed you down!!” he said.

“Yes you did Omkara, but I need these to stay strong.” She replied.

“Isn’t my support enough for you to feel strong?” He asked looking at her in a serious tone.

Ishanya looked at him for a moment and kept her medicine back which made Omkara smile. He felt so happy that finally he is able to become her strength. No correction, ‘she’ is letting him be her strength which is definitely a moment to cherish forever to him.

They reached the place and before stepping inside Ishanya held Omkara’s hand. When he looked at her in shock she was just looking straight. He didn’t say anything and hold her hand. They went inside.

Only Prerna and Aadhi were present there in the living room. Ishanya sensed that prerna must have chosen to meet her there alone. When Ishanya entered with Omkara, aadhi got shocked seeing them there as he doesn’t know prerna calling Ishanya there. He was more shocked seeing them hand-in-hand. Before he can say anything his sister said,

“See, bhaiyya. Look at her, how is she holding his hands! Looks like she got new trap and that is why she wasn’t accepting you back and you still believe that she is innocent. Why don’t you understand that she is not good for you and see her real face?” Prerna started to yell.

Omkara thought that Ishanya might leave his hand but he thought not to let her, to his surprise she took a step forward with him without leaving his hand.

Before Ishanya can say anything aadhi replied looking at Ishanya, “Please prerna, keep it low. I know why she is doing this. She wants us to think exactly like this and think that I’ll stay away from her by doing all this. But she forgot that I know her well enough to read her mind.”

Omkara looked at Ishanya in shock and thought ‘is this true? Did she hold my hand only to show him, so that he goes away from her? Only to show him! Not because she felt like taking my support? Only to show him?’ but he didn’t left Ishanya’s hand nor did she.

“Prerna, is this why you called me here, to discuss about me in my presence?” Ishanya asked in her usual cold attitude.

“Still angry at me Ishanya?” aadhi asked flinching at her tone.

“Why will I be?” she replied.

“Ofcourse, why will you be? After all you got him back!!” prerna said rudely.

“For your kind information, I hadn’t accepted him back.” Ishanya replied in the same tone.

Before she can say anything else, aadhi asked desperately, “why Ishanya? Just give me a chance, I’ll make everything right.”

“What have you done to my brother, you witch!!” prerna yelled at Ishanya.

“Please, mind your words, lady.” Omkara said getting angry at her words.

“Why should I?” Prerna asked.

“Prerna please……..” aadhi was saying but he was cut short by Ishanya saying, “Will you both brother and sister cut this crap and tell me the reason why have you called me here. I have other works to do.”

Both prerna and aadhi were about to answer together Ishanya stopped them and said, “As I’ve came here because prerna asked me to. You only tell me the matter.”

“You have called her here? But why?” Aadhi asked prerna.

“Why else, bhaiyya? To warn her to stay away from us.” She replied

“Just leave my brother. Go away from our lives.” Prerna said looking at Ishanya.

“For the nth time prerna, I am telling you she hadn’t come to me. I went to her because I still love her. And please stop insulting her like this. I am not going to tolerate any of this!!” Aadhi yelled at her.

“But bhaiyya, she doesn’t deserve you. Have you forgotten what kind of a girl she is? You forgot the reason, you broke up with her in the first place? Have you forgotten the court’s verdict?!” prerna asked him.

Omkara felt Ishanya’s deep breaths as she was trying to keep herself calm as she was getting flashes of past, he held her hand tighter to assure her about his presence. She looked at him with teary eyes, he nodded her head in no saying not to lose control over herself. Ishanya gulped her tears and then looked at the brother sister duo.

“No I hadn’t forgotten anything. That is the reason I am ashamed of and feeling guilty because I betrayed her. I regret everything I did in the past.” Aadhi replied to her.

Hearing this Ishanya let her tears flow from her eyes and left Omkara’s hand. He looked nervously at Ishanya as he felt empty suddenly when she took back her hand from his hold.
He stood there staring at her while aadhi came forward towards Ishanya saying,

“I am so sorry Ishanya. I won’t justify myself, I know it’s completely my mistake. Don’t forgive me as I don’t deserve it. But please just give me one chance to make everything alright, just like we have dreamed together.”

Ishanya just looked at him with teary eyes while Omkara stared at her painfully.

“Bhaiyya, I haven’t called her here to get her back to you. I have called her to convince you to not stop this wedding. You can’t do this to shwetha. She is innocent. What is her fault that you are leaving her at altar like this and that too for this woman?! Who will just be a black mark in our lives!!” prerna yelled breaking their eye-lock.

“Just shut-up, prerna!! I have already done a grave mistake by leaving her alone at that time. Don’t forget that I did it for you, so that your marriage can happen without any troubles. But now it’s time to think about my life and my happiness.” He yelled looking at her making Ishanya smile in her tears. Omkara was still staring at her.

He then turned back to Ishanya and asked extended his hand to her,
“Everything will be back to normal Ishu. As if nothing had happened at all. Just one chance, please ishu. Trust me.” He looked expectantly at Ishanya requesting her with his eyes. Ishanya gave her hand into his making Omkara’s heart stop for a moment. He took a step back staring at Ishanya’s hand which is now in aadhi’s hand.

“Bhaiyya!! Don’t forget that she was proved a pr*stitute in court. She will just tarnish our reputation. Don’t do this!!” prerna yelled making Ishanya close her eyes and sob.

“Prerna, if you don’t stop right now, I’ll forget that you are my sister.” Aadhi yelled at her making her go silent while Ishanya looked at Omkara for a second and asked,
“Aadhi, please go somewhere else and talk in peace,” wiping her tears.

“Ofcourse, chalo.” He said.

They both turned towards door to go out. Ishanya looked at Omkara and said, “You can leave Omkara. I’ll return on my own,” and went from there while Omkara stared at their hands which were holding each other.

A tear fell down from Omkara’s eye as he watched them leave. He stood there for a moment too shocked and sad to even move his finger. Somehow he got back the strength and left from there. He reached his car on haste and opened the door in hurry breathing heavily but closed it and sobbed hard feeling the pain of his heart.

He looked here and there contemplating about drugs and ending his life. After few minutes he controlled himself when he got the flash of his brothers and wiped his tears thinking about his brothers. ‘I can’t lose myself like this. What if I can’t get Ishanya’s love? I have my brothers who loves me and can go to any extent for me. I should be happy that Ishanya is happy and got her love. I can’t think of ending my life like this.’ He thought and sat in his car and drove to his home, Oberoi mansion.

Please don’t throw chappals and tomatoes. Wait till the next part and then decide. I will post the next part as soon as you all read this part. please comment and express your views honestly. I am so happy to discuss the story with you all in comments from the last couple of chapters. Hope it continues.

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  1. UF3355

    Dear Veera
    I Want ShiOmRu Emotional Talk.Iss Part Pe Last Omkara Apne Brothers Ko Yaad Karke Apni Life End Na Karne Ka Decision Liya.Uski Baath I Want Omkara Share His Pain With Shivay And Rudra.O Bros Ko Apni Baath Share Karna Chaahiye Hope Aap Mera Ye Wish Full Fill Kare.I Want ShivRu Know Omkara In Love With Ishanya And Also Now Omkara Heart Broken Please Please Ab Tho Omkara Ko Uski Pyaar Ki Baare Main Apni Brothers Share Karvavo.Their Emotional Scene Always Touching Hope You Give ShiOmRu Emotional Scene.I Want To See ShivRu Care For Omkara Aur Shivay Omkara Ki Apni Life End Karne Ki Decision Se ShivRu Omkara Se Angry And Emotionally Confront Scene Also.Please Give The Scene Please ?????
    Take Care And Stay Safe?

    1. Veera

      Thank you so much for commenting. I am glad that you liked the part. Your wishes will be fulfilled there will be o’bros scene and he will share about ishanya with them too. But you have to wait dear. I will take care. You too take care and stay safe.

  2. Fenil

    superb chappy.
    isn’t my support enough for u ????? such powerful line in whole chappy. Aadhi was too strong character one time even i m thinkg Ishu should give chance i must say he is clear about his mind his heart his life his surroundings very well his mistake. Omkara painful face i can imagine.

    1. Veera

      Thanks for commenting. I am so glad that you liked the aprt. well about aadhi, you’ll get to know him more in the next part.

  3. Niriha

    Superb di…The way om supposed ishanya was fabulous but what will ishanya do now?will she give one chance to aadhi? eagerly waiting for next part update soon di

    1. Veera

      Thanks for commenting. I am glad that you liked the part. Your questions are answered in next part. I have posted it, hope it’ll publish soon.

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  5. Shilpa

    You have stopped it with a cliffhanger Veers.. Simply superb….Sad to the state of Omkara..But I liked that he somehow controlled himself thinking abt his brothers….Congo between Om and Ishu was awesome….I liked how Om is slowly becoming a strong support for Ishanya … What will be Ishanya’s response to Aadhi?….too curious…Since she is the most unpredictable character I have ever come across I hope Ishanya will surprise readers again. Update soon…. Take care

    1. Veera

      Thanks for commenting. I am glad that you liked the part. Yes, you are right, ishanya will surprise you this time too. I have posted the next part. Hope it get published soon.

  6. Jasminerahul

    Loved Ishanya’s pov.prerna is so irritating n insulting ishanya.loved Aadhi going against her sister n supporting Ishanya.good that he is regretting.Om is upset.But i’m sure that Ishanya Aadhi wont unite.but after this episode I don’t hate Aadhi.i hope he stands as a friend to Ishanya n moves on with another nice girl.such situations of misunderstandings happen in ffs n serials btw main leads.it happened even btw rikara shivika in d show.still we wanted d girls to give another chance to the boys.If we look that way Aadhi deserves another chance from Ishanya.but since it’s not Om in Aadhi’s place no one will want Ishanya to give one more chance to Aadhi.
    beautiful banner

    1. Veera

      Thanks for commenting. I am so glad that you liked the part. Yes you are right, aadhi do deserves a chance. but i hope the reason i have given for them to not unite will justify them not uniting. Thanks for noticing the banner. I am happy that you liked it.

  7. Aashi9

    This is one of the most important parts of life and your story it seems. Ishu took Om’s support knowingly yet unknowingly. Her shock and confusion is well understood and explained. As far as I understand, she wants to make Adi understand with her perspective without any interference, in her own way which she will not be able to do in Om’s presence. I hope Om sorts out his confusion and misunderstanding soon. As a bechara lover, he was so cute and crybaby. And please slap Adi’s sister from my side ?. Update soon.

    1. Veera

      Thanks for commenting. Yes you are right it is one of the important chaps. I am so glad that you were able to understand the character of ishanya you are so right about her. Your wish will be fulfilled in next part. I have already posted the next part. Hope it gets published soon.

  8. Mansi

    Lovely update???????loved it a lotttttttt❤❤❤❤❤❤❤Ishanya’s POV was explained very beautifully??????Omkara is a very sweet bro to his brothers?????can’t wait for the next part?????update soon ?

    1. Veera

      Thanks for commenting. I am glad that you liked the part. Next part has been posted. hope it gets published soon.

  9. Maryam_ishq

    Emotional episode !! Good to see u back ?. I missed the ff.
    Ishanya tryin her best to control her feelings and be strong… om stopped her frm taking those tablets… his words just touch ur heart man and u can feel wht he wants to say… ishanya didn’t take the tablets and om was so happy tht she listened to him and allowed him to become her support. She held his hands before going inside ??… he was her support and strength to face them. Om was shocked with this move but didn’t say anythin and held her hand.
    Prerna was gettin on my nerves man ?… being a woman she couldn’t understand anthr woman’s sorrow and pain… she instead blamed her for all the things tht happened in her life and named her characterless and a pr*stitute… wht kinda of a sister r u… ur brother sacrificed his happiness just so ur wedding could happen smoothly and u didn’t even care abt the pain ishanya has been through…. u snatched aadhi when she needed his support the most. I felt like getting inside the screen and slapping her ??.
    Om feelin sad thinkin tht she held his hand just to show aadhi… he got angry at prerna’s words but couldn’t say anythin much. Ishanya gettin flashbacks of her past… the court hearing and everythin and almost loosing control of her emotions… omkara held her hand tightly and assured tht he is with her and asked her to be strong and not fall weak. But the very next moment her tears escaped her eyes and she left omkara’s hand aftr hearin aadhi’s words ?. Omkara felt bad on seeing tht and his heart broke when she held aadhi’s hand and went somewhere else with him.
    Ishanya was happy seeing aadhi taking a stand for her… her love got awakened seein him supporting her and admitting his mistakes. Aadhi… i dunno wht to say abt him… he left ishanya caz his sister’s marriage was at stake and no brother would want his sister to face prblm… but he should have supported ishanya secretly atleast …. she needed someone’s support at tht time but no one stood by her side…. he was a coward to have left her hand when people raised question on her character… it took him so much time to realise tht he had made a mistake at tht time.
    Omkara was soo heartbroken seein ishanya leavin hand in hand with aadhi ??…. i can imagine his face right now… tryin to be strong frm outside but totally broken frm inside. He was more hurt when she said tht she’ll come back on her own and he can go back. Before he looses control over his emotions he ran off to his car and cried his heart out… he wanted to end his life by seeing her go far from him but he remembered his family most importantly his brothers and dropped this idea… he doesn’t want his family to suffer because of his pain… even aftr all this he was happy tht ishanya would get the one whom she loves.
    This chp was just so emotional and heartbreaking… i would have cried my heart out if i had seen something like this on the tv. U portrayed everything so well… every emotion of ishom was just ??.
    How’s ur collg ? Take care dear and love u loads ❤❤❤❤❤.

    1. Veera

      Thank you so much for commenting. Your wish of slapping prerna will be fulfilled in next part. you will get to know more about aadhi in next part. i am so happy that you are able to connect to the scenes and felt their emotions. My college is going good. I will take care. You too take care and love you too.

  10. Nikita_jai29

    Roller coaster update…

  11. Veera

    Thanks for commenting.

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    Emotional episode di…..loved the episode from bottom of the heart….Slap Adi’s sister from my side too? …..lots of love to u??.

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