Tere sukoon ke liye ho jaau mein fanaah IshOm ff part-56

Hi friends, here is the next part. It doesn’t have much of IshOm, but it is about ishanya’s feelings. Hope you enjoy reading this.


Broken hearts

All the youngsters sat in the lounge in the first floor and discussing about the incidents happened in the day. Shivaay looked more comfortable with Annika after knowing that she called him as she was dared to. But Ishanya noticed the slight line of upset in him.

She also noticed that Soumya is more confident with Rudra now. She had noticed the chemistry between them and also Soumya’s awkwardness around Rudra after she made her conscious about her weight. She felt lighter now as she only brought back the confidence in her by giving that dare to her.

But she failed to notice the eyes which are staring her, admiring her, not leaving her even for second without blinking. They are Omkara’s eyes. Though ShivRu hadn’t told him, he knew the crazy idea to make him fight with his father to get them patch up again is only hers, as he knew her very well, she won’t accept it but she cares for him.

Suddenly Rudra asked, “arey prinku, you haven’t told us what type of guy you want, tell us so that we can help you in finding the one.”
And everyone insisted her to tell. So priyanka started to say what she expects in her future husband.

“Not much, caring, understanding, responsible. Aur jo ek baar mera haath thaam liya toh zindagi ki kisi bhi mod par na chode, chahe jo ho jaaye and most important thing he has to be loyal with me.”

Hearing her last line everyone went speechless as they very well knew what she meant. Just then pinky who heard everything as she was passing by said, “So, you want your guy to be completely opposite to your father!!”

Everyone looked at her in surprise as she came towards them and sat beside Soumya.

“Now whose turn it is?” she asked.

“What?” Rudra asked.

“You guys are talking about your dream partner, right? Now whose turn it is to tell?” she asked elaborately.

“No aunty, We were only asking priyanka.” Annika said.

“Why? Why only prinku? You girls too tell what type of guy you want or desire for.” Pinky asked looking at Ishanya expectantly. Ishanya noticed it but hadn’t said anything.

“Then Annika, you tell, what kind of a guy you want?” Omkara said.

“I don’t have any list of qualities for my dream partner. I haven’t ever thought about it to be honest. ” She replied.

“Then think now.” Ishanya said.

“Ok then, hmm…..Someone who is self made, and don’t think about name, lineage, naam khoon, khandaan. And who respects me and my feelings, as I don’t have any family I want his family to treat me and my brother as their own. They have to accept me as I am and I will love them like my own parents.” Annika said.

Hearing it Shivaay looked upset about her naam khoon khandan taunt and OmRu and Ishanya noticed it and smiled to themselves. OmRu exchanged the knowing looks.

“Now Soumya, it’s your turn.” Said Annika.

“I want someone who treats me like a princess, who fulfills my every wish. And he has to be mature and responsible, very understanding who knows that beauty is not just about looks.” Soumya said.

Rudra nodded his head in approval and gave thumbs up to her.

“Now it’s your turn Ishanya, you tell me what kind of a guy you want.” Pinky asked.

Hearing it all three O’bros’ got alerted and hoped that Ishanya won’t give any rude reply to pinky. But to their surprise Ishanya smiled at pinky and said, “leave about the guy, Mrs. Oberoi. I will tell how my in-laws especially my mother-in –law has to be.”

“Ha, This is much better. Tell me.” Pinky replied smiling.

Everyone were looking at her intently while she said, “Obviously my in-laws has to be rich and apart from it my m-i-l has to be classy, stylish, who shouldn’t be nagging and should not be interfering in between me and my husband or over barring. She should give me complete responsibility of the house and let me do that in my way. She should give complete freedom to me as I want everything in my way as I like and want if not it disappoints me a lot which make me angry. If I get angry I can do anything, so she has to bear my anger too. In one sentence she has to obey me and do as I say.” Hearing it everyone got shocked and pinky stared at Ishanya with open mouth in shock and then gulped in nervousness and raised her eyebrows in surprise.

“But Ishanya, any house’s responsibility will be in mother in law’s hands and as a daughter-in-law you have to obey the elders and not the other way around.” Pinky said smiling sheepishly.

“But I am not a submissive girl who acts as per others orders. I have my own lifestyle, I don’t adopt according to others, whoever it might be. I am an independent self made girl who has everything in her life name, money, fame, everything. Then why should I become a submissive docile girl and be controlled by someone else?” Ishanya said shocking pinky.

Pinky smiled with very difficult and said, “It’s good……You people continue I have work, I am leaving.” And went from there thinking,

‘haay raam, What is this? Kya socha tha kya hua, yeh ladki toh tez hai hi par bahut chaalak bhi hai. Mere ko toh lag raha tha ki koi ameer ladki meri bahu bane toh mera class badjayega. Par abh samajh mein aya ki ameer ladkiya kisi ki bhi kabu mein nahi aati, It’s good that I haven’t acted fast and not started any marriage talks with her. If she becomes my daughter in law she will dethrone me completely and snatches every right I have in this house and make me locked in some corner!! No!! No!! Now I don’t want any rich D-I-L. It will be good if I make Shivaay marry some middle class docile girl who respects me and behaves as per my actions.’

There in the lounge Ishanya started laughing seeing the shocked faces of O’bros’ then Shivaay understood why she said all that and laughed along with her followed by Omkara and Rudra while the girls looked at them in confusion.

At night, after dinner, everyone resided to their rooms. But Janvi couldn’t sleep and came to take a drink in the bar room. She got surprised seeing Ishanya there with a drink in her hand and looking at her phone in despise.

Janvi came and sat opposite to her. They both smiled at each other.

“You haven’t slept?” Janvi asked her.

“No, not feeling sleepy.” Ishanya replied.

“Me too. But I didn’t know that you drink.” She said grabbed a bottle to drink.

“I do, sometimes.” Ishanya replied.

“It’s ok to drink sometimes as it will help us erase the memory of the unwanted and let us forget it even if it is for the time being.” Janvi said supporting her.

“But aunty don’t you think we shouldn’t depend on this to erase our bad memories? Because depending on anything is bad.” Ishanya asked her.

“you are right, but I am addicted. You have the chance to stop.” Janvi replied.

“But it can be redeemed, if you are determined to.” Ishanya said trying to convince her.

“Yeah, but then I won’t anything to decrease the pain of this broken heart.” Janvi replied.

“Yeh dil bhi bahut ajeeb hota hai na, jisse humari fikar nahi ussi ke liye tarasta hai.” Ishanya said.

“bilkul sahi kaha. Aur jiske liye tarasta hai who na mile toh tut jaata hai.” Janvi said.

“Aur uss tute dil mein jo aag lagtha hai who hamare sine ko hi nahi balki sab kuch jaladeta hai.” Ishanya said.

“Aur uss aag ko bhujana iss janam mein toh na mumkin hai.” Janvi said.

“Lekin humhe iss aag ko bhujana hi hoga iss se pehle who hamare saath saath hamare apnon ko bhi jalade.” Ishanya said.

“You are right, par iss tute dil ko kis dawa se bharein? There isn’t any medicine for it.” Janvi asked.

“But we have to search for it.” Ishanya said and they both looked at each other with understanding each other’s pain.

Both are going through the same pain of heart break. While one is waiting for a chance to mend it another had lost the hope.

“Are you nervous about tomorrow?” Ishanya asked her.

“Yes, tomorrow is a big day for my daughter and I don’t know I will be with her or not.”

“Why not?” Ishanya asked in confusion.

“Abhi tumhi ne kaha na iss tute dil ki aag humare saath hamare rishton ko bhi jala detha hai. Who mere saath ho chukka hai.” Janvi replied.

“But we have to try and change it, if we don’t try how will we succeed?” Ishanya asked.

“I have tried enough aur mein haar gayi hu.” Janvi replied.

“But we shouldn’t stop trying because, kyunki khoshish karne walon ki kabhi haar nahi hoti.” Ishanya said.

“But what if I don’t have any patience to try again!!” Janvi said.

“But aunty marriage is a very important thing in a girl’s life and the girl needs her mother’s love and advice in taking decision about this. Chahe kitne log ho par iss mamle mein ek ladki ko sab se zyada apni maa ki zarurat hoti hai. Aap bhi toh ek aurat hai samaj sakthi hai na?” Ishanya said.

“You are right, I have to be there for my daughter.” Janvi said being determined.

Just then Rudra came there, looking party ready and saw that Ishanya is having drink.

“Slapping fairy, doctor has denied you to drink for few days, right? Why are you drinking now?” He asked her.

“That Srikanth, na!! Nothing will happen by a couple of drinks don’t over react, drama queen.” Ishanya said to him.

“Anyway, what are doing here?” Janvi asked him.

“I came to take a wine bottle, as a gift to my classmate. It’s his birthday today and I am going to attend his party.” Rudra replied.

“Then take it and go from here, leave us alone with our sweet time.” Ishanya said and Rudra left from there knowing that he can’t convince her.

After he left Janvi and Ishanya talked for some-time and then went to their rooms.

So, how is it? I am waiting to know your views. Please comment. Silent readers, i am requesting you please comment and tell me about your views on the story, even if you criticize, i don’t mind. Just express your views which will help me improve.
Thanks for reading.

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    1. Veera

      Thank you.

  1. Nice…..i really loved the talk between ishanya and jhanvi and ishanya’s “mother-in-law description” was mind blowing…socho agr ishqbaaz me annika esi bn jaye to..mza hi a jayga… waiting eagerly for the nxt part and hoping for some wonderful talks btw om and ishanya…

    1. Veera

      Thanks for commenting. I am glad that you liked ish and janvi’s convo. I will post the next part tomorrow, it will have ishom scene.

    2. Veera

      I hope you continue to comment.

    Dear Veera
    ShivIka, RuMya, Prinku Ishanya Pinky Conv? Pinky Reaction And Thought About Ishanya Reply?? Jhanvi Ishanya Conv? It’s Interesting Part??????

    Take Care And Stay Safe?

    1. Veera

      Thank you so much for the comment. I am so glad that you liked all the scenes and found the part interesting. I will take care. You too take care and stay safe.

  3. Jasminerahul

    Loved all of them talking abt their views on future married life.Ishanya’s dream MIL n how she will b was ..OMG…she is so bold.loved Pinky’s reaction.funny lady.Ishanya Jhanvi scene was d best.loved ishanya advising her to be with priyanka.hope she will make jhanvi stop drinking.Ishanya should also top drinking n take care of her health

    1. Veera

      Thanks for commenting. I am so glad that you liked the scenes. Ishanya was just trying to make pinky understand that her thought of having a rich bahu is not good but in her own style. i am happy that you found the janvi ishanya scene best.

  4. Mansi

    Superbbbbbbbb update?????loved it a lotttttttt❤❤❤❤❤❤ Ishanya’s thought regarding how will be her mom-in-law was mind-blowing??☺☺☺ Pinky is so funny here???can’t wait for the next part???update soon ?

    1. Veera

      Thank you for commenting.I am glad that you loved the part. Ishanya is just making pinky away from her by saying all that. I will post the next part tomorrow.

  5. Aashi9

    You did Express Ishu’s thoughts and feelings in a good manner but you couldn’t creatr the magic. You wrote quite a heart-felt conversation between Ishu and Jhanvi but they didn’t convey their pain accurately. Ishu doing OMM of Pinky was priceless but you painted the girls much dumb when they couldn’t understand the situation. Prinku expressed her feelings and thoughts was good. I hope ShivIka love story get sorted soon. It’s high time for Om to persue Ishu. Rudra being mature and understanding is good. Sorry for being too rude but do update soon.

    1. Veera

      Thank you so much for expressing what you felt honestly. Please don’t be sorry. I am happy that you are honest with me. In ish and janvi’s convo i just wanted to show that they both are having the same pain of broken heart but are handling it in a different way. I didn’t wanted to elaborate why and how their heart broke, may be then it would have come out more good. thanks for telling. About showing girls dumb, they didn’t understand the pinky’s intentions about ishanya which made her say all those. As the girls had seen a sweet ishanya whole day and then suddenly her bold reply to pinky made them confused. i just wanted to show the different shades of ishanya. i am not going to concentrate more on other couples other than few bits and pieces so i can’t promise you anything about shivika. and dear please don’t mind but i don’t think it’s high time for om to pursue ishu, as you can see it’s just a single day from part 51 to till now and they had a very close moment in the beginning of the day and he had seen her go through hell the previous day. I know the pace of the story is slow but that’s how i intended it to be. i respect your opinion and i will keep this in mind when writing the next part. Be honest and open like this. I like it.

  6. Niriha

    Awesome di…fabulous update ishanya and pinky conversation was superb ?pinky reaction??loved it to the core eagerly waiting for next part update soon di

    1. Veera

      Thank you so much for commenting. I am glad that you liked their convo. I will update the next part tomorrow.

  7. Fenil

    Superb…I m pressing like button.
    Ishnya notice Soumya what changes she fill in her, Om’s eyes on her and he knows what she did, Priyanka is now more clear about her life and Pinky enters in Anika and Soumya good Ishnya shocked pinky to the core, Ishnya and Jhanvi’s conversation u simply nailed it.loved it.cant wait for next.❤️

    1. Veera

      Thank you so much for commenting and pressing like button. I am glad that you liked all the scenes, especially ish and janvi’s convo. I will post the next part tomorrow.

  8. Nikita_jai29

    It is awesome dear… Lovely update… Pinky expression was the most likely part

    1. Veera

      Thank you so much. I am glad that you liked the part.

  9. Maryam_ishq

    It was awesome !
    Ishanya notices the changes in everyone’s behaviour but doesn’t notice omkara or maybe she doesn’t want to as she gets lost in his eyes and his personality would attract her towards him. Shivay feeling a bit upset with anika’s words. Anika’s description of a future husband ?… she just wants someone tht calls her as her own. Prinku’s description is nice… her dream should basically not have any traits of her father ?… and she’s right in it as she has always seen her mother in a bad state caz of her father’s acts. Soumya’s description was perfect for her. Pinky asked ishanya abt it with high expectations but ishanya is ishanya aftr all… she would shock the person to the core…. her definition of mother in law ???… i am laughin so hard imaginin pinky controllin her shock… uski expectations ki oh my maata hogayi… but atleast she understood how rich bahus would be… and tht runnin aftr high class girls will make her shivay away frm her. Shivomru laughin once they understood wht ishanya actually did ?… the girls have not really got to knw ishanya tht well… so they aren’t aware of her attitude and behaviour so they were clueless as to wht just happened.
    Jhanvi and ishanya convo was nice… future mother in law and daughter in law already bonding ?. Both of them understand heartbreak equally well… one succumbs to the pain whereas the other fights back to it. Ishanya tried to make jhanvi realise tht alcohol is not always the solution to every problem…. but it’s gonna be hard for jhanvi since she’s addicted to it and it has become a daily routine for her. Their convo was nice but it lacked a bit of emotion… u couldn’t actually connect to it tht nicely compared to ur other parts. Rudy’s entry was a comic scene… he tried to stop ishanya frm drinkin but she’s stubborn and she wouldn’t listen to anyone easily… he left frm there before he gets a slap frm her ?.
    Overall the episode was really nice… in the coming episodes u can maybe show the girls bonding where they get to understand ishanya better… as till now it’s ishanya who has noticed their behaviour and got to knw abt their thoughts. Take care dear and love u loads ❤❤❤❤❤.

    1. Maryam_ishq

      Ooh also… i loved how omkara knws ishanya so well… he knew tht somewhere or the other she was responsible for his patch up with his dad aftr so many years.

      1. Veera

        yeah, he does understand her more than anyone.

    2. Veera

      Thank you so much for the long comment and saying what you felt honestly. I am glad that you found the part awesome. and yeah, you got the girls’ feelings right. The girls for clueless because they don’t know about pinky’s intentions and also they have seen very different ishanya the whole day and her description didn’t match with what they have thought about her. About ish and janvi’s convo, i hadn’t elaborated it which might be the reason for you not connecting to it. Thanks for telling me. yeah i will try to show girls bonding when i can. I will take care. You too take care and love you too.

  10. Niyati

    Fantastic episode di….sorry for such a late comment , I read all parts but didn’t comment bcoz of my health…..I loved the convo between Ishanya & Jahanvi…..Pinky uski to OMM ho gayi….haha.. Lots of love to u di.

    1. Veera

      Thanks for commenting. Please don’t be sorry for commenting late. It’s really ok. your health should be your first priority. take care dear and lots of love to u too.

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