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Facing the past

Whole Oberoi mansion is in hustle bustle with the preparations going on to welcome the guests who are coming to see their only daughter priyanka. Annika has been given the responsibility to organize everything.

The O’bros’ are in the center hall supervising the preparations. Just then Ishanya and Soumya came there. Soumya went to Annika to help her while Ishanya stood with O’bros’.

“So, O’bros’ everything done?” she asked them.

“Yeah, the decorations are being done, the food is ready…….” Shivaay was saying but Ishanya cut him in the middle and said, “Oh! Mr.SSO, I am not asking about these preparations. I am asking about your preparations.”

“Our preparations, what are you saying?” Omkara asked.

“What kind of brothers are you? Your one and only sister’s marriage alliance talks are going to happen and you guys haven’t got prepared to ask and know about the guy so that you can decide the he deserves your sister or not.” She said explaining him. O’bros’ looked at her with open mouth and then looked at each other, seriously they hadn’t thought about it.

“Such selfish brothers you are!! You don’t care about your sister you just think about yourselves!!” Ishanya exclaimed making them more embarrassed.

“I was expecting a lot that Shivaay will order a background check from some detective agency and all but here you didn’t even thought what qualities you are going to check of the groom!!” she said.

“Hey don’t say groom, he is not selected yet.” Rudra said.

“Oh! Really! Stupid O’bros’ this alliance is going to be fixed.” Ishanya said shocking them.

“You called us stupid?” Shivaay asked in anger.

“And you said that this alliance is going to be fixed? How can you be so sure?” Omkara asked.

“The groom’s side is going to say yes to this alliance.” Ishanya replied.

“So, that won’t make the alliance fixed. Haven’t you heard what prinku said yesterday, she is going to take the final decision?” Shivaay said.

“Yeah, she is also going to say yes.” Ishanya said shocking them more.

“How do you know?” Omkara asked her.

“Leave, it. It doesn’t matter now. See tej uncle already likes the guy for prinku and both the bride and groom will agree to marry. If you guys won’t say no, this alliance will happen but to say no or yes you need to know about the guy and his family which you are not interested to know, so this alliance is going to happen for sure! Now who knows how her mother in law is going to be what if she turns out a typical vamp of the daily soaps and what if the guy is a Casanova? Only god knows what has written in Priyanka’s destiny!!” Ishanya explained to them and went towards Annika leaving them shocked. They looked at each other with worry and tension.

Janvi was in the priyanka’s room talking to her, calming her daughter’s nervousness and advising how to behave with the family and the guy and how and what to talk with the guy.

Ishanya was talking to Nandita on the phone telling about handling the show in banglore as she can’t be there. She finished talking and was going back to priyanka’s room when she heard Shivaay’s voice yelling, she went in that direction and saw Shivaay taunting and manhandling Annika.

Annika did give him befitting reply but she had tears in her eyes, she went from there in the opposite direction. Shivaay turned to the other side and noticed Ishanya who is fuming right now.

Shivaay tried to ignore her glares and to walk past her but Ishanya stopped him saying, “Stop right there Shivaay!!” and went towards him and glared at him.

“What were you doing there with Annika?” she asked him straight.

“I was showing that middle class nameless girl her place.” Shivaay replied in the same anger.

“Seriously, Shivaay? You were manhandling her!!” Ishanya exclaimed.

“She deserves it.” Shivaay replied.

“Ewww….. Shivaay!! How cheap your mentality is!!” she exclaimed.

“Ishanya!!” he yelled at her.

“Stop yelling Shivaay. It won’t hide your mistakes.” She replied coldly.

“Look, I don’t know what problem you have with her. Your verbal fights are ok. But you cannot behave like this with any girl. It is very wrong Shivaay.” She explained him.

“I got so angry and couldn’t control it……..” He was trying to explain himself but Ishanya stopped him in middle and said, “That doesn’t matter Shivaay. Whichever emotion you got, it doesn’t justify your behavior with her. Will you allow someone to behave the same with me and prinku, no right?! Whatever may be the reason you have crossed the limits and you should ask her from forgiveness and you better not repeat this again otherwise I will forget about our friendship.”

“What? You want me to ask forgiveness from her?! And you are talking about breaking our friendship for that nobody?” Shivaay asked in shock.

“Mind your words Shivaay. You may be in a high position but that doesn’t give you the right to call anyone as nobody. When I said I will forget about our friendship I mean it. I can’t be friends with a person who manhandles girls.” She said looking into his eyes which affected him a lot and he gulped in nervousness.

“You are getting me wrong, I don’t behave like this with everyone…….” He was saying but Ishanya stopped him again saying, “Yeah, you behave like this with only ‘low class people’ to say in your language, correct?”

“Ishanya I……” Shivaay started to say but she doesn’t want to listen and stopped him saying, “Please Shivaay don’t try to explain me anything. As I said whatever may be the reason you should not manhandle a girl like this. Don’t try to justify yourself which will make you fall much lower than you already had in my eyes. If I had known this behavior of you earlier, I won’t have become your friend in the first place. You have disappointed me Shivaay,” and went from there leaving shocked and speechless Shivaay who started to think about his actions in another way. Suddenly he felt ashamed of himself as he understood the severity of his actions.

As soon as Ishanya came to priyanka’s room janvi went down leaving priyanka with the girls as the Singhania family arrived. Singhania family consists of Mr. and Mrs. Singhania, Ranveer’s parents and Ranveer himself the only child of the couple.

Everyone sat in the central hall while the girls stood in the first floor’s corridor outside priyanka’s room to watch the happenings down.

After the initial introductions, the O’bros’ started their questionnaire surprising everyone. The Singhania’s answered them patiently, even to some of the crazy questions of Rudra.

The girls who were watching all that from above broke into laughter seeing the brother’s craziness for their sister. After finishing their questionnaire they got to know that they are good natured people and with this conclusion they allowed priyanka to be shown to the Singhania’s. Ishanya who woke up this possessiveness of the brothers smiled at herself seeing her plan working.

Annika and Soumya brought priyanka down while Ishanya stood there only watching everything. Priyanka got surprised seeing Ranveer as her prospective groom. She became happy as she already developed crush on him when she met him in Ishanya’s boutique.

The elders decided to let the girl and boy talk in private while the family members mingle with each other, priyanka who was passing by looked up at Ishanya who winked at her making her blush.

While Priveer were talking the family members talked about other things and developed a friendly bond when Singhania’s denied to take dowry in any form. They even denied partnership earning respect from the O’bros’.

After completing their talks Priveer came there seeing priyanka O’bros’ and anisou took her to the other room to ask about her opinion and got happy when she said yes. Omkara announced it in dadi’s ear, who broke out the news and the singhania’s too announced that it is yes from their side too.

Sweets were served and everyone cheered in happiness. After that they gave shagun to the bride and groom as a promise to the alliance. They left after having lunch with oberoi’s.

After finishing lunch Ishanya stormed to upstairs talking in her phone looking very pale.

This made Omkara upset as she isn’t expressing her problem to him. Even if she doesn’t say he knew the calls which she is despising are from aadhi her ex fiancé. But she isn’t telling him anything, which is paining him.

He was about to go her she herself came to him. Omkara noticed her worried face, before he can ask her, she said, “Omkara, I need to go somewhere urgently can you please come with me?”

“Ofcourse yes, let’s go.” He said and they both left leaving the worried looking ShivRu behind.

“She is looking very worried. What must have happened?” Rudra asked aloud.

“No idea, but hope Omkara helps her in sorting it out.” Shivaay replied and they both went to their rooms to rest for sometime as it was a very tiring day.

On their way, in the car Omkara noticed Ishanya tears and asked her, “what happened?” in worry.

“From last night I was getting calls from prerna, aadhi’s sister. I was ignoring them because I didn’t want to talk to her as she had insulted me in the past. But now I got message from her saying that aadhi is cancelling the wedding. I have received her call to know the matter, she is accusing me as the reason for him cancelling the wedding. I tried to explain her but she is not listening to me. She called me to aunt’s house where they are staying.” Ishanya said the whole thing to Omkara.

She looked at him with tear filled eyes and said, “I am scared to face them Omkara. I don’t want to face them but the situation is making me do this. I don’t know how to handle this!”

Seeing her like this Omkara’s too got tears in his eyes but he managed to hide them and said, “relax Ishanya. You know that you are not the reason for this, so whatever they think just ignore it. Infact, we didn’t have to go there if you don’t want. Let them solve their own problem, why should you get tangled in this?”

“That’s the problem Omkara, I can’t leave it like that! I am not able to ignore this, I want to go there, why? I don’t know! I want to talk to aadhi, about what? I don’t know! From the moment I met aadhi, my feelings are not in my control. I don’t know what I am feeling and why am I feeling it! I just don’t know anything!” she said and started to sob looking down.

Omkara halted the car and turned to her side and lifted her chin up with his index finger and made her look into his eyes.

“Ishanya, please don’t cry.” He said and wiped her tears with his both hands and cupped her face.

“It was you only, who said that we shouldn’t control our feelings as they are not in our hands then why are you trying to control them. The more you try the more they hurt you.” He said and left her face and took her hands in his saying,

“So, stop getting worried and try to understand your feeling with cool mind. You can act accordingly. And no need to get scared by them. What will they do to you? Nothing! And I am there with you. I will be with you when you face your past. Don’t worry and stop crying.” He said and offered her the water bottle which was there in the dash board.

Ishanya drank the water and Omkara said, “Now relax.” She stared at him intently while he restarted the car.

She then looked to her side processing Omkara’s words. ‘He is right, I should not try to control my feelings. If I want to meet and talk with aadhi, let it be.’

‘But what do I want to talk with him? Ofcourse about cancelling the wedding. But what’s there in talking about it? It’s his decision, I didn’t ask him to do it!’

‘Am I happy with this news? What do I want? I definitely don’t want him back in my life. Then why am I not able to ignore him? Why his decision is affecting me? Is there anything left between us? Do I have any feelings left for him? God! What should I do?’ She thought.

How is it?? I am waiting to know your opinions. Be honest and express your views. Please comment.

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    Dear Veera
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    Take Care And Stay Safe?

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  4. I loved ishanya instigating the brothers to investigate abt their sister’s prospective groom and i really liked her cold behaviour and confrontation on seeing shivaay’s bad behaviour..plz show him actually apologizing to annika and some bits of rumya too…waiting to see how bravely ishanya faces and handles her past with om’s silent love and constant support by her side…plz post the nxt prt soon….

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      Thanks for commenting. I am so glad that you liked all the scenes. Yeah i will show bits of shivika and rumya too. I will try to post the next part soon.

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  8. Jasminerahul

    ishanya is right.even if the marriage is not fixed before the boy comes to see the girl enquiry about the boy is a must. but I feel ishanya should have been more softer while making them understand what they should do.but she is right in telling at shivay for manhandling anika.he should not have talked like that about anika’s class too.but sad about ishanya shivay fights. oh it’s aadi’s sis who is calling her.how dare she accuse ishanya?loved om telling that she should not control her feelings n make it worse. never expected her to be confused about her feelings for aadhi.but even if she does not love him its natural to forget everything

    1. Veera

      Thanks for the comment and for telling me your views in detail. Ishanya had faced lot of insult in the past and when aadhi should have been there for her he left her breaking her already wounded heart, so it is not easy for her to forget aadhi even if it is remembering him as a pain in her life. You will get clarity on why she is confused in the further updates.

  9. Maryam_ishq

    It was a very nice episode !
    Though i felt one point in ur ff was wrong… shivomru would surely enquire abt the guy tht is comin to meet prinku… atleast shivay would definitely use his sources to find out the biodata of tht guy. But i guess it’s alright as u needed it for the stry.
    Ishanya explained the obros the duty of the brother in a sisters wedding…. and the obros were left shocked as to how did they not think abt it. Ishanya angry at shivay for his behaviour towards anika… she was disgusted by his thinking of middle class girls… and on top of tht he was trying to justify his act… she tried to make him see sense otherwise he would lose hia friendhsip with her as well… shivay guilty aftr imaginin what all he did to anika.
    The obros questionin ranveer and his family… which turned comic with rudy’s questions ?…. girls were happy to see their care for prinku. Prinku’s face must have lit up when she saw tht ranveer is the one who has come to meet her… and the alliance was fixed. The singhanias are very humble and down to earth people who had no demands.
    Ishanya asking om to take her somewhere and told him abt aadhi’s sister blaming her for his marriage being called off and cries thinkin abt the consequences and their questions. Omkara got teary eyed seeing her crying and calmed her down… he told her her words only and asked her to be calm and she’ll be able to handle it all… and he’s with her and always will be. Ishanya calmed herself down and tried to understand wht she really wants. Omkara was happy tht she finally opened up to him.
    Hope u didn’t feel bad. Take care and love u loads ❤❤❤❤❤.

    1. Veera

      Thank you so much for the long comment and for being honest. You are forgetting that oberoi’s know singhania’s through business so shivaay would definetely know about the bio-data of the guy. Ishanya was just making fun and also making them participate equally in deciding about prinku’s future as they were leaving that responsibilty completely to their elders.And i actually feel the brothers are not close to prinku like they are with each other so it is very natural for them to leave the decision to elders, and yeah they do love her a lot that is why they opposed to the marriage talks in the first place but they hadn’t talked to her or asked about her opinion. Ishanya is just trying to change that. And yeah, she did gave an ultimatum to shivaay because she doesn’t accept these kind of behaviour towards girls. She is very particular about it. ishanya opened up to om because she has accepted him as her friend and trusts him more than before as she had seen his care for her. Why would i feel bad when you are just expressing your views? Infact i am happy that you are being honest. I will take care, you too take care and love you too.

  10. Aashi9

    Veera di, it’s an amazing chapter. Ishu making the brothers to realize their ‘responsibility’ was amazing. Her assurity about the choice was damn awesome. I would love to see Ranveer courting Prinku. Jhanvi has started to do according to her responsibility is good. She’s turning sober and strong is awesome. The thing which I liked the most was Ishu made Shivaay realize his mistake and I really want Anika to slap Shivaay. Please, please do that. Om getting closer to Ishu is awesome. Hope all turns out well. Do update soon.

    1. Veera

      Thank you so much for commenting, aashi. I am so glad that you liked all the scenes. I will try to fulfill your wish though i can’t promise. I will try to update soon.

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  12. Awesome update Veera..Sorry for not commenting on the previous episodes….story is going in a good way… I liked the way Ishanya is dealing with the problems at Oberoi house….how individually she is bonding with each character is really commentable….the elements of surprise for prinku on knowing who her groom is…and then the total diversion from the happy mood to ishanya’s problem is also good….It will be interesting to see how Ishanya will be dealing with her confusions and dilemma….and how her decisions will affect her relation with Omkara….really curious about that….
    On a last note there are two things which I found a bit of disagreement with….
    1) this is from one of the previous chapters…the change in the relation between Tej and Omkara…I mean they have been fighting for too many years ..so I just felt that their union happened on a sudden note….just felt a bit cilche there…
    2) The incident of background check…I mean the Shivaay we know would never leave any stone unchecked when in matters regarding his family…especially if its about his only sister’s marriage alliance he must have surely checked the groom’s background as much as he could….Maybe Om and Rudy wouldn’t have been much bothered regarding it but Shivaay would have surely done it. .

    But yes it just my point of view….
    Good going dear…hope you are fine…take care and all the best

    1. Veera

      Thanks a lot for commenting. Please don’t be sorry for not commenting. You have commented when you can that’s enough for me. I am glad that you are liking the way the story is going and my writing. Hope you’ll like the way ishanya is going to handle her problems. Thanks for telling me about your opinion honestly by stated the things which you felt disagreement.
      Well i am not trying to change your opinion but i am just explaining why i showed it that way, hope you don’t mind.
      1)Tej and omkara did have differences from years but tia and svetlana’s back stabbing did affected him a lot and changed his pov. but yes i didn’t elaborated it and just showed it in one chapter which made you felt cliche.
      2) Yes, shivaay wouldn’t leave any stone unturned when it comes to his family. But he is not that close to prinku like he is with his bros. I wanted to show it and the prospect is own to him because of the business relations. So, he didn’t probed deeper and left that to his elders to decide about prinku’s life which ishanya wanted to change and make them actively participate in taking the decision.
      I am fine, thanks for asking. I will take care, you too take care.

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