Tere sukoon ke liye ho jaau mein fanaah IshOm ff part-57

Hi friends, here is the next part. It has few ishom scenes. hope you enjoy reading it.


Special bond

Ishanya got surprised to see Shivaay waiting outside her room. She went to him and asked, “What happened Shivaay? Why are you standing here?”

“I am waiting for you.” Shivaay replied surprising her.

“For me? If you have any work with me or want to talk to me, you should have come to the bar room. Didn’t you know that I was there?” she asked.

“I know and that’s the reason I am here. If I had come to bar room I would have stopped you from drinking. But as I know you very well, I know that you won’t listen to me which will hurt my ego, that’s why I am waiting for you here as I don’t want to wage any cold war between us again.” He said in very serious tone.

“Why are you so serious Shivaay? I am not drunk. I just took a couple drinks.” Ishanya said.

“Why? When your doctor clearly denied you to have any alcohol, why did you drink?” Shivaay asked in anger.

“God! Shivaay!! Why are you so over reacting?” Ishanya said in frustration.

“Over reacting? You very well know that you are taking the medicines which can turn toxic when combined with alcohol and you are saying I am over reacting?” Shivaay yelled at her.

“Oh! Stop it Shivaay! I am not your employ that you shout on me for not following your orders. Stop interfering.” Ishanya yelled at him for the first time ever which made Shivaay angrier.

“Watch your words Ishanya, you are insulting me.” Shivaay warned her which made her take a deep breath to control herself from saying anything in anger.

“Look Shivaay, you don’t need to worry about me, I can take care of myself.” She said calmly which made Shivaay too calmer.

“Why Ishanya? Why shouldn’t I worry about you? Am I nothing to you?” Shivaay asked.

“You are my friend Shivaay, but…….” She was saying but he cut her in the middle and said, “yes, I am your friend, right? And that gives me full right to worry about you. You can’t stop me from it.”

“Ok then, what will you do now?” she asked feeling irritated.

“I will punish you now.” He replied shocking.

“What? Now you are crossing limits.” She said feeling angry.

“You made me do it, Ishanya. Now you have no escape.” He said.

“What makes you think that I will accept your punishment?” she asked smiling slyly.

“Because I know you respect me.” He replied.

“That doesn’t mean I tolerate your bossy attitude.” She said still in anger.

“Ok then, if you choose the harder way, then let it be in that way.” He said and caught Ishanya’s ear and twisted it making her yell in pain.

“Ah……Shivaay, what are you doing?” she asked tried to release her ear from his grip.

“This is the best way to handle the naughty kid like you, Ishanya. Now say sorry for talking rudely with me and accept that I have rights on you as your friend.” Shivaay said.

But he got shocked seeing tears rolling out of her eyes and left her ear saying, “I am sorry Ishanya, I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

Ishanya just looked at him with teary eyes and then slapped him on his shoulder saying, “Idiot, when you are claiming right on me, then do that na, why leave it in the middle?” and pouted wiping her tears making Shivaay laugh.

“God, Ishanya. It’s so hard to understand you. You are so unpredictable.” Shivaay said still laughing.

She again slapped him on his shoulder and said, “Not really, Mr.SSO If you try to understand me I will be the very simple and predictable person you have ever known.”

“Oh! Really?” Shivaay asked.

“Oh! Yes.” She replied.

“Then can you please make me understand the reason of your tears so that I can understand you more?” Shivaay asked.

Suddenly Ishanya became serious and said looking down, “You made me remember my father.”

And then looked up at the shocked Shivaay’s face and said, “he too used to hold my ear and scold me saying ‘naughty kiddo’ whenever I do any something crazy and wrong.”

“Ishanya…..” Shivaay said and came close to take her in his arms while she placed her head on his shoulder he held her head with his both hands and caressed her hairs soothing her.

“Now that you have claimed that you have right on me, you have to fulfill your duty towards me too, I am not going to leave you easily.” Ishanya said joking but meaning each and every word.

“And I am not letting you go too. You are my friend and my responsibility, where ever you go, it will remain the same.” Shivaay said making her feel warmer.

Ishanya looked at him smilingly while he silently promised to care for her. It is the first time that Ishanya had expressed herself like this to him and he noticed it. He was happy that she is allowing him close to her by crossing all the barriers.

Suddenly her phone rang making them get back to reality, Ishanya wiped her eyes and looked at her mobile screen which made her angry and disappoint and she cut the call frowning at it.

“Who is calling you at this time?” Shivaay asked.

“No one, just leave it.” She replied and just then OmRu came there holding trays which are filled with popcorn tubs and few cups and glasses.

“What’s all this?” she asked in confusion.

“Bhaiyya, haven’t you told her about her punishment, yet?” Rudra asked.

“First I have to punish you rudy for gossiping about me to your brothers!! And aren’t you left for party?” she asked.

“No, I have stayed here to watch your punishment.” He replied making her slap him.

“Ahww……slapping fairy, never leaves a chance to slap! I told them about your drinking because I care for you.” Rudra exclaimed making everyone laugh.

“Now, listen your punishment.” Omkara said.

“Tell me what I should do?” she asked looking at him.

“You have to tolerate our company till you sleep.” Omkara said surprising her.

“What?” she asked in confusion.

“Yes, you are not going to take your medicines today as you had alcohol.” Shivaay said.

“And without medicines you are not going to get sleep.” Rudra said.

“So, till you get tired and sleep we will give you company.” Omkara said.

“Really? And you are terming it as punishment?” she asked smiling they too smiled with her.

“Whose idea it is?” she asked.

ShivRu pointed at Omkara and Ishanya said, “I should have guessed it, how much more sweet you will become Omkara! Seriously! Why do you care so much for me not just you, you both too.” Pointing at all the three O’bros’.

“You too have done so much for me Ishanya, I know the plan of uniting me with my father is yours, even if they don’t tell me.” Omkara said surprising Ishanya.

“I just helped them in planning, the intention was theirs.” Ishanya said.

“Yeah, right!!” Omkara said looking straight into her eyes. Ishanya felt conscious and looked down at the trays asking, “What’s all this?”

“I have planned to watch movies till you get sleep.” Rudra replied.

“And these are the beverages for us.” Omkara said.

“But these many?” Ishanya asked. “Actually we were confused about your choice so we brought all that we think you would like.” Omkara replied.

“What all you’ve brought?” She asked.

“Green tea, lassi, coffee with whipped cream, hot chocolate, muffins.” Rudra replied.

“Wow!! You brought the whole café for me!” Ishanya exclaimed.

“Now tell us what would you like to have?” Omkara asked.

“Let me guess, coffee with whipped cream.” Rudra said.

“No, green tea.” Shivaay said.

“no, lassi.” Omkara said.

“I am telling you guys she’ll take coffee.” Rudra exclaimed.

“No, she’ll take green tea.” Shivaay said.

“no, she will take lassi.” Omkara argued.

“Oh! Please stop it guys!!” Ishanya yelled and the three of them looked at her.

“Have you forgotten that I am here?” Ishanya asked.

“Sorry.” Rudra said and Ishanya took hot chocolate surprising them.

“Now, what movie we are going to watch.” She said and sat in the lounge which is just a few steps away from her room while the three brothers looked at each other.

“You only decide.” Shivaay said taking the seat next to her and Rudra hurried to sit on the other side of her pushing Omkara, leaving him to sit adjacent to her. Ishanya laughed at

“Ok, we’ll watch hindi movie as I don’t like English movies.” Ishanya said.

“Ok, but please not any SRK movie!!” Rudra exclaimed making them laugh.

“We will watch any horror movie.” She said and this time both OmRu yelled, “No” in unison making ISHIV laugh.

“Ok, Ok. We’ll watch some comedy film.” Shivaay said they started to watch the film in the middle of the film, Ishanya exclaimed, “I am bored!! I don’t want to watch this movie,” surprising O’bros’.

“But it is funny.” Rudra said.

“I don’t find it funny.” Ishanya replied.

“Fine then, choose some other film.” Shivaay said.

“No, I don’t want to watch any movie now.” Ishanya said.

“Ok then what do you want to do now?” Omkara asked.

“You guys decide, it’s your idea to entertain me till I get sleep.” Ishanya replied.

“What the wuck you mean, to entertain you?” Shivaay exclaimed.

“Isn’t it your guys’ idea? Now bare it!!” Ishanya said.

“We thought you will sleep after watching movie.” Shivaay said.

“Now as I didn’t stop complaining and start entertaining me!!” Ishanya said feeling irritated.

“Ok, Ok, you don’t get angry we’ll think of something.” Rudra said in hurry not wanting to make her angry.

All three O’bros’ got up from their places and went to a side to discuss.

“What should we do now?” Omkara asked.

“Let’s read a book to her.” Shivaay said.

“Bhaiyya, she is not a kid that you read story or sing a lullaby she’ll sleep!!” Rudra exclaimed.

“Correct, we need to think of something to pass time.” Omkara said.

“Ice cream, she likes to eat ice-cream in the night.” Rudra said.

“Perfect then let’s take her out to have ice-cream.” Omkara said and they both turned around to find Ishanya staring at them from the lounge.

“Ishanya let’s go out and grab an ice cream.” Shivaay said.

“Wow, that’s great!!” Ishanya said getting excited.

All four went to the ice cream parlour in the open top car as requested by Ishanya. All the way to the parlour Ishanya stood up and enjoyed the cool breeze.

Omkara just stared at her getting mesmerized by her while ShivRu just smiled seeing her happy. But they were confused as she was getting phone calls continuously which she was rejecting.

They did asked her to switch off the phone but she denied saying she might get calls and information from yadav or anu about the girls and that’s the reason she rarely switches off her phone.

They grabbed their ice creams and Ishanya sat on the bonnet of the car eating her ice cream while the O’bros’ stood around her chatting with each other.

After finishing ice cream Ishanya asked, “Now what?”

“Let’s go for long drive.” Rudra suggested.

“I will drive, and not you.” Omkara said deny giving keys to Rudra as he knows he crosses the speed limit.”

“Yeah, Omkara you only drive as I am feeling little sleepy.” Shivaay said.

And they roamed all around the city, ShivRu slept as they couldn’t stop their sleep for more time.

Omkara was driving the car while Ishanya looked at him through the rear view mirror.

He felt her eyes on him and looked into the mirror and their eyes met.

“Why are you staring at me now?” Omkara asked her.

“I am seeing to know when will you get tired.” Ishanya replied.

“What?” He asked in confusion.

“Yeah, you haven’t slept the whole day yesterday watching me and now you are still awake after a very hectic day! Are you insomniac before?” She asked.

“Yeah, I was some time ago.” He replied.

“That means you too take pills to sleep?” she asked

“No, not now. I stopped a couple of months ago.” He replied.

“Then Omkara you should take care, you shouldn’t skip sleeping like this your insomnia might relapse.” Ishanya said worrying about him.

“It’s ok. Nothing will happen.” Omkara said.

“What do you mean nothing will happen? Why should you sacrifice your sleep for me?” Ishanya asked.

“I can sacrifice anything for you.” He said with a tone that made Ishanya’s heart skip a beat and made her silent for a moment.

“Ok, now don’t start dialoguebaazi!!” Ishanya managed to say while Omkara just looked at her smiling.

“So, what else?” Omkara asked her.

“What?” Ishanya asked.

“Why are you ignoring aadhi’s calls?” he asked directly.

“Who said that it is aadhi who is calling me?” Ishanya asked.

“I just guessed.” He replied.

“Well your guess is wrong. It’s not him.” She said.

“Then who is it?” Omkara asked in worry.

“No one.” Ishanya replied.

“Why Ishanya? Why can’t you share it with me?” he asked in low voice expressing his disappointment.

Ishanya was about to say something but couldn’t as Omkara dashed the car with a bike. ShivRu got up from their sleep and all of them got out of the car to see what happened.

The biker fell down and the bike fell beside him, fortunately he was wearing a helmet which stopped him from having any head injury.

Omkara helped the biker to stand up while Rudra lifted his bike up. Before anyone can say anything the biker started to yell at Omkara blaming him.

Before Shivaay can yell at him, Ishanya yelled at the biker and put him in his place by proving that it is his mistake not Omkara’s.

The O’bros’ looked at her in surprise as they are seeing her yelling for the first time as she always replies coolly to anyone while the biker left from there silently.

Ishanya saw the O’bros’ staring at her with her open mouth and said, “why are you guys standing? Let’s leave from here. I want to watch movie,” shocking them.

Once they sat in the car Rudra asked, “slapping fairy, what happened to you? Why did you get angry on that person? And you even yelled at him!!”

“So, what do you want me to do? Listen to his rubbish talks and let him insult Omkara?” She replied making Rudra shut up while Omkara smiled broadly hearing her reply. He was happy that she is showing her care towards him.

They all reached Oberoi mansion and they sat in the longue and continued to watch the film which they left in the middle.

Ishanya slept on the sofa while watching the film placing her head on Rudra’s shoulder. When the O’bros saw her asleep they stopped the film and Rudra laid her in the sofa.

“Omkara, go and bring blanket and pillow for her.” Shivaay said adjusting her head.

Omkara went to her room and brought the blanket and pillow for her. The O’bros’ sat on the adjacent seats after tucking her in the blanket carefully. All three of them stared at her sleeping form lovingly and smiled to themselves.

“These days Ishanya became more expressive na, bhaiyya?” Rudra asked.

“Yeah, she is lowering the barriers and allowing us to get closer to her.” Shivaay replied. They both too felt sleepy and slept there only in the sitting position while Omkara just stared at Ishanya.

‘When will you give me a chance to express my love to you Ishanya? It’s very hard to behave friendly when I love you. It is so difficult to keep all the love inside me hiding from you.
It’s paining me, Ishanya. It’s paining me to keep all the love to myself. Just give me a chance, please.’ Omkara thought to himself and kept staring at her the whole night.

It was early morning, around 5:30-6:00, when Ishanya’s phone rang making her awake from the sleep suddenly. She was searching for her phone when she felt someone staring at her and looked to her left to find Omkara staring at her.

She looked at him frowning and asked, “Are you sitting like this whole night?”

“Is it morning already?” he replied not taking eyes off her.

“Don’t you think it’s too much, Mr. Artist?!” She replied. Omkara was about to say something when Ishanya’s phone rang again and now she found it and cut the call seeing the
number flashed on screen.

“who are calling you now, at this time?” He asked.

“No one.” She replied and got up picking her blanket and said, “I am going to my room take these two to their rooms too.”

And went from there leaving Omkara to think that there are few more barriers which he needs to cross to get completely closer to her.

So, how is it? And i want to ask you guys one more thing, are you all ok with the pace of the story? I know i am keeping it slow, but if you guys want i can increase it up. Please be honest and tell me about your views. I don’t mind criticism. please comment.

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      Thanks for the long comment. I am so glad that you liked the part. Yes ishanya is changing and trusting the obros especially omkara more. I wanted to show how deep the bond she shares with shivaay and hope i potrayed it in the right way. Yeah bechara rudy it’s always him who gets slapped by his slapping fairy. I liked your comment that rudy has magnetic cheeks and ishanya’s hands gets attracts to them. Yes, obros didn’t leave an oppurtunity to show off that they knew her better and ishanya never leaves an oppurtunity to surprise them!! yeah om stared at her all the time.i will increase the pace of ishom story. i will take care, you too take care and love you too.

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